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Benjamin Freedman: Defector from Jewish Supremacism, Part 1


A question often asked is “Why hasn’t someone broken ranks and exposed Jewish hypocrisy and power?” The answer is that Benjamin Freedman did exactly that.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

Former Zionist operative and Jewish defector Benjamin Freedman is shown here with a 1960 edition of the newspaper that was the primary venue for his writings after WWII, Common Sense. Though his theorizing on race and the Jewish problem was deeply flawed, his revelations of the Zionist intrigues that yoked America to Jewish power have significant value to students of Jewish supremacism.

NINE YEARS AGO I introduced American Dissident Voices listeners — and the Internet — to that amazing individual, Benjamin Harrison Freedman, when I published his 1961 speech made at Washington DC’s Willard Hotel for the first time in printed form under the title “A Jewish Defector Warns America.” Later we also published and broadcast Freedman’s “The Hidden Tyranny Revealed.” Freedman was a wealthy Jewish businessman of New York City who operated at a very high level in the Jewish and Zionist power structures in the early part of the twentieth century, but who broke with the Jewish supremacists after World War II, converted to Catholicism, and spent the remainder of his life — until the mid-1970s — warning Americans of the great danger of allowing our media and government to be dominated by Jews. He also promoted, long before Arthur Koestler and his The Thirteenth Tribe, the idea that a large proportion of Jews are not of Middle Eastern but rather of Central Asian Khazar ancestry.

Our publication of these pieces created quite a bit of controversy, and that controversy — and the ideas espoused by Freedman — will be the focus of today’s program. Some have written to say that they don’t believe Freedman’s revelations of Jewish intrigues that led to both World Wars and American subservience to Israel — and that they therefore dismiss his warnings of a Third World War to come in the Middle East. Some have written to say that they disbelieve Freedman’s Khazar hypothesis. And a few have expressed doubt that such a person as Benjamin H. Freedman even existed, claiming that he was an invention of overheated if well-meaning anti-Jewish polemicists.

Was Benjamin Freedman a real person? Did he really defect from the Jewish establishment? There is no doubt about it. I’ve received tape recordings of Mr. Freedman’s speeches from a man who knew him, and one of those recordings was eventually made into an American Dissident Voices broadcast.

The Jewish establishment condemned him in no uncertain terms, calling him a “self-hating Jew” or “Jewish anti-Semite.” (Freedman once reportedly called himself an “honorary Aryan,” for that matter.) The February 1955 issue of the American Jewish Committee’s Commentary magazine included an article attacking Conde McGinley’s Common Sense newspaper of the time, which Freedman wrote for and subsidized, saying:

“One of McGinley’s angels is the Jewish anti-Semite Benjamin Freedman, who told the Armed Services Committee on December 12, 1950 that he had given $15,000 to Common Sense.”

McGinley, by the way, showed himself to be prescient when he wrote in his paper in the year 1953, mind you, more than 50 years ago:

“You and your neighbor’s 19-year-old boy are scheduled to be drafted for global Zionism…. Our blood and treasure are being strewn across the earth with little complaint from us ‘slaves who are considered the property of the master.'”

Jewish writer Morris Kominsky devotes part of his 1970 book, The Hoaxers, to an attempt to debunk some Jewish population figures once published by Mr. Freedman. Kominsky is like the many other Jewish opponents of Freedman: They may dispute his claims, but nowhere do they dispute his existence — or his Jewish insider credentials.

Dr. Robert John of the International Council for Human Ecology and Ethnology writes that he knew Benjamin Freedman and that Freedman provided him with historical documents “which I might never have found on my own and encouraged my own research.”

Revilo P. Oliver, Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois, writes about Freedman in the recently-published book, The Jewish Strategy:

“The majority of Jews hate Benjamin Freedman, who quoted a few well-known passages in the Talmud and other Jewish writings that the lowly goyim should not be permitted to see in his books Facts Are Facts and The Hidden Tyranny. Freedman, unlike the many Jews who had themselves sprinkled with holy water and worked themselves up to positions of power in the various Christian churches during the Middle Ages and in the time of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, incurred the venomous hatred of many Jews. When I met him many years ago, he told me — I assume truthfully — that when he and his wife were in an elevator of the very expensive apartment building in New York City in which he then lived, and the very rich Jews who lived in the same building entered the same elevator, they would spit all over his and his wife’s clothing to show their disapproval by a typical Jewish gesture. Freedman, however, did not intend to betray his race; on the contrary, he was convinced (it seems, mistakenly) that he was racially a real Jew, whereas most Jews were Turko-Mongolians who had disguised themselves as Jews and cunningly come to dominate the Jewish race, which he certainly did not intend to depreciate, much less betray. On the contrary, he imagined that he was, at great self-sacrifice, protecting his own people from the reprisals that might someday fall upon them.”

When we published “A Jewish Defector Warns America,” (along with an audio recording of the speech as a two-part American Dissident Voices series), it was right at the beginning of the burgeoning popularity of the Internet, and the text was placed on Usenet and on an early National Alliance FTP site, as well as being sold for a nominal price on both 5.25″ (!) and 3.5″ diskettes with encouragement for readers to duplicate the files and spread them far and wide. Well, digital media files do have a tendency to reproduce themselves if people think they are worthy, and that single Benjamin Freedman article was not only duplicated but posted on innumerable Web sites and newsgroups now numbering over 500. And that’s just one of the two Freedman works we published.

Both “The Hidden Tyranny Revealed” and “A Jewish Defector Warns America” concentrated on Freedman’s inside knowledge of the Jewish supremacist power structure, of which he was an insider, and the workings of that power structure to influence and control the American media and government for the benefit of Jewish and Zionist interests and against American interests. These works only touched peripherally on the Khazar theory. Freedman’s best-known work, Facts Are Facts, was never published by us though we do sell an edition for those who wish to study it.

Facts Are Facts is far less interesting than Freedman’s other writings, as it departs almost entirely from the objective world of the racial and political intrigues which Freedman brings to light elsewhere, and enters the very subjective world of religious beliefs and the disputed wanderings of ancient tribes. Freedman converted to Catholicism after his break with organized Jewry, and he became enamored of the idea that many — he thought 90 per cent. was a good figure — of the Ashkenazi Jews of today are direct descendants of the Khazars, thus making their “blood claim” to Palestine as nonsensical as a Chinese “blood claim” to London would be.

Now the Khazar theory has some elements of truth in it. The nobility of the Khazar Kingdom were required to undergo an official conversion to Judaism in the year 740 and, even more egregiously than in the American ‘Bible Belt’ today, the religion that makes Jews divine was officially sanctioned. It is not known, however, to what extent the population at large accepted Judaism, if at all. Professor Oliver writes of the Khazars in his The Enemy of Our Enemies:

“The Jews did infiltrate and take over the kingdom of the Khazars in the Eighth Century, but too little is known about its internal government to permit us to use it as an example. …the Khazar-theory… will have to be abandoned, if we accept the elaborate haematological study by Professor A.E. Mourant and his assistants, The Genetics of the Jews (Oxford, 1978). His results show that the Jews, despite the great differences in physical appearance, form a single hybrid race, having an infusion of at least 5% to 10% of Negroid blood, wherever in the world they have taken up residence.”

The Jewish-dominated Khazar kingdom had a short life: It was wrecked by Russian conquerors in 962, many of its citizens converted to Islam (as a price for Muslim assistance against the invaders), and it eventually disappears from history.

Oliver and Mourant are not the only ones who question the Khazar hypothesis. David S. Maddison points out that the alleged conversion of the Khazars happened more than two centuries after the latest possible date for the compilation of the Talmud, that most characteristic of Jewish holy books. Ancient Roman authors describe the Jewish presence — and their intense ethnocentric identity in dispersion, commercial acumen, and political intrigues paralleling those of the modern Jewish supremacists long before there ever was a Khazaria. Jewish presence in many European countries was well-established hundreds of years before the supposed conversion.

But are the Jews a hybrid race, thus making tenuous their “blood claim” to Palestine? That much is probably true, since the Jews benefit from a small amount of mixing with their host populations wherever they establish their colonies, which, along with mimetic variation and selection, helps them blend in with their surroundings. But are a majority of today’s Jews descendants of non-Jewish Khazars who adopted the Jewish religion, as Freedman claims? I’m afraid that claim simply can’t be supported by the evidence. And, since Freedman’s day, genetic evidence is accumulating which shows that Jews, Sephardic or Ashkenazi, wherever they live in the world today, are more closely related to each other than to the host populations among whom they reside.

Jewish Johns Hopkins Professor Ethan Vishniac sums it up well when he says:

“Jews are a single ethnic group, in the sense that the major Jewish communities are typically more closely related to each other than to their neighbors. This does not mean that they share no ancestry with their immediate neighbors, but rather that intermarriage with their neighbors has had only a modest impact on the genetic makeup of most Jewish communities. That may be because the rate of intermarriage has been very low, or because intermarriage normally resulted in a loss of affiliation with the Jewish community. There are some Jewish communities which are an exception to this, and are probably descended mostly from local converts, the most obvious example being the Jews of Ethiopia…. However, the results are consistent with bulk of [the] Jewish community having its origins in the Eastern Mediterranean. The results are not consistent with the Jews being descended solely from the inhabitants of the ancient kingdoms of Judah and Israel.”

I am of the opinion that there is some value in the facts of the Khazar-Jewish connection even if Freedman and Koestler have exaggerated it: The genetic mixture of the Jews while they lived among the Khazars — even if it as small as that which they experienced while they preyed on the Egyptians, the Poles, or the Americans — is significant enough to demolish the childish claim that the ‘purity of their Holy blood’ gives them some kind of divine right to a huge chunk of the Middle East. (Of course, I don’t believe in ‘divine rights’ anyway. They’re imaginary; they simply don’t exist, except as ideas or as words coming out of someone’s mouth.) In Khazaria, as in America, as in Spain, as in England, the very unfortunate consequence of mixing with Jews is probably more a matter of Jewish contribution to the host’s gene pool than the reverse. Khazaria was just another nation which the Jews dominated, corrupted, and destroyed — and then fled, undoubtedly taking a few Khazar genes with them, which may have been useful for them in visually and behaviorally mimicing the Europeans who were to be their next victims.

So, despite our gratitude to Freedman for his insider’s revelations of Jewish activities against America and against Whites, and despite our admiration for his courage in defecting from the power structure he served for so many decades, we must essentially discard his religious ramblings and some of his more extreme conclusions dependent on the Khazar hypothesis in its purest form. If in his religious hobbyhorses he displayed a flaw common to almost all of mankind, and if in his adherence to the Khazar theory of Jewish origins he fell prey to a false idea that has charmed even scholars, we may forgive him.

But Benjamin Freedman was unquestionably real. He did have access to the movers and shakers of his time, and he did reveal to us the intrigues and lies which were used to trick Americans into fighting wars for Jewish interests. He did reveal the crude impostures through which the Jewish supremacists try to portray themselves as unique victims of genocide. And he revealed to us not only the tricks by which Jews established dominance over our society, but also the possibly fatal naivete and the emotional, wishful thinking allied to our imaginations, which is the Achilles heel of the White man, and which makes too many of our people uncritically accept so much of the buncombe vended to us by the Jewish power structure.

By the end of his life, Benjamin H. Freedman was a bitter man, angry at the White Americans who did not heed his warnings and who were becoming ever more willing servants and victims of Israel. As the principal owner at one time of the Woodbury Soap Company, he had a considerable fortune — in 1960 money, about $2.5 million — and he spent most of it trying to warn us of the dangers of Jewish power. He subsidized — and wrote many of the articles for — the once-well-known patriotic newspaper Common Sense, published by Conde McGinley.

All the assets of Common Sense were liquidated and publication stopped when the proprietoress who had inherited the operation after McGinley’s death, and who had published the paper for a decade, up until 1970, had a “religious experience” stimulated by a Jewish con-man named Paul Pulitzer, who convinced her to devote her life to a “true Pope” who ran a “Vatican” in Quebec at that time but which apparently, like McGinley’s life’s work and fortune, has evaporated as surely as the dews of Springs long past. Thereby a truth-telling publication annoying to the Zionists was terminated and many valuable files were destroyed; and those were probably the aims of Pulitzer’s bosses from the beginning.

When Common Sense folded, Benjamin Freedman continued to write and publish his own broadsheets under the aegis of the League for Peace With Justice in Palestine, which he had founded in 1946. Benjamin Freedman died in April 1984 at the age of 94. He continued his political and educational activities until the mid-1970s, when he was well over 85 years old. He passionately believed in his mission.

* * *

Source: American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 20, 2004

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