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Mubtakkars and the Enemy Within

20060618_Mubtakkars_and_the_Enemy_Within_al-zawahriTotal Surveillance State, or a White state: Those are the real alternatives.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN THIS WEEK’S ISSUE of Time magazine, an excerpt from Jewish writer Ron Suskind‘s book on terrorism, The One Percent Doctrine, was printed — an excerpt that, most notably, deals with the penetration of al-Qaeda’s inner circle by the U.S. intelligence community. The most spectacular revelation in the article is al-Qaeda’s alleged plan to attack the subway system of New York City with hydrocyanic gas — which was allegedly the gas used by Germans to kill Jews during WWII, according to the Jewish Holocaust story — and to deliver that gas using a simple device called a “mubtakkar,” which supposedly can be made out of two Mason jars and a handful of items available at any hardware store. (ILLUSTRATION: Ayman al-Zawahri)

According to Suskind, U.S. intelligence learned that al-Qaeda agents had been just 45 days away from releasing the deadly gas into the New York subways when the plan was called off by Osama bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, in 2003.

Suskind says an informant close to al-Qaeda — but who disagrees with the group’s targeting of the U.S. — told American intelligence that al-Zawahri had canceled the plan in January 2003 for unknown reasons. He also states that the strike would likely have killed as many people as the 9/11 attacks.

Al-Qaeda operatives planned to use the small, easily concealed “mubtakkar” to release hydrocyanic gas into multiple subway cars, killing thousands. The credibility of the informant’s story was bolstered by an earlier discovery of plans for the same device on the hard drive of a computer of a Bahraini radical arrested in February 2003 which had been passed on to U.S. intelligence, and, reportedly, a working model based on the plans was actually constructed and demonstrated to President Bush.

According to Forbes magazine, Paul Browne of the New York City Police Department said the subway attack plans were real — at least real enough to generate a security alert resulting in countermeasures: “We were aware of the plot and took appropriate precaution,” he said.

“Mubtakkar” means “invention” in Arabic. Suskind says the device represents a “breakthrough” in weapons technology that is “the equivalent of splitting the atom.” Supposedly, all previous attempts to use hydrocyanic gas in large-scale attacks had failed. The device is said to work as follows, according to Suskind:

‘It’s a canister with two interior containers: sodium cyanide is in one; a hydrogen product, like hydrochloric acid, in the other; and a fuse breaks the seal between them. The fuse can be activated remotely — as bombs are triggered by cell phones — breaking the seal, creating the gas, which is then released. Hydrogen cyanide gas is a blood agent, which means it poisons cells by preventing them from being able to utilize oxygen carried in the blood. Exposure leads to dizziness, nausea, weakness, loss of consciousness and convulsions. Breathing stops and death follows…. In a confined environment, such as an office building’s ventilation system or a subway car, hydrogen cyanide would cause many deaths. The most chilling illustration of what happens in a closed space comes from a 20th century monstrosity. The Nazis used a form of hydrogen cyanide called Zyklon B in the gas chambers of their concentration camps.’

Just prior to the release of Suskind’s article on newsstands on Monday, New York’s Jewish supremacist Senator Charles Schumer was touting the 2003 plot as a justification for stronger security measures in that state. Normally, when Schumer is grandstanding — and a Jewish writer for heavily-Jewish Time Warner is using images of “the Holocaust” to dramatize his War on Terror stories, I become suspicious that exaggeration, at the very least, is taking place.

For example, I doubt that the “mubtakkar” is really a “breakthrough” in weapons technology and I doubt that it is actually “the equivalent of splitting the atom” as Suskind tells us. Surely others, long before al-Qaeda, have thought of using a fuse or timer to bring together hydrogen and cyanide held in closely-spaced containers. What’s so special about Mason jars? — or remote control fuses? — or hydrochloric acid? — or cyanide, which is found in cassava roots, cherries, and apricots? I think we’re getting a bit of drama here, with the probable goals of selling books and magazines and justifying, in a general way, more security measures and the ongoing loss of our freedoms.

But I doubt that the story of the subway plot is a total forgery — that would require too many conspirators, too many people who could immediately step up and blow any such scheme out of the water. And there’d be no reason to make up such a story anyway, since other and quite similar plots against New York’s subway system — and subway systems in other cities — have been confirmed. One remembers the London subway bombings, too, even though gas was not used, the plans to release cyanide gas at the World Trade Center, and many others. And the late Dr. William Pierce predicted on this very radio program that one day “someone from the Middle East who has given up all hope of justice for his people” will “pop… a biological grenade in a New York subway tunnel.”

(By the way, Dr. Pierce also predicted the following — in 1997, no less: “And now, I fear, my prediction is coming true. If this current drive to start another war with Iraq is what I’m afraid it is, then it’ll involve much more than merely another attempt to assassinate Saddam Hussein. They’ll manage to escalate it into something which will wipe out all of their rivals in the Middle East and leave Israel a free hand to continue her policies of expansion.”)

Forbes magazine tells us that “The plan to attack the subway was one of at least four that were exposed or reported in the past decade. In July 1997, police acting on a tip from an Egyptian immigrant wounded and captured two men, both of Palestinian background, in a plot to suicide-bomb Brooklyn’s busy Atlantic Avenue subway station. One drew a life sentence, the other was convicted of having a fake immigration card.

“Last October, police flooded subways with extra security after receiving intelligence reports of a suspected bomb plot using baby carriages. Although news organizations later suggested the information was a hoax, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said it was credible enough to merit taking action and alerting the public.

“In May, a federal jury in Brooklyn convicted a 23-year-old Pakistani immigrant, Shahawar Matin Siraj, of plotting to bomb a Manhattan subway station.”

And what do Schumer and Chertoff and Bush think we should do to protect America from such attacks? “To increase subway security, more than 1,000 surveillance cameras are now in use, with 2,000 more planned by 2008 if the funds are available to install them… [though] the recent cuts by Homeland Security may force a freeze on other city surveillance camera plans…” Here’s a clue for people who think living in a police state is “worth it” if it “makes us safer”: Those who are willing to die for their cause will not be greatly deterred by security cameras.

The point is this. We’re vulnerable. Simple devices can be constructed by practically anyone which will kill large numbers of people. We have open borders that let in practically anyone as long as their skin is brown. And, by supporting the genocidal state of Israel, and by making bloody war on Israel’s enemies like Iraq, we have made enemies of millions upon millions of brown-skinned people who hate America with a passion and would do almost anything and would take any risk to harm and kill us. This is a deadly combination of circumstances — and it is a combination absolutely demanded by the Jewish supremacists.

It is Jewish supremacists who demand that our borders be open to all comers, regardless of race. It is Jewish supremacists who demand that we make war on Israel’s enemies in the Middle East.

It is therefore Jewish supremacists who created this worldwide army of America-hating terrorists: The Muslims would have had no reason to hate America were it not for our role as Zionist cannon fodder and sugar teat. And it is Jewish supremacists who facilitated the entry into this country of this deadly terrorist army: Without Jewish influence over our government and our media, we would doubtless still have our pre-1965 immigration laws in force, and those laws would have kept out virtually everybody who wasn’t White — no Middle Easterners, no Mexicans, no raceless, cultureless Brown America… no enemy within.

But the enemy is within. And without a racial consciousness, a consciousness of who we are, racially, as a people, there is no way to keep him out. Is the enemy in front of you at the drive-in bank teller window? Is he in the apartment over your head? Is he in the next restaurant booth? Keeping our borders secure and our nation White would have prevented that problem from ever coming into being.

Of course, even among the racially conscious, even among those who can clearly see the dangers of allowing access to our nation and our facilities and our technology by most Middle Easterners, there are those who see no problem at all with granting full access at the highest levels to one certain group of Middle Easterners, who also are allowed to dominate our media of entertainment and information. That ought to be a major security concern too.

So the enemy, for the moment, is here. He is among us. And he certainly can do what al-Qaeda planned to do in 2003, and much more besides. He can use a “mubtakkar”; he can use a suitcase nuclear device; he can use Sarin gas; he can use a hijacked vehicle; he can do all sorts of unpleasant things with the water supply; he can even use the commandeered resources of the Bush police state, and rain down fire and death on us as the neocons rain down fire and death on his sisters and brothers and children. After all, if Achmed and company can man the airport security posts that supposedly protect us from Achmed’s cousins, then you’re a fool if you think that his other cousins haven’t joined Today’s Action Army. And White-America-hating Pedro and Leroy are in the Action Army too, and it’s really surprising what they will do for Achmed when the prospect of an extra ten thousand in cash is in sight.

As the novelist Rex Stout once said in one of his Nero Wolfe novels, if a committed and resourceful foe is absolutely determined to kill you, you are going to be killed. And by making America a multiracial nation, and by forcing White Americans into tax slavery to support the non-White invaders, we have nursed the viper who would slay us at our own breast.

There is a solution. The solution, as outlined by National Vanguard writer Mitchell Conway, is as follows: “Seal the …border. Rescind the ‘anchor baby’ provision. Enforce laws barring employers from hiring the slaves who are already here. Cut off social services to them. (So their kids can’t go to school, and they can’t get food stamps.) …Once all that is accomplished, go back to the pre-1965 pro-White immigration policy. Simple. Common sense.”

Conway wrote primarily with reference to the invasion from Mexico. But securing America as a White nation — as the Founders intended — would also solve most of our terror woes.

The pre-1965 American immigration law was specifically designed to maintain the then nearly all-White racial character of the United States.

Its sponsors in the 1920s openly stated their racial goals. Even President Coolidge spoke at the signing ceremony that the bill was necessary to “keep America American.”

And, for as long as it lasted, it achieved that goal. When it was treasonously overturned by the traitor “Teddy” Kennedy, the alien Emanuel Celler, and various co-conspirators in 1965, the United States was well over 90 per cent. European in racial composition — and, with very few exceptions, what alien elements existed essentially constituted separate societies. Even before that law was enacted, American law forbade anyone who was not White from becoming a citizen — and that law had been on the books since 1790! That was the Old America, still remembered for her excellence, elegance, grace, and greatness — and also for her safety.

Returning to racial sanity in immigration law — and defining citizenship on a racial basis — and returning the invaders to their homelands or placing them behind secure borders somewhere — is the obvious way to make America a safe, prosperous, and happy land once again. It is the obvious solution to our terror problem. A simple solution — and the only solution. But it is a solution that the Jewish establishment that owns most U.S. politicians will not allow, as long as their power holds out.

It’s our job to make sure their power doesn’t hold out for much longer.

* * *

Source: American Dissident Voices broadcast of June 18, 2006

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