Oklahoma: Alexander Feaster’s Two Years of Torment

by Chris Rossetti

HIS NAME is Alexander Feaster. Last June, he shot a hostile trespasser who ripped down and stole his flag after being egged on by an alcohol-fueled, anti-free-speech, likely politically-motivated mob across the street. One of the crowd apparently had a gun at the ready, since it is now admitted it was trained on Mr. Feaster and his home during and immediately after the incident.

Now the 45-year-old Mr. Feaster is being — predictably, given the current political atmosphere — charged with crimes which could see him die in prison, while the woman who invaded and attacked his home and stole his property has not been charged with any crime. Those who egged her on in her invasion and theft (“dared her” “at a party” is the spin the controlled media are putting on it) have not been charged either — and likely have not even been investigated.

Alexander Feaster, pictured on his Gab profile

The trial is yet to begin, and a year later Mr. Feaster is beginning to speak out about his ordeal — though within limits set by his attorneys.

For a year or more, Alexander Feaster of the small town of Hunter, Oklahoma proudly displayed several National Socialist flags on his property. Atop his flagpole was a German NS battle flag, with the more familiar party and national flag beneath it. Another national flag flew from a slanted flagpole attached to his well-kept home. Other members of the community who lived nearby, even those who disagreed with Mr. Feaster’s political expressions, said they’d never had a moment of trouble or worry from him. He always had a smile for passers-by in the community, and even mowed lawns for some of his neighbors.

This doesn’t mean there hadn’t been threats against the outspoken 45-year-old Oklahoman, likely fueled by demonization of National Socialism by the churches, anti-White politicians, and especially by the controlled media, who falsely characterize National Socialism as uniquely “evil” and “violent.” This demonization has been especially strident in recent years, not only against National Socialism but against any expression of White racial consciousness or solidarity. This has led to massive rioting and violence by non-Whites in cities across America, and direct threats against Whites by haters emboldened by the Establishment’s not-so-subtle message that violence against Whites will be increasingly tolerated.

Mr. Feaster, who describes himself as a patriotic citizen and a loyal American, had experienced threats and harassment in the months leading up to the June 2020 incident from people enraged by his First Amendment-protected self-expression. His flags had been stolen — seven times. Drive-by shooters had fired shots onto his property.

Mr. Feaster posted “no trespassing” signs, and signs indicating the boundaries of his property. He made reports of the threats and shootings to local law enforcement authorities. But nothing was done.

Mr. Feaster has no criminal record whatsoever, and was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force, where he enlisted after Sept. 11, 2001, and served three tours overseas.

On June 28, 2020, a drunken mob (at least one of which apparently possessed a firearm) across the street from Feaster’s home (at what the media are describing as a “party”) allegedly “dared” a 26-year-old woman, Kyndal McVey, to steal one of Feaster’s flags, which she did, invading Feaster’s property despite the signs, running toward Feaster’s house, and seizing the flag attached to his home, only a very few feet, at her closest approach, from where he was apparently sitting at his window.

Until she actually grabbed the flag, Feaster could not have known what her intentions were. Indeed, he could not have know her further intentions, or the mob’s, even after the flag was stolen. Feaster responded with shots from his fully-legal AR-15 rifle, sending McVey to the hospital, where she recovered after surgery. Feaster states that McVey and the instigators caused him to believe he was in “imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.” Since the case has not yet come to trial, and Feaster has been advised by his attorneys not to elaborate at this time, we do not know what, if any, threats or other language from the mob or McVey may have taken place.

The police have charged Feaster with “assault and battery with a deadly weapon” and “assault with intent to kill,” which carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. Feaster says that McVey should have been charged with theft, trespassing, public intoxication, and a hate crime. He states that his rights to free speech have been violated repeatedly on the basis of his political viewpoints, with law enforcement refusing even to investigate threats and even firearms being fired at him at his home. He says that the fact that the flags he displayed are “associated in the public’s consciousness with the Third Reich and National Socialism” should not in any way be used to justify legal persecution, or lead to a refusal to charge persons who have committed crimes against him, both of which have occurred.

The police are making much of a few cigarette butts and a (perfectly legal) set of handcuffs being found near a chair at one of the home’s front windows, saying “There was a large ashtray containing several cigarette butts and a handcuff pouch containing handcuffs on a box next to the chair. It appeared that Mr Feaster was anticipating an incident to take place and had been watching from that spot.”

“Several” cigarette butts? Indicating he may have sat there for perhaps half an hour total since the last time the ashtray was emptied? Wow, such evidence! As if it’s unreasonable to “anticipate an incident” after what he has been through! The way Mr. Feaster is being treated by law enforcement is itself a crime. And handcuffs? If anything, they are proof that Mr. Feaster had no criminal intent whatsoever, and his plan if attacked again was to make a citizen’s arrest.

When McVey tried to get money and sympathy on a since-closed Facebook page, numerous commenters pushed back at her attempts at self-justification, saying, among other things, “Well, all this could have been prevented if that crazy girl didn’t intrude on the man’s property stealing what doesn’t belong to her. Stupid decisions come with severe consequences. Sorry, but she deserved every bit of it!”

Another said, “What’s crazy is, she didn’t have the right to grab anything from his porch, period. And I hope she learned her lesson — end of story.”

A third said, “This girl thought she was entitled to steal and trespass on another’s property! Unfortunately, her wounds are self-inflicted, and her drunken behavior reflects badly on her and her family.”

It’s no wonder that many controlled media sites have closed their comment sections. The Narrative doesn’t do well unless criticism of it is forbidden.

Mr. Feaster stated recently on the social media platform Gab:

Although I am not allowed, at this point, to comment freely about or upon the situation (per my legal counsel) and therefore cannot (as I would prefer) divulge the details of the case or anything not currently “public information,” in reply to your question: (per publicly available documentation) I have been charged with a crime or crimes, [have been] punished by two months of prison time (pre-trial detention), tens of thousands of dollars in the form of legal fees, bail/bond, loss of everything I’ve ever owned — for a crime I have not yet been convicted of committing. Charged with, yes… convicted… no. My defense (solicitors, your Folk call them I believe) and the state’s “prosecution,” are at the “pre-trial stage” of the process (after almost 13 months)…. Until the full trial is complete, and if and until a verdict of “guilty” is found, we cannot proceed to the sentencing stage of the process… though it seems, we can punish [with] the accusation of a “crime”, whether the target is convicted, or not.

In contrast, on the “other end of this beast,” those who committed crimes against me, resulting in my defense of my family, my own life, my home, and my property, have never been charged with a crime, at all….

Oh, and what about the gun that was aimed at Mr. Feaster? The media are now claiming it was held “by a witness” (no mention of the mob that egged on McVey) and aimed at Mr. Feaster “as a precaution.”

The “justice” system in America is politicized, broken, and has been seized by our deadly enemies. No White man, woman, or child is safe in America any more.

Today, they will refuse to protect you from violence and threats of violence if you display the “wrong” symbol or have ever said the “wrong” thing — and if you defend yourself, you will be prosecuted.

Tomorrow, the excuses for our persecution will be even flimsier.

We are more than half of the way to completely legalized murder of Whites.

* * *

Source: Goy Rodef: The Sentinel and National Vanguard correspondents

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Thomas Cole
Thomas Cole
30 June, 2021 8:02 am

Thanks for bringing up that story! I remember briefly hearing about it back when it happened and naively thought, it was by now all settled in favor of Mr. Feaster. The evidence of his innocence is after all overwhelming. But then, given the current circumstances, it is really no wonder to see Whites being openly burned at the stake of a corrupt justice system. As Feaster rightly pointed out, in case of Whites a mere accusation, no matter how unsubstantiated it may be, is enough to justify punishment. And what is the “crime” We are collectively punished for? Defiance of a system, that wants us dead. Feaster’s story is a sad reminder that we are living in an anti-White and deeply hostile society, which uses its institutional powers to terrorize… Read more »

Reply to  Thomas Cole
11 July, 2021 6:08 pm

The biggest enemies of the white race today seem to be the liberals and cucks of our own race. I hate to say it, but I have been around countless white males that make self deprecating comments for being white and male. They do this around nonwhites and it is so pathetic and cringeworthy (I’ve seen this many times). Then you have lots of white women that scorn ‘old white men’, yet now these white women don’t like being seen as “Karen” Well I can’t say I have sympathy for these white women who were silent, if not active participants, in bashing white males. But I’m getting off topic of this article-not surprised the MSM would leave out the fact the neighbors were taunting and harrassing this man before this… Read more »

30 June, 2021 1:47 pm

Regarding “Feaster says that McVey should have been charged with theft, trespassing, public intoxication, and a hate crime.”, what is delaying HER trial? Her guilt should be established before Feaster is tried.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
2 July, 2021 8:10 pm

If Mr. Feaster can read German (and Fraktur font), he may find solace in works such as Otto Paust’s Nation in Not (volume 2 of his Deutschland trilogy), Hans Zöberlein’s Der Befehl des Gewissens and films such as Hans Westmar- einer von vielen or Hitlerjunge Quex.
Flying that flag got you into even bigger trouble in 1920s Germany…….

No Step on Snek
No Step on Snek
4 July, 2021 3:58 pm

I don’t support National Socialism, but I do support your right to display whatever decorations you wish on your own property. He should have shot to kill the moment she assaulted his home and stole his property. If you cannot legally prevent the theft of your property by any means necessary, then we’re already living in a Communist dystopia.

Reply to  No Step on Snek
3 August, 2021 5:43 am

That sneak kosher Kommunismus in the USA came about as direct result of destroying democratically-elected National-Sozialismus in Germany on British behalf and in alliance with Kommunismus…likewise the Britards find themselves in a like racist gulag run by triumphalist wiggers, aliens and perverts but they are still incurable chauvinists much like the Germanophobe Trumptards…I remember the ‘This is Goebbels’ fool and the Corona morons think the Lockdowns are ‘Nazi’. The only place anything like N.S will revive will be in a Europe after the USA crumbles or is beaten along with the Commonwealth and NATO in a Russo-Chinese war Himmler hoped would happen before Germanys crumbling…meanwhile there is nothing to stop the Jews triumphalist racist stooges of the Left from persecuting any white male heretics not least because every Conservatard is… Read more »

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
9 February, 2022 10:01 pm

There is no current update on Mr. Feaster’s situation, but from a year ago:

It is rumored that Feaster is now contemplating suicide since his life has been ruined. He has been under house arrest for some time now, but then had to sell his house to pay legal expenses.

The victim of drunken Antifabecomes the perp. What a country! What a justice system!

Hang in there, Alexander. Your life has been ruined, but you still have life left to make your mark.

comment image
Kyndal Mcvey (left) sued Alexander Feaster (right) after he shot her for stealing his flag