SpaceX: Astronauts Can Now Escape During Space Launch

SPACEX has released the latest footage of the Pad Abort Test of its Crew Dragon Capsule on Friday, which was launched earlier in May.

The unmanned space was designed to test the effectiveness of the company’s new capsule abort system.

The abort system will allow astronauts to steer clear from a malfunctioning rocket during a failed launch.

It was reported that the Pad Abort Test for the Crew Dragon was a success.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX said, “It was a great, great outcome, had there been people on board, they would have been in great shape.”

The company released a two minute video clip, the recording being from the perspective of a passenger inside the space vehicle.

It starts off with the Crew Dragon Capsule preparing to blast off on its launch pad in Florida.

The capsule’s propulsion system then activates its rocket, sending the spacecraft soaring through the sky.

SpaceX reported that the Crew Dragon was able to reach a maximum velocity of 345 miles per hour during the test.

At around the 30 second mark of the video, it can be seen that the capsule separated from its trunk and deploys its parachutes to stabilize its flight.

The three main chutes are then released to allow the spacecraft to safely descend toward the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

The test of the Crew Dragon Capsule lasted for one minute and 39 seconds from the launch of the capsule until it descended in the water.

The spacecraft during the test flew 5,000 feet above the ground.

SpaceX explained, “Crew Dragon’s abort system is powered by eight SuperDraco engines which together produce 120,000 pounds of axial thrust. The engines are integrated directly into the sides of the vehicle rather than carried on top of the vehicle as with previous launch abort systems. This configuration provides astronauts escape capability from the launch pad all the way to orbit and allows the spacecraft to use the same thrusters to land propulsively on land at the end of a mission.”

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Source: The Silver Ink

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