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William Pierce on Apollo: First Step on an Infinite Journey

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 20 July, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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I AM SURE that Revilo Oliver would not mind if we briefly pause our series based on his After Fifty Years to commemorate another fiftieth anniversary — the anniversary of perhaps the greatest achievement of our people of all time — of man’s first flight to another world: the Apollo mission to the moon which took place on this day in 1969.

20 July, 1969 was also the day on which William Luther Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance and National Vanguard, began a personal journal with these words:

* * *

Dr. Pierce’s First Journal Entry
by Dr. William L. Pierce

20 July, 1969 — 80th year since the birth of the Leader

TODAY Aryan man reached the moon. I found myself profoundly moved by the moon landing. Since the age of 12 (23 years ago) I have dreamed of this. Space travel was, in fact, my first dream. Somewhere around the age of 20 it got sidetracked — although I had still entertained romantic notions along this line years longer.

William Pierce in 1969

My second dream, which began first to take form at the age of 30, is to help build a National Socialist world order. This will remain the goal of my life.

I have considered starting a journal for some time. If my life’s work yields any result, then such a record will have great interest and value later. I have certainly found even the fragment of Goebbels’ diaries that I have read very rewarding, for example. In any event, it will enable me to keep track of my changing ideas over the years — and perhaps yield other benefits just by requiring me to crystallize a few thoughts each day.

The proper time to have started a diary would have been the day I really committed myself to the Leader’s work: 6 June, 1966, with the publication of my first issue of National Socialist World. On that day I hauled about 2000 copies to the post office. A lot has happened in the last 3 years which should be set down. I’ve learned a lot and changed many ideas. Perhaps I’ll write something on those 3 years later. For now, the moon landing will serve to mark the beginning of my record.

Since this record is intended to be read by others some day, it will be a bit self-conscious. But it will be as honest as I can make it.

The very beginning of Dr. Pierce’s journal

* * *

Dr. Pierce also wrote two contemporary pieces on the first Apollo landing for the George Lincoln Rockwell-founded White Power: The Newspaper of White Revolution, which follow below:

* * *

Aryan Man Reaches for the Stars
by Dr. William L. Pierce

JUST A little over 45 years ago – in November 1925 – Robert Goddard, the American rocket pioneer, built the world’s first liquid-fuel rocket engine in his basement workshop. In that same year the German scientist Hermann Oberth, published his pioneering work, Die Rakete zun den Planetenraumen (The Rocket into Interplanetary Space), in which he mathematically demonstrated the feasibility of interplanetary travel. These two men of vision, working independently and alone in a skeptical and disinterested world, opened the door onto one of mankind’s greatest and most exciting prospects: the exploration of the Universe.

Their work – and their dream – provide us with an excellent illustration of that unique gift bestowed on our race which led Adolf Hitler to remark:

[The Aryan] is the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times, forever kindling anew that fire of knowledge which illuminated the night of silent mysteries and thus caused man to climb the path of mastery over the other beings of this Earth.”

Neither Goddard nor Oberth nor the other pioneers who followed their lead in laying the foundations for our present day-day space exploits had any motive of material gain or public acclaim. More often than not, in fact, they had to expend their own resources and endure the contemptuous scorn of their peers in their “impractical” endeavors. They were impelled by that venturesome, inquisitive, creative Aryan drive – that “divine spark” – that sets higher races off from the other races of man.

Today our astronauts through their heroic daring are opening up new realms which have no end in sight. They are carrying us and our posterity into an unparalleled adventure, the possibilities of which will not be fully realized for generations yet to come.

Source: White Power: The Newspaper of White Revolution, number seven [July 1969], page five; via Martin Kerr

* * *

Moon Landing a Triumph of Aryan Genius
by Dr. William L. Pierce

JULY 20, 1969, will certainly go down in the history of our race as one of the most significant dates of all time. For the moon landing is the culmination of a centuries-old dream – a dream which has always been peculiarly Aryan.

Not only have all the great dreamers of space flight been men of our own race – men like Oberth, Goddard and von Braun – but so have the daring space adventurers themselves – the Gagarins, the Glenns and the Armstrongs.

The other races have lacked either the creative genius or the driving spirit of adventure or the lofty, non-materialistic outlook of the dreamer and innovator which have all been combined by Nature in Aryan man. This unique combination of qualities has been the indispensable human prerequisite for the great feat of July 20.

And the moon landing is more than the culmination of a dream. It opens a new era for our race. The Aryan has always been a creature with a driving need for something that other races seem to be able to get along without – the challenge of the unknown, of physical adventure, of new worlds to conquer. On the rapidly shrinking Earth, new frontiers for adventure and exploration have become scarce.

Now, however, we have opened the door to a vast unknown in which new frontiers without limit lie before us. Now the whole of the starry Universe awaits Aryan man’s eternal quest.

Source: White Power: The Newspaper of White Revolution, number 9 (August-September 1969), page two; via Martin Kerr

* * *

You’ve been listening to the words and thoughts of Dr. William Pierce on and shortly after the first Apollo moon landing, which took place on this date in 1969, exactly fifty years ago today.

I remember 20 July, 1969 very well. I was not quite 13 years old. The dream of discovery and of seeding new worlds with our people and with Life was a romantic, compelling dream to me. I was determined to witness the moon landing, which — if it was successful — was going to be televised. My whole extended family were gathered that warm summer day on my mother’s parents’ 1870s-era farmhouse near McIntosh, Minnesota, on one of the few promontories in a very flat landscape. We were all supposed to go to a nearby lake for a few hours, and everyone did — everyone except Kevin. All alone, I watched the flickering TV screen, picking up a distant station (from Grand Forks, I think) that in just a few hours would be relaying a signal transmitted — by White men, by representatives of our race and nation — from another world.

Just 17 years later, in 1986, I was standing on a cloudy windswept hill in West Virginia with Dr. Pierce. With us were a dozen or so comrades who had helped him build his new Cosmotheist Church building, which we were dedicating that day and which stood before us, its large metal Life Rune dominating the scene. Also with us — and quite appropriately — was one of the rocket pioneers mentioned by Dr. Pierce above, one of the men whose pioneering work made that transmission from another world possible: Dr. Hermann Oberth traveled, at the age of 92, halfway around the world to that hill in the Allegheny Mountains to hear Dr. Pierce speak of the significance of Cosmotheism in Aryan Man’s quest to conquer space and time.

Professor Revilo P. Oliver said of Oberth:

Dr. Hermann Oberth, a German born in Romania, was one of the first men to use his scientific knowledge to invent a technology that he finally saw fully realized when he witnessed the launching of the rocket that first carried men to the moon. It is possible, indeed, that if his early experiments in 1930-1937 had been adequately financed, the great catastrophe of 1945 might have been averted by early use of the weapons that were at last employed too late.

Dr. Hermann Oberth, early rocket pioneer and friend of the National Alliance and William Pierce: He lost a son and a daughter in World War 2.

In 1922, Hermann Oberth’s doctoral dissertation on space flight was rejected as being “too utopian,” but a short time later it caused a sensation when it was published as a book under the title The Rocket into Interplanetary Space.

William Pierce later said of Dr. Oberth that he was one of those who “gave us the modern rocket engine and the dream of using it to explore the macroscopic world of interplanetary and interstellar space”; and that it was Dr. Oberth who “demonstrated mathematically the feasibility of space travel in the early years of the last century.”

Hermann Oberth c. 1901: In 21 years he would issue his first paper on interplanetary travel; in 64 more years he would stand alongside William Pierce as the first Cosmotheist Church building was dedicated.

It was a profound and never-to-be-forgotten honor to stand with those men on that dramatic windy day where our race’s destiny, and Cosmotheism’s place in actualizing that destiny, were crystallized in Dr. Pierce’s words and works and thoughts.

Will Aryan man once again set foot on other planets? Will he build upon his conquest of the moon and successfully colonize new worlds for our kind among the stars? Right now, the prospects do not look good. NASA has languished as expenditures for Jewish wars and non-White votes have skyrocketed. So much of what the agency does is multiracial virtue-signaling of no scientific value. The momentum of the remaining Aryan genius still employed there may still make some advances and discoveries, to be sure. But if they do go so far as to build a colony on another planet — unlikely — they will no doubt be politically “obliged” by Jewish power and by their own subservience to Jewish-created multiracialism to bring the racial problems that torment us here below to the colony above. That, surely, would be a death sentence for the colony and likely also for any hope that our race’s lifespan will exceed that of this fragile, doomed Earth.

The National Alliance, and our ideology based on Nature’s laws and founded in the truths of Cosmotheism — and the revolution all of these things imply — provide the only conceivable way beyond this impasse, the only conceivable way to the stars.

Was the Apollo landing a last gasp — a brilliant golden moment of a dying race, the culmination of past forces now squandered and spent, never to be repeated or built upon?

It does not have to be so. The answer lies within us.

* * *

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  1. Michael Mann
    20 July, 2019 at 5:13 pm — Reply

    Mankind has never set foot on the Moon and the so-called evidence of it has gone missing. The absolute stumbling block to getting men to the moon is radiation, especially when they are going through the Van Allen radiation belts in metal cased spacecraft that cause the generation of X-rays within the craft itself that “french fries” the Astro-Nots.

    In 1996, the Delta rocket DC-X toppled over on landing and exploded. NASA is still trying to find a team of engineers that can get a rocket to land vertically. Strange that they somehow managed to do this on the Moon twenty-seven years earlier.
    Remember that NASA are first and foremost a military establishment. And we both know who the wretched liars are that our military serves.

    There was an article back in August 5, 2006 titled, NASA Loses Original Tapes of Apollo 11 Moon Landing. In it were the following excerpts: “Missing data shows ‘significantly sharper images’ of Neil Armstrong’s historic walk on lunar surface.” There was an alleged massive effort to find the “nearly 700 boxes of original, high quality slow-scan TV tapes used to capture the Apollo 11 landing on July 21, 1969.” Also, “Among the missing tapes are the original recordings of the other five Apollo moon landings.”

    Another article, published on Aug 15, 2006 titled, NASA Searching for Moon Landing Tapes, included the following: “Red-faced because the best pictures of its glory days are missing, NASA said Tuesday it was launching an official search for more than 13,000 original tapes of the historic Apollo moon missions (. . .) The original video, taken directly from the moon and beamed to deep space network observatories in Australia, has never been seen by the general public.”

    The article finished with: “Stored in more than 2,000 boxes, each tape lasts only 15 minutes. Everything from all 11 missions – from launch to splashdown – is on the videos. There are 15 reels (three boxes) for just Apollo 11’s stay on the moon. “It’s the whole history of the entire mission, of everything that went on.”

    In an article published on 09/14/2009 titled, Moon Rocks Lost in Space? No, Lost On Earth, the following was revealed: “The discovery of a fake moon rock in the Netherlands’ national museum should be a wake-up call for more than 130 countries that received gifts of lunar rubble from both the Apollo 11 flight in 1969 and Apollo 17 three years later. Nearly 270 rocks scooped up by U.S. astronauts were given to foreign countries by the Nixon administration. But according to experts and research by The Associated Press, the whereabouts of some of the small rocks are unknown.

    “The Rijksmuseum, more noted as a repository for 17th century Dutch paintings, announced last month it had had its plum-sized “moon” rock tested, only to discover it was a piece of petrified wood, possibly from Arizona. The museum said it inherited the rock from the estate of a former prime minister.

    “NASA turned over the samples to the State Department to distribute,” said Jennifer Ross-Nazzal, a NASA historian, in an e-mailed response to questions. “We don’t have any records about when and to whom the rocks were given.”

    “The Office of the Historian does not keep records of what became of the moon rocks, and to my knowledge, there is no one entity that does so,” e-mailed Tiffany Hamelin, the State Department historian.

  2. Walt Hampton
    21 July, 2019 at 2:27 am — Reply

    If I may paraphrase….

    These days are worth living. Not because they are
    easy. They are actually hard. To have lived life on
    this Earth with such giants as the intellectuals who
    have realized trips to our neighboring world Luna,
    all need to do is to pick up the torch and follow.

    Our interplanetary voyage of fifty years ago is indeed
    “one small step” if, and ONLY if, we can avoid the
    pitfalls of sectionalism and cultism…a grand future
    awaits us and our posterity!

    It is really quite easy, when one is given a choice:

    Happy fiftieth anniversary, everyone!

  3. 21 July, 2019 at 3:15 am — Reply

    Cosmotheism is suited to inspire our people to dream big again, use science to discover the secret to human immortality in our lifetime, and then colonize the Milky Way galaxy over the next many millions of years coming forth, first, and then the grand abyss of the cosmos over billions of years! A truly galactic level civilization. European humankind is at the edge of extinction, or a glorious future beyond our wildest dream. Shall we become a space-faring race, or go the way of the dodo bird?

  4. brian boru
    21 July, 2019 at 3:41 am — Reply

    I agree with most of what the National Alliance states and stands for but I have to disagree with your stand on the Moon landings. I have examined this NASA run program for several years now and I have come to the conclusion that it was in fact a giant hoax. In some ways it is similar to the Holocaust hoax and other giant lies that the system has foisted on the public. In Mein Kampf, on page 134 of the Murphy translation, Hitler describes how the jews are willing to tell huge lies because they are aware that the public are more likely to accept them. In their own lives ordinary people would never dream of trying to pass such big lies so they imagine that others wouldn’t either. Of course we know that our jew-controlled systems tell big lies to us every day about virtually everything. Why would they not lie about the Apollo Program? There are too many anomalies and contradictions involved with everything we have been led to believe about the Moon landings. The simple fact is that the radiation and overall hostile environment of space make it completely impossible to travel to the Moon with the technology we have today, never mind with what was available in the 1960s. I don’t believe that it reflects badly on Aryan man that we didn’t achieve what is claimed. In time, in a system controlled by white men, the challenges of space travel could be overcome. However, in the jew-controlled system of America, where waste and corruption are endemic, such achievements are unlikely. At any rate when one begins to examine the whole Moon landing affair in detail it becomes impossible to accept the official version any more. Much as it becomes impossible to accept the Holocaust hoax once one has begun to examine it, or the official version of the Kennedy assassination or the 9/11 atrocity, or virtually any of the official versions of recent history. I’m afraid that we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of another giant hoax.

  5. Posis1959
    21 July, 2019 at 8:53 am — Reply

    Sadly this does not enhance WP’s memory – and one might say he brought it on himself.

    There is too much scientific data long known but lately publicised casting material doubt on the feasibility of the (Judeo-Masonic) Apollo ‘”11′” Project for it to be accepted at face:

    – spacecraft made of metals and alloys that would melt in the thermosphere;
    – the Van Allen radiation belt that would kill any living thing purporting to pass through it. (((Wikipedia))) references to the contrary: ;
    – the base rocket stages lacking enough thrust to get it above low Earth orbit;
    – lunar rover made of flimsy materials looking like oven foil;
    – ‘moon’ photographs showing shadows that are not in parallel, indicating multiple light sources;
    – photographs not showing a blast crater on the moon for landing/takeoff for return;
    – astronaut poop-suits incapable of nappy-service for a day never mind 8 (NASA (Heb.: ‘to lift up’) is inviting solutions….);
    – solar/space radiation so powerful that a lead coating six feet thick on the lunar module would have been required to withstand it;
    – space suits incapable of withstanding such radiation if the astronauts had ever actually set foot upon the lunar surface;
    – lunar dust would not have retained footprints, but in at least one photograph of same there is additionally the print of a sneaker!;
    – computer processing power inadequate to plot the course to the moon and back;
    – Wikileaks film out-takes of filming in the Nevada Desert(?) showing stage props and practise maneuvres;
    – astronauts’ “triumphant” return not reflected in their subdued demeanour at press conference, avoidance subsequently of publicity;
    – film records when rediscovered in a Pittsburgh basement unceremoniously destroyed! NASA claims a lunar return never occurred because they lost the technology/hardware (sic).

    lies upon lies, on and on.

    The degeneracy has value however and that is, it is one more episode that helps lift the scales from the eyes of global goyim to the parallael reality created by media, probably since the invention of the printing press.

    I remember reading the newspaper reporting of the “event” in July 1969. I feel a fool, a damned fool.

    • 21 July, 2019 at 11:25 am — Reply

      I see that this program has brought out those who have been convinced that the Moon landing never happened. With respect, I am not persuaded. As with 9/11, the “intelligence community” has a strong motive, and nearly unlimited funds and talent, to seed anti-Establishment forums with the most bizarre conspiracy theories imaginable, in order to sow confusion and dissension in our ranks, and hurt our public credibility. (Of course, it’s hard to be certain what comes from Langley or Tel Aviv and what comes from genuine mental illness. In the case of the WTC, the “there were no planes” and “it’s all a hologram” nonsense comes to mind — but there are a thousand variants. In the case of exposing Jewish power, the “they’re really reptilians” and “Whites are the real Hebrews” insanity are typical.)

      Just one of many things that makes me think that the Apollo operation was not a hoax is the extreme difficulty of fooling the hundreds of physicists, engineers, and technicians involved. (I am a trained broadcast engineer myself.) Consider the communications crew alone. Unlike the public, they could not have been fooled by fake gear (the production of which would also have involved additional thousands of people, most of them private contractors, and not a single one sang!). No. They had real transmitters, receivers, and antennas. They knew where the antennas had to be aimed, a rather intricate process that involved continuous re-aiming, so they couldn’t have been aimed at a fake target — unless they had a whole series of invisible, silent helicopters secretly moving to and fro all over the world with precisely variable delays to properly simulate the speed-of-light delays involved, which were constantly varying throughout the flight (to say nothing about how the same conversation could be emanating simultaneously from all the fake transmitters on board the invisible helicopters). These men knew when they would acquire and lose signals at different ground stations and on the Moon. They knew what the signal strengths would be for the powers and distances involved, and could detect any fakery immediately.

      And remember: Not only the voice transmissions, but also the non-stop video stream, would have to have come through this complex reception pipeline, continuously monitored by the expert communications crew.

      The likelihood of those communications not actually coming from the Moon is pretty damned close to your chance of winning the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

      The fact that the metal foil used on the lunar lander looks flimsy to most people makes me more confident than ever that it’s not a fake. After all, if you’re faking, you can make it look as strong as you like — why use some new high-tech foil that people don’t understand because certain LEM parts need to be very flexible? Since a fake needs no flexibility, you can make everything look like solid metal, just like on Forbidden Planet.

      I have also seen dishonesty and hilarious incompetence on the part of the it’s-all-a-hoax crowd: One breathless “researcher” altered the gamma of a photo taken on the Moon that he downloaded from the ’Net, revealing blocky jpeg artifacts in the sky around the Earth, thus “proving” that the Earth was “pasted” into the picture. Wrong. Such artifacts prove nothing of the kind.

      Then there are the fellows who claim that there was no landing-caused dust crater, or Moon dust on the LEM’s feet, thus “proving” that the craft could not have landed on the dusty lunar surface. They say the dust would have been kicked up into clouds and fallen everywhere. Well, apparently they haven’t 1) seen the photos showing some dust that did accumulate on at least one of the LEM’s feet, or 2) considered that dust behaves very differently in the absence of an atmosphere, or 3) considered that the surface might not have been uniformly dusty.

      And the “no stars in the photographs” and “converging shadows” claims — they are quite ridiculous.

      Could it be that some mission pictures were altered by the government? Sure, I consider that possible taking into account the fear of letting the Soviets know too much about the technology involved. But faking the entire mission? — that’s right up there with “orgone energy” and the “flat Earth” as far as I am concerned.

      • 21 July, 2019 at 4:00 pm — Reply

        Thank you, Kevin. Excellent ADV.

        There are conspiracies, some quite real, but to fake Apollo 11 would have to have been the mother of all conspiracies, considering the 400,000 scientists, engineers, and contractors of all types who were responsible for the moon landing 50 years ago, and who would have had to go along with it unquestioningly.

        To waste precious time trying to disprove Apollo 11 is a diversion from what’s important: seeking what it will take to insure a future for the shrinking White race. That is only important, however, to those of us who actually believe the White race is worth preserving and who realize that we must fight for our people’s preservation.

        William Pierce gave up a promising career as a rocket scientist, dedicating his life to arousing and educating White people to what is important, and showing us how we must organize for our unique race’s long term interests.

  6. Walt Hampton
    21 July, 2019 at 6:18 pm — Reply

    There is plenty of info out
    there concerning this non-
    issue, one of which can be
    found here:

    My personal view is that the
    “faked moon landing” is a Jew
    tool to get minds diverted to
    the real issues of the Jew-
    controlled mass media and its

    For the remainder, they may
    drift on over to where they
    may find a home with the

  7. Michael Mann
    21 July, 2019 at 11:57 pm — Reply

    Kevin, you wrote, “Just one of many things that makes me think that the Apollo operation was not a hoax is the extreme difficulty of fooling the hundreds of physicists, engineers, and technicians involved.” I’m thinking this must mean that you believe that millions of Jews were gassed during WWII as well. After all, how could so many qualified people in so many powerful positions be fooled and how could there be so many of them still lying to the public today?

    You wrote, “faking the entire mission? — that’s right up there with “orgone energy” and the “flat Earth” as far as I am concerned.”

    Has it occurred at least as a possibility to you that our eternal enemies just might pepper serious rebuttals to our Jew-controlled government’s official accounts of events with absurdities like the belief that Jews are really “reptilians” and that the earth is really flat so that everyone who questions the official accounts would be made out to be a fool? Hasn’t it been a tactic of the Jew for millennia to make their enemies appear as fools or insane?
    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. -Jew Saul Alinksy, Rules for Radicals
    What the gassing of millions of Jews, bringing skyscrapers straight down into their footprint by hitting them with planes, and a visit by man to the moon have in common is that they were, and still are, physically impossible.

    Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Arthur Butz and others proved the physical impossibility of millions of people being gassed in the alleged gas chambers of the alleged “death” camps run by the Germans during WWII.

    The only way the WTC towers could have come down directly into their own footprint – the path of greatest resistance – was by controlled demolition. Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper, which was part of the World Trade Center complex, and it came down in exactly the same way as the other two towers, but wasn’t hit by a plane. Building 7 wasn’t even mentioned in the 911 Commission Report. Why not? Did you know that the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission was the Jew Philip Zelikow?

    We can only guess at why our Jew-controlled government lied about the moon landings, but the creation and promotion of the lie called the “Holocaust” and the 571-page lie known as the 9/11 Commission Report are both used to further the cause of the International Jews, the former to give legitimacy to the illegitimate nation called Israel and setting up Jews to look like perennial victims, and the latter to destroy every nation that opposes Israel while at the same time destroy domestic terrorists (read: White nationalists).

    “Conspiracy theorist” has become a derogatory expression that is used to take away the credibility of anyone challenging versions of events that Jews give approval to. A person who theorizes that an event was the result of an agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act is automatically deemed crazy, if not ignored, if that theory exposes the Jew.

    It would be considered a “conspiracy theory” of monumental proportions to claim that the Jews have taken over every one of our institutions with the express purpose of controlling and destroying us, but I’ll bet that like me, and many other Whites that have looked into it, you have come across enough evidence to prove to you that it is much more than just a theory.

  8. Jeff
    22 July, 2019 at 8:46 pm — Reply

    To put it simply and not drone on….the former USA never ever set foot on the moon! It is absolutely laughable that people still believe they did. I almost feel sorry for those lemmings because that’s exactly what they are.

  9. Time Traveler
    23 July, 2019 at 10:45 am — Reply

    The instant someone reveals to me that they believe Dr. Wernher von Braun was a conniving little liar who lent his scientific prestige to such a duplicitous scheme as a “moon hoax” is the same instant they cease to exist to me. Believe in religion – or not – I don’t care. Prefer the color purple over the color green – I don’t care. Say your football team is better than Bill’s – I don’t care. But the instant you claim that the white man’s single greatest achievement was a cowardly little act of fraud is the instant you are gone. I will not abide such blind stupidity.

    No WN movement, group, or organization should allow anyone holding this view to join them. Moon hoaxers should be treated by our movement the same as if they were homosexuals. Let others (you know who they are) have them. But we should forever shun them.

    • Axis Sally
      23 July, 2019 at 10:15 pm — Reply

      Arguing pro or con a supposed hoaxed event is futile for Aryans; even more so is waving a flag for an event co-opted by an Enemy openly dedicated to genociding our race.

      The Apollo moon program did not advance the prospects for our race. If anyone here believes space stunts are important, let them buy a ticket of Bezos, Musk, or Branson. Oh, they are not Cosmotheists, are they… too bad.

      As a confirmed techie, Dr. Pierce may be excused his occasional flights of fancy. He kept his feet on the ground and his eye on the goal of Aryan advancement; let us have done with this foolish space boosterism and do the same.

      • JM/Iowa
        26 July, 2019 at 1:48 am — Reply

        We Whites attempt these tremendous feats out of spirit within us that drives us to go where no one else has gone, to do what no one else has, to think of things that has never been thought of before such as reaching for the stars by first stepping on our moon…and so on. It’s who we are, and that’s something we Cosmotheists wish to encourage.

        Let’s agree that we Aryans ought to strive to conquer ourselves first then form the new order needed to send us to those stars–among other tasks here on Earth that need doing to secure our survival and advancement– all of which we’ve never done before.

  10. Walt Hampton
    23 July, 2019 at 1:03 pm — Reply

    >Moon hoaxers
    >should be treated
    >by our movement
    >the same as if they
    >were homosexuals.

    You are out of step with the times. I believe these
    people are know as either “LGBTQ” or “LBGTQ.”
    In either case, none of them have ever been to the
    Moon! You can take that to the bank!

  11. J. Smith
    24 July, 2019 at 8:36 pm — Reply

    The one I always like to bring up to “moon landing was faked” type people is this-

    “Why didn’t the Soviet Union say anything about the landing being fake? They had many spies in the US, and were monitoring most government communications. If it was faked, or they suspected it of being fake, they surely would have known about it, and probably would have used it for propaganda purposes.”

    • 25 July, 2019 at 4:17 pm — Reply

      At this point in time, any putative “grown man” with a mind,
      access to the internet, or a DVD player who doesn’t know, or
      hasn’t discerned that the Moon landings were clearly faked is,
      to my way of thinking, a lazy lout, or a naive child of the most
      simplistic trusting nature. Sorry, take your pick. For me, the
      deal was sealed in the 90s for God’s sake – where exaxctly have
      you been. The first 20 minutes of “What Really Happened on
      the Moon” by David Percy is all one should need and last time
      I checked still available on youtube. I own the DVD, as well
      as others. It is 3 plus hours, but like I said, you don’t need
      anywhere near that long. Also worth seeing is “Was it only
      a Paper Moon ?” by James Collier and “A Funny Thing
      Happened on the Way to the Moon” by Bart Sibrel. I just
      checked on the last 2 and they are still available, so … If
      one were to devote a mere 2 hours or so between those
      3 films (you don’t even have to read anything) out of the
      168 hrs we are ALL given each week (7 days x 24 hrs) then
      if you don’t come away with zero doubt as to the hoax, I’d
      have to conclude you are simply sub-functional and likely
      impervious to logic, reason, and common sense. The other alternative is you are a slacker who won’t put the time into
      a topic and would prefer to blather w/o having done some
      due diligence. In either case, you can’t contribute anything
      to site, and you haven’t. As far as “the Russians would have
      known” irrelevance; Since when does the average American
      know anything about what the Russians may or may not say
      regarding the U.S. that isn’t run thru the propaganda filter
      of our jewish media overlords ?! Eh ?! And what does it
      matter anyway – it’s not an argument as to the reality or
      evidence of real versus hoax, which can be evaluated and
      stands on its’ own, immune from ad hoc irrelevancies. If
      you need a 4rth and would like to know how it was done
      for the most part, check out “Kubrick’s Odyssey” a film
      by Jay Weidner which is excellent. Now get to work

      • Jeff Spicoli
        27 July, 2019 at 1:15 pm — Reply

        Rommel41…. Amen brother! You said it! Pure laziness on the part of ANYONE who continues to believe in moon landing, 911, etc. People are just dumb. An individual can get enlightened.

  12. Time Traveler
    25 July, 2019 at 11:18 am — Reply

    Axis Sally: “As a confirmed techie, Dr. Pierce may be excused his occasional flights of fancy.”

    “Flights of fancy”, eh? As in, William Pierce wasn’t rooted in reality? Tell me: are you a member of today’s National Alliance, Sally?

  13. cc
    25 July, 2019 at 2:32 pm — Reply

    Good observation, AXIS SALLY. Touching base with the moon (the great satellite) didn’t produce any White advancement here at home. Since that time, White people have been smothered with forced amalgamation and central despotism.

  14. Martin Kerr
    25 July, 2019 at 7:13 pm — Reply

    Mein Kampf, Vol. II, Chap. 11: “…the organization embraces within its scope only those who do not threaten on psychological grounds to become a brake on the further dissemination of the idea.” (p. 582 in the Manheim trans.)

    As evidenced by some of the replies published here, I would argue that

    > Moon-hoaxers
    > Identity Christians
    > Flat-earthers
    > 911 truthers

    and the like are exactly the type of people who should be barred from “the organization,” on the grounds that they
    “act as brake on the further dissemination of the idea” by holding the Movement up to ridicule among the very people we need to recruit: intelligent, level-headed, sane people who are free of crippling neuroses.

  15. Time Traveler
    26 July, 2019 at 10:37 am — Reply

    CC: “Touching base with the moon (the great satellite) didn’t produce any White advancement…”

    Martin Kerr: “As evidenced by some of the replies published here, I would argue that Moon-hoaxers, Identity Christians, Flat-earthers, 911 truthers, and the like are exactly the type of people who should be barred from “the organization…”

    Regarding Martin Kerr’s response, I have long felt the same. That said, for anyone ostensibly “on our side” to believe the heroic and titanic efforts of Dr. Wernher von Braun and his team of German and Anglo-American scientists “didn’t produce any White advancement” is breathtakingly ignorant of the hard centuries of crushing mental effort it took our best minds to achieve even the smallest scientific/technological advancement in a world steeped in such pervasive stupidity. In earlier centuries a man like Von Braun probably would have been silenced by the Church, if not outright burned at the stake for even suggesting man might one day reach the Moon.

    Well, the mentality of such ignorant, no-nothing suppressors is alive and well on this comment platform. Frankly, I find their presence sickening. Not only do we whites fighting to keep our Race alive have to deal with our repressive government and vast numbers of whites ignorant of the racial struggle we face, but we also have those ostensibly “on our side” telling us that Dr. William Pierce was prone to “flights of fancy” for believing in the achievements of another of our great minds (Von Braun) — and then telling us that he never actually achieved diddly-squat and instead was complicit in a massive global-wide fraud of unprecedented proportion. Then we have others saying that even if white men landed on the Moon, it “didn’t produce any White advancement.”

    Therefore, I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Kerr when he stated that these kinds of people should be “barred” from our midst.

    • 27 July, 2019 at 4:45 pm — Reply

      TIME TRAVELER: Regarding Martin Kerr’s response, I have long felt the same… the mentality of such ignorant, no-nothing suppressors is alive and well on this comment platform. Frankly, I find their presence sickening…
      Therefore, I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Kerr when he stated that these kinds of people should be “barred” from our midst.

      I am also in full agreement with Mr. Kerr’s statement. Thank you, Martin! He understands what it will take for our people to prevail. I first met Martin Kerr in 1986, when I was new to the cause and he was mentoring my mentor at that time. Unlike many of the defeatists and dabbling hobbyists I see here on NV’s comment platform, Martin is a serious man who fully supports the work of the National Alliance.

      I am only the National Alliance Chairman; President, Treasurer, and Director on NA’s board of directors; and Trustee of the Cosmotheist Community Church. I do not moderate — Kevin Strom does, and he does a fine job of that and of running this site, producing the weekly ADV broadcasts, and everything else he somehow manages to do. Were it up to me, I’d block a good many of the hobbyists that have no intention of ever joining or even supporting financially the Alliance or our Cosmotheist Church — both of which Dr. William Pierce founded in the 1970s. What are they waiting for?

      For now our Alliance will continue to struggle along with the dedicated few who have committed to Alliance-building and leave idle commentators and latent spectators on the sidelines to whatever it is they do. The purpose of National Vanguard is not to entertain, but to attract and inspire other good men and women of our race to join with us, to help build the resistance. Kevin Strom said it well here last year:

  16. cc
    26 July, 2019 at 1:50 pm — Reply

    TIME TRAVELER: I have always been aware that the accomplishment of landing on the moon is a great fete. My position is that the spin-off from that magnificent work didn’t carry over to other events concerning the White race which is perpetually under constraint.

    That you would lecture me–school me on race–doesn’t pass the laugh test. I was among the terrible teenage Boomers who fought a race war in the 1960s South to maintain White separation in our schools and establishments. We didn’t argue about racism; we had perfect communication; we were cut from the same bolt of cloth.

    While the moon walkers were doing their job in ’69, Southern down-homers were fighting for their birthright at home. The rest of the country was more concerned with being lavishly piled upon with a munificent of supplies and dainty fare.

  17. Time Traveler
    26 July, 2019 at 4:15 pm — Reply

    CC: “I have always been aware that the accomplishment of landing on the moon is a great fete. My position is that the spin-off from that magnificent work didn’t carry over to other events concerning the White race which is perpetually under constraint.”

    Try as you may, yours and “Axis Sally’s” disparaging remarks regarding Dr. Pierce and Dr. Von Braun will not be forgotten, and nothing you now say can undo that. These men and their accomplishments are not negotiable, and accusing them of “flights of fancy” or their incredible achievements (as you stated) “not producing any White advancement here at home” is unconscionably ignorant and in defiance of the facts.

    William Pierce was rock-solid in his perception of truth and reality, and Wernher von Braun not only got white men to the Moon, but he also advanced the science of rocketry and its attendant technology, which branched out into many other fields – fields that advanced our lives here in America as well as laid the scientific foundation necessary for today’s 21st century rocket scientists to get (hopefully) white men to Mars. It was Pierce’s dream and it was Von Braun’s dream – and it is my dream.

    We need to reach Mars in order to establish the technology necessary to spread beyond this Solar System, whether to escape an ever-darkening planet or just to reach new stars far away from the non-white hordes. And Von Braun’s 1969 achievement pushed us one giant step closer toward that magnificent goal.

    CC: While the moon walkers were doing their job in ’69, Southern down-homers were fighting for their birthright at home.”

    Considering that the South (of which I too was born) is a non-white cess pool today, I guess you and your “down-homers” didn’t achieve much, did you? Anyway, that was then and this is now. What you did half a century ago doesn’t mean anything. What matters is what have you done lately, except denigrate men like Dr. William Pierce and Dr. Wernher von Braun and their contributions to the white race?

  18. cc
    27 July, 2019 at 12:12 pm — Reply

    TIME TRAVELER: You’re a poor excuse for a White racialist. A vulgar mind filled with insults. No experience beyond plastic essays. You belong fully to the biggest White race mixing generation in the history of North America. Those who do nothing, criticize. You’re a homemade Yankee.

    It is true that the Sister states were not strong enough to repulse the Federals and their forced amalgamation campaign in the 1960s South. But our stainless effort to maintain our White establishments is undeniable. We marched hither to the hot zones.

    Southern Boomers did not criticize what came before them. We understood that it served no purpose.

    I’m dealing with an immature kid who will insist on having the last word.

  19. GusGrissom
    27 July, 2019 at 12:36 pm — Reply

    CC & TT….you both embody the problems of today’s society. Always bickering. Always trying to one up and get that last word. I’d bet that you both do Facebook and the like on a regular basis because you both can’t get enough of that dopamine from being seen and known; just gotta keep on spewing without listening and understanding.
    How about you both and many like you take a step back and check yourselves. Try some introspectiveness for a change. Things in this world are always freaking “grey.” Black and white is a fools errand.

  20. cc
    27 July, 2019 at 1:06 pm — Reply

    Never signed on to facebook. Too social for me.

    • GusGrissom
      28 July, 2019 at 7:09 pm — Reply

      Good to know and me too. However, my point stands. The constant bickering between like minded individuals is not a good thing. You, TT, and myself all believe in the preservation of the white race. That can’t be a better starting point. The particulars and specifics can be argued civilly with constructive criticism but the root belief should always remain and be always at the forethought of all 3 of us who care.

      This also should be a rule of thumb when dealing with folks who happen to the think the moon landing was bs. I am one of those people and take issue with some of the previous comments equating me with lgbtqzeuyd types. C’mon people!

      Anyway….I wish you and TT good fortune.

  21. Walt Hampton
    28 July, 2019 at 9:54 pm — Reply

    lgbtqzeuyd? I am having difficulty in keeping up with
    this. Is this the replacement for “LGBTQ” or “LBGTQ?”

    Please…give me a break…I could use one.

    • GusGrissom
      30 July, 2019 at 7:23 pm — Reply

      Hey walt…. you’re quite a winner. Just couldn’t help yourself, huh? You and your ilk are truly lost when all you can do is criticize and name call. Try some compassion and understanding on for size. You’ll thank me later.

  22. Xωρίς Όνομα
    30 July, 2019 at 2:12 pm — Reply

    I disagree that “CC & TT….you both embody the problems of today’s society”. From my perspective CC is merely protesting to TT’s unacceptable behavior. If this is what people who want to preserve the white race are like, I’d rather let us perish. Seriously, the language was so aggressively inappropriate it reminded me the zionists who are “offended” (sic) when we call out their hoax. Still some bickering is good when it exposes a fraud. Nevertheless, let us not forget that the white (european) race who we all want to save, created an amazing civilization because it was based on enlightenment values which was a result of our ancestors rediscovering the ancient Greek and Roman view of the world. Perhaps we should go back to our roots and follow the motto “all I know is I know nothing”. Having said that, when it comes down to the so called “moon landings” I was too a “proud idiot” but after some serious and copious reading I am proud to declare myself a sceptic. There are a lot of answers that need to be given but I will not my breath until our so called “government” decides to explain the unexplainable intricacies of this story. My only concern is that if the Apollo program proves to be a hoax it will definitely be the “biggest hoax of the 20th century” and it will regrettably push back in place #2 the holy “Holoco$t”.

    PS: Come to think about it I wouldn’t be surprised if the masterminds behind the moon landing myth are also members of the chosen tribe.

    • 31 July, 2019 at 12:26 pm — Reply

      KEVIN ALFRED STROM wrote: I see that this program has brought out those who have been convinced that the Moon landing never happened. With respect, I am not persuaded. As with 9/11, the “intelligence community” has a strong motive, and nearly unlimited funds and talent, to seed anti-Establishment forums with the most bizarre conspiracy theories imaginable, in order to sow confusion and dissension in our ranks, and hurt our public credibility…

      I recall, Mr.XΩΡΊΣ ΌΝΟΜΑ, That Kevin patiently refuted pernicious rumors you had probably read about him, William Pierce and the National Alliance on Wikipedia, so that you’d be satisfied that it’s safe to join NA. He even offered to talk with you on the telephone if that would further help to quell those damaging Internet rumors about our organization.

      I, on the other hand, have you pegged as one of the disruptive type that KAS describes above. To you I say, there are other sites besides this one, and any number of “truther” conspiracy organizations where you’ll fit in and feel more among your own than you will as an Alliance member.

      If this is what people who want to preserve the white race are like, I’d rather let us perish.


      You are a skeptic of the Moon landings, eh? And your “only concern is that if the Apollo program proves to be a hoax it will definitely be the ‘biggest hoax of the 20th century’ and it will regrettably push back in place #2 the holy ‘Holoco$t.'”

      That is your only concern? The Apollo program was real, friend. And professor Butz was correct: the Jew’s Holocaust™ is the hoax of the 20th century, only outhoaxed by Jew-spawned Christianity, the hoax of the millennium.

  23. B. Wilson
    7 August, 2019 at 12:54 am — Reply

    Revilo P. Oliver wrote in his essay about Oberth that you quoted:

    “And she never learned to control the imagination and sentimentality she had brought from the nursery.”

    I think that we all tend to have that problem. It’s an Aryan trait that is both a blessing and a curse.

    Another essay by Revilo P. Oliver about the space program is found in this issue of Liberty Bell:

    Here are some interesting videos about Apollo:

  24. B. Wilson
    7 August, 2019 at 8:49 pm — Reply

    1. ZOG never lies to us.
    2. ZOG always lies to us.

    Which is more nearly true?

    The System has conditioned the masses to sneer and jeer at “conspiracy theories”. (There is nothing inherently improbable about a conspiracy theory. The courts convict many people every year of criminal conspiracy.)

    The reason that the System has done this is because the System doesn’t want its conspiracies to be exposed.

    Consider the 3rd skyscraper to fall in NYC on 9-11, WTC 7. It was not hit by an airplane. There was a relatively small fire burning in it. All of a sudden, it collapsed perfectly, as does a building brought down by controlled demolition. Any rational person can understand that that was not a natural occurrence. It was brought down by explosives.

    Never before or after was a modern skyscraper brought down by fire. And yet we are told to believe that on one day in one city three skyscrapers collapsed because of fire.

    The designers of those buildings knew about fire. They knew to what degree steel is weakened by various degrees of heat. They designed those buildings to withstand fire.

    The designers of those buildings knew about airplanes. They designed those building to withstand the impact of an airliner.

    We need to remember the concept of false-flag attacks. The battleship Maine was blown up in Havana harbor and used as a pretext for declaring war on Spain. We now know that it was blown up from within, not by a mine or torpedo.

    ZOG wants the masses to believe that the buildings were brought down by Moslem terrorists. ZOG doesn’t want us to know who the real perpetrators were.

    Cui bono? The USA destroyed for Israel the governments of Iraq and Libya. The Jews were able to get the “Patriot Act” passed.

    Americans have meekly submitted to the Jews’ brainwashing about 9-11. Now they need to watch one truthful video about it.

    September 11: The New Pearl Harbor

    All but those who are fanatical members of the “science-fiction” religion would benefit from reading the essay by Revilo P. Oliver titled “Sanity in Space”. It can be found here:

    In it, he quotes with approval Professor James A. Van Allen, who discovered the Van Allen Radiation Belts:

    “The acceptance of such grandiose proposals by otherwise rational individuals stems from the mystique of space flight, as nurtured over many centuries by early writers of science fiction and their present-day counterparts. Indeed, to the ordinary person space flight is synonymous with the flight of human beings. The simple taste for adventure and fantasy expressed in that sentiment has been elevated in some quarters to the quasi-religious belief that space is a natural habitat of human beings. According to this belief, the real goal of the space program is to establish ‘man’s permanent presence in space,’ a slogan that does not respond to the simple question: ‘For what purpose?'”

    • JM/Iowa
      8 August, 2019 at 8:55 am — Reply

      B. Wilson, your concluding question, “for what purpose?” seems to be the purpose for which you write and I’d like to take a stay at the answer. As with all other matters involving the Creator’s purpose (the self-realization of the creator/created) the survival and advancement of our kind (Cosmotheists and other selected Whites only) lays at the heart of this. This planet’s existence as a life supporting vessel in the future isn’t guaranteed and to consider ways to get our descendants to another vessel should be made a priority since no one really knows how much time there is left to solve the various and complex problems of how it’s to be done.

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