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Two Kinds of Aggression

by David Sims

DNA testing has shown that, among illegal immigrants crossing into the United States with children, there is no biological family relationship between the adults and the children in about one third of cases. The children were either “rented” — or kidnapped from their real parents.

There is precedent for this sort of thing. In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, FEMA and the Red Cross would hand out money based on the apparent need of the “hurricane victims.” Blacks with children got more money than did Blacks without children. So, after getting their own share of the loot, Blacks who had legal custody of children would rent out those children to other Blacks for a payment of money, so that the renting Blacks could present them to the FEMA/Red Cross caseworker as their own — and get greater benefits from this deception.

The Blacks did a lot of other dishonest things, too. When FEMA was handing out “credit card” keys to $2000 vouchers, Blacks who had already received one got back into line to get another, and another, etc. One Black was caught as he tried to get his seventh card. Then they’d spend the money on luxuries, on tobacco, on alcohol, and on prostitutes.

This stealing of our precious resources, which ought to be reserved for our own children’s future, is a form of aggression against us.

The more obvious forms of aggression — the violent kind — have now become commonplace in many areas of the US. White people have become inured to stories about non-White aggression against Whites, involving murder, rape, robbery, and assault. They’ll stay complacent until one of their own relatives becomes the victim… and then they’ll wonder why all the other Whites haven’t discovered the Demographic Emergency yet — as if they were entitled to think themselves wise. Wisdom is being alert enough to recognize the problem before it strikes you personally. If you had to be hit over the head before you realized that there’s a war on, then you aren’t qualified to lead the troops on your side.

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