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photo-savitri4-glowA selected reading from Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun.

by Savitri Devi (pictured)

NATIONAL SOCIALISM refused every compromise with the spirit of the faiths “in Time.” That is the reason why it did not — could not — triumph, materially, now. That is, however, the reason why it shall triumph, materially, one day — upon the ruins of all faiths “in Time” and of all man-centered civilizations.

Its crime, in the eyes of short-sighted foreign statesmen, was that it had made Germany self-sufficient and powerful and that it would have within a generation or two, made her invincible. And the jealous politicians coalesced against it in order to hinder that extraordinary achievement. In the estimation of the Dark Forces of this Age, that stood behind them and behind the war-lords of the United Nations, and used them as a murderer uses his knife, and in the eyes of all its enemies, be they foreigners or Germans, who knew what they were doing, the crime of National Socialism was that it rejects the superstition of the “dignity of man” in favor of the everlasting, life-centered Wisdom “against Time” and, what Wisdom; that it proclaims the rights (and duties) of the strong and beautiful — of the healthy, pure-blooded élite — in the place of the rights of “man” indiscriminately, and that it did all it could to rule “against Time,” in the spirit of that proud faith of the best; in one word, that it raises what I call “the S.S. outlook on life” (I can find no more eloquent expression to characterize it) in the place of the Judeo-Christian (and Communist) love of “man.”


The truth is that, what roused — and still rouses — the hatred and fury of the “common man” in nearly all lands — and the very understandable fears of the intelligent leading Anti-Nazis, especially top-most Jews, actual rulers of the present-day world, — was (and is) not so much the German so-called “war crimes” themselves as the particular conception of life, the particular scale of values of some of those men who are alleged to have committed them or ordered them. For that which nearly the whole world of this advanced Dark Age stood up to combat and to crush, with a more or less clearly expressible but nevertheless most definite sense of self-defense, was not, in reality “violence,” not “crime” — not even “crime against humanity,” in the material meaning of the word — but National Socialism, or more precisely, Hitlerism: the latest expression of the perennial cosmic Wisdom “against Time”; Hitlerism, the creed of the healthy, strong and beautiful, in their place at the head of a creation of which “man” is but a part; the creed of triumphant Life — of Nature — as opposed to the commonly accepted creed of “man.” And that which distinguished the whole S.S. — the “allgemeine” and the other — from the rest of the German forces, and justified, in the eyes of the world of our Age (from the Nüremberg judges and the leading Jews behind them, down to the most irresponsible specimen of two-legged mammal whom anti-Nazi propaganda could possibly reach) that name of “criminal organization” indiscriminately applied to it, remains the sole fact that it was, or at least was intended to be, the National Socialist body par excellence; the physical and moral élite of awakening Aryandom; the living, conscious kernel out of which and round which the yet unborn race of gods on earth — regenerate Aryandom — was to take shape and soul.

In other words, the S.S. as a whole had, in new Germany, the meaning which new Germany herself had among the people, of the broad Aryan family: that of being the innermost and highermost stronghold of the wisdom “against Time”; the ferment of regeneration, determined to overcome millenniums of decay. Is it a wonder that the very agents of the forces of decay treated it as they did — and as they do?

* * *

Source: Forging the Iron Will

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Alexandra Anne Reynolds
Alexandra Anne Reynolds
10 November, 2018 8:18 pm

All one must needs do, is to read the words of the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah, to see the truth…Even during the takeover of the, Promised Land”, under Joshua…Not sure the book, off the top of my head, though my betters surely know…the Jewish people convinced the men of a town they were to overtake, to submit to the act of circumcism. Every male of the town did so and while they suffered their recovery the Jewish people annihilated every man, woman, child and animal.