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Illegal Law

New Mexico’s Chief Justice Shannon Bacon

by Douglas Mercer

THERE HAVE BEEN ALL sorts of milestones in the invasion of our country — letting them attend our schools, giving them driver’s licenses, giving out so-called birthright citizenship, shielding them from the law by means of “sanctuary,” giving them public services, letting them vote; all are abrogations of the law and serve as invitations to more — essentially infinite — law-breaking. Not only is the border open, we have traitors doing everything in their power to actively welcome the invaders in. But for sheer through-the-looking-glass absurdity and insanity, the New Mexico Supreme Court topped the list the other day. They made it “law” that lawyers may practice in the state even if they are in this country illegally. That is, the highest court of law in an American state said officers of the court (what lawyers really are), who are supposed to uphold that law, can be illegal invaders. I’d ask “What will they think of next?” — but I’m not sure I want to know.

Under the new rule, citizenship or immigration status will no longer be a basis for denying an attorney’s license to an adult who holds a law degree and meets other qualifications for admittance to the New Mexico Bar Association.

When they talk to you about “the rule of law,” laugh them out of court. Joe Biden’s speech the other night, the one with the Satanic red background, was written by a son of the South and weak-willed Establishment historian Jon Mecham. In addition to calling White people “treasonous,” the speech referred to the rule of law twice. The rule of law when it comes to placing the long arm of the law on White people, sure — but the rule of law when it comes to illegal aliens? Not so much. Hell, let them be lawyers, then they’ll lecture us on the rule of law; they’ll work to gut the law so it is of no more effect than a pea-shooter in a tornado, and when the legal laundering is done they’ll be “legal.” They’ll still be vile non-White invaders, but they’ll be “legal” ones.

The law has become illegal.

So now they are allowing illegal aliens to become lawyers. Just because the barbarians have knocked down the gates and have the scales in their hands doesn’t mean they aren’t barbarians. In fact it means they are barbarians.

The American Bar Association is a nest of traitors and they have recommended that illegal aliens be given the right to be lawyers. Yet in their next breath they have the utter gall to lay down this bilge:

The road to becoming a practicing attorney is a long and arduous one. After years of law school and months of studying for the bar exam, one more step remains before we are officially licensed to practice. Every lawyer in the country must be sworn in and take their state’s oath of attorney. This ceremony may seem traditional and mundane, but it has never been more important. This oath binds each attorney to certain professional obligations and requires us, as lawyers, to faithfully uphold and support the laws of our state and our country.

Oh really? It sounds so serious and solemn. August ritual and all that. But they don’t mean it. The most important law we have is the law of sovereignty; without it our country is a porous mass of jello. The most important law to uphold is the law that gives only certain people the right to be here. In the end it’s the only way to control the gene pool, the culture, not to mention the neighborhoods. Otherwise we reside in something that’s just an open-door flop house and international dumping ground. But the ABA has no intention of upholding the laws of sovereignty or of the border. Those laws are based on “racism,” and they deem their own judgement sovereign in such “exceptions.” When those invaders obtain law degrees and hold up their right hands and say they will uphold the law, the ABA wants us to think they can do so in good conscience. Better than good conscience, really; they can do a victory dance for “la raza.”

They should change the name to the American Barbarian Association.

Beginning in October, adults who are not United States citizens will be permitted to practice law in New Mexico under a rule change approved by the state’s high court.

They are non-Whites, after all, so they can do no wrong. They shouldn’t call it New Mexico; they should call it Northern Mexico. Eventually all of the Global South will be incorporated demographically and racially into the United States, and the latter will collapse.

It’s a “higher law,” don’t you know, one that excludes White people.

The ABA goes on to wane ineloquent:

What does it mean to take an oath? Merriam-Webster defines an oath as a solemn attestation of the truth or inviolability of one’s words. We ask new attorneys to take an oath on the day they receive their licenses and as a condition of that license. The words in that oath are a mandate to all attorneys that they practice with professionalism, integrity and respect.

Their words have no truth, no more than the border now has inviolability. It means nothing to take an oath to swear fealty to the law when everyone knows the one taking that oath is perjuring himself.

Integrity and respect — but not for the real fundamental laws, without which we have no country. These people are jokes, and yet they try to come across like they are so holy and august. A “solemn attestation” is the last thing they should be making — unless it is an attestation of their treasonous intent. They are a travesty of a travesty.

Immigrants who are in the country illegally won’t be barred from law practice in New Mexico, according to a rule change approved by the New Mexico Supreme Court.

On the Court are two representatives of Mexico named Vargas and Zamora. And three White cucks as far as I can glean, though maybe they are Jewish — who knows these days; at the very least they are Jewish-run. I suppose the female named Bacon is not Jewish, but she is Jewish in spirit up to her eyeballs.

You can see it already from here. Now that these illegal aliens can be lawyers, they’ll go straightaway into immigration law and we will be presented with a vicious circle. They’ll defend other illegal race aliens for free, petition the government to let more illegals become lawyers, to let more illegals in, to “build bridges not walls,” form committees on behalf of criminal Mestizos and other non-Whites, go on the ABA Web site proclaiming “no person is illegal.” They’ll take over the state bar associations, become judges and elected leaders (why not?), and pretty soon the Wetback Horse is inside the gates and fifty million dirty Mestizos will be filing out — and all of it under the cover of “American Law.” The “rule of law,” don’t you know.

And we are the “extremists”? We are the “insurrectionists”?

The amended rule opens up law practice to anyone who meets other bar-admission requirements, including a character and fitness screening. The previous rule required bar applicants to be a citizen or a US national, an immigrant with lawful permanent residence, or an immigrant lawfully authorized to work here.

Even the pre-existing rules were too lax. You should have to be White to be a citizen or a lawyer. But always they are chipping away at Whiteness, eroding it constantly. And what kind of character and fitness does a person have if they are here illegally? They showed zero respect for us, zero consideration for our national integrity. That alone should disqualify them and send them out packing on their ear. But these invaders think they have rights. Now they are all lawyered up and can attack us from a position of strength. The rights of ordinary Americans from Peoria or Duluth or Cheyenne or Nanty Glo? Under attack by the government that’s supposed to defend them, with no protection whatsoever, throats exposed, slated for death. The “rights” of flagrantly illegal non-White invaders, criminals, rapists, murderers, conspirators lusting for our blood and our treasure and our daughters? — “sacred” and inviolable, protected by every level of the Establishment from “lawmakers” to judges to media moguls to corporations to NGOs to bureaucrats — and now by an army of lawyers motivated by blood and ideology and hatred of us, and lavishly funded by our enemies (and, through our taxes, also funded by us).

Some immigrants here illegally were allowed to obtain a law license in New Mexico if they had work permits under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — or DACA.

Ah, the “DACA-mented” — one of their pet phrases. What a funny joke. Just like our country now. DACA-mented means demented. They have no documents, but they are DACA-mented, which means by fiat of the ruling class they are no longer illegal. Presto-o change-o, hocus-pocus, they pulled the rabbi out of the hat — and the greasy rabbi went on a tear about “White supremacy” and “welcoming the stranger.” “No person is illegal,” this rabbi said, as he laughed and snickered up his sleeve at the gullible goyim.

Oh yes, high and low (but mostly low) they will squeeze them in on any pretext, elide the law, change the law, ignore the law — knowing that, like time’s arrow, “legalization” only flies one way.

The first person to be admitted under a DACA work authorization in New Mexico was Jazmín Irazoqui-Ruiz. A lawyer with the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, she said her law license will no longer be in jeopardy if the US Supreme Court eventually strikes down the DACA program: “The rule change is a great victory.”

You see, the invader no sooner got her law license than she went once more through the breach and began working on behalf of other invaders. It’s really quite astounding if you think about it. One border crosser gets jammed in with some fancy Jewish footwork, and then the “inside” becomes a little stronger and works for those still on the “outside” to bring them in. It’s sort of like a thief breaking and entering by smashing a window, but then his partners in crime can just come in through the front door which the first one has opened.

As for the “great victory,” by that means she means yet another step in “La Reconquista” — or the retaking of the lands formerly belonging to the Brown savages, and with which they were doing absolutely nothing. Those chronic siestas and the mañana approach to life not being conducive to creating stellar civilizations.

A great “victory” indeed: La Raza! All for the race! Funny how they can say that with impunity.

Along with her twin sister, a surgeon, Irazoqui-Ruiz championed two laws passed in New Mexico, in 2020 and 2021, dropping barriers to professional licensing based on immigration status. Under federal law states are allowed to pass laws making undocumented immigrants eligible for occupational licenses.

It’s a self-reinforcing process, a kind of perverted clockwork, all enabled by the Jews convincing naïve Whites decades ago that they “should just be nice” and “allow a few poor Brown people in” — when the intention was to flood us and destroy us all along.

As these termites burrow into the walls of the house, don’t be too surprised when it collapses. Always breaking down the barriers our forefathers established, always making it easer for their kind to come in and take what is ours, always “normalizing” what is not normal — and, remember, an essential part of the definition of a living thing is that it has a barrier surrounding it. When that collapses, the living thing dies.

“I personally dedicated my career to doing exactly what this type of policy change does: Removing barriers to economic mobility and stability for immigrant families across our state,” she said in an interview.

Stability? Everything they do is to destabilize us, but in this sea of madness that they create, they must be afforded a cradle of tranquility.

One of Irazoqui-Ruiz’s supporters for admission to the Bar was Albuquerque attorney Maureen Sanders, who was also among those that proposed the rule change in 2018. In an interview, she said lowering immigration-based barriers made sense for young professionals and for economic development: “As a state, why are we encouraging people to get education in professions and then not allowing them to become licensed?”

How horrible to make a lawyer follow the law! And why are we encouraging illegal aliens to use our education system, and crowd out our own young people? Why aren’t we deporting them? Or putting them in cages? Don’t tell me when that “kids in cages” mania happened, we got rid of those cages. Because we need those cages now more than ever. Cages if you’re lucky. But this Sanders character is so typical, calling these border-hopping criminal barbarians “young professionals” when what they really are is border-hopping criminal barbarians. We should treat them accordingly, and that Sanders cretin too.

Let’s pick them all up in the first wave of arrests.

New Mexico Supreme Court Chief Justice Shannon Bacon said in a statement Tuesday the rule change is in accord with ABA recommendations and rules in at least eight other states that allow some immigrants to obtain law licenses.

That “some immigrants” is rich. They are always engaging in semantic sleight of hand to inject some verbal soma into the unwary. That is, they are always pulling that rabbi out of the hat to lecture us on our “duties to the stranger.” “Some immigrants,” my foot — they mean non-White illegal immigrants, although in the bigger picture, “legal” or “illegal,” the injection of non-Whites into our society is just as fatal.

“The change in the licensure rule is grounded in the fundamental principle of fairness, and is consistent with New Mexico’s historical values of inclusion and diversity in its culture,” Chief Justice C. Shannon Bacon said in a statement.

“Inclusion” and “diversity” are code words for White genocide.

The ABA House of Delegates passed a resolution in August 2017 that supported the principle that bar admission should not be denied based solely on immigration status. The resolution urged Congress to allow state courts to permit immigrants who are seeking legal status to obtain licenses to practice law.

Is this really a principle? No. It is a lack of principle. The group that oversees those that oversee law has no principles, unless you count “more non-Whites now” as a principle. And, really, the Mestizo who crossed the border yesterday in that Mack truck is “seeking legal status.” At first, that phrase means that they have submitted some paperwork, then paperwork is deemed “fascist,” so it applies to all of them.

The whole situation can be likened to water ominously building up behind a weak dam. For years, nothing seems to happen. But then, a tiny rivulet starts to flow over the top, and in moments the whole gigantic dam breaks, the torrent sweeping up everyone and everything in its path, with no chance to escape for anyone below.

Leyva, 25, said “DACA is pretty much the only reason I’ve been able to go to college and work and go to law school.” Earlier this year, he completed his Juris Doctor degree at the University of New Mexico.
Leyva said eliminating the immigration barriers to licensure “represents another step of New Mexico really being able to able to leverage our immigrant community to benefit our workforce, which is needed here in the state.”

Just call it northern Mexico. Leverage being the operative word; at some point they know when it comes to illegal immigrants, quantity becomes its own quality. It’s the mass in mass immigration, and it’s what happens when that dam collapses.

* * *

Of course the perennial also-rans in New Mexico’s politics were of no help at all. They should be filing suits, making criminal complaints, or at least throwing verbal Molotov cocktails in a never-ending barrage — but they were satisfied with a stern statement of disapproval:

On Monday, the state Republican Party deplored the Supreme Court’s order in a statement calling on voters to elect conservatives to the bench. “This latest rule to let those here illegally get a law license will open our borders even more, and the Court seems to relish making arbitrary decisions without thinking about consequences. This Court has gotten out of control, and it believes it can do whatever it wants.”

Vote harder!

And it can do whatever it wants. The true law has been made illegal. Our enemies have become the government. What they say, goes. Now the Mexicans; tomorrow the world. And they do think about consequences: They want the browning of the law and the browning of our world. And they’re getting what they want.

A putatively anti-immigration organization was no better:

“The end result is that there will be virtually no advantage or incentive to do the work to become a citizen legally. American culture and institutions will continue to decay with actions like this,” said the executive director and general counsel of the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

So this fool is telling is that the only bad consequence breaking down all obstacles to non-White illegals becoming legal is that said invaders “won’t work to become citizens legally.”

As long as it’s legal, eh?

With “friends” like that, we might as well pack it in. They certainly are packing in those Mestizos in those trucks that barrel through the checkpoints, if checkpoints there even are any more. It’s full steam ahead, and if there are any problems they’ll get a Toltec lawyer to paper it over.

Now 25, he is preparing for work as a law clerk at the New Mexico Court of Appeals and said the licensing rule change allows the state to use the immigrant community that we already have and integrate them into our workforce to prop up the economy. “I think this really sends a message.”

Oh, it sends a message all right. Come one and come all. Welcome the stranger. Let the law lapse. That greasy rabbit in the tiny hat says so.

Back in 1900, a German scholar was asked, “What is the future of Mexico?” He said that eventually Mexico would be absorbed into the United States of America — and then the United States would collapse. No lie detected of course; and don’t look now, but you can see it happening right before your eyes, one truck with fifty half-breed Aztecs packed in the back, one law violated, one border erased, and one illegal invader lawyer at a time.

* * *

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6 September, 2022 10:13 am
Frederick Ford
Frederick Ford
6 September, 2022 5:05 pm

Within society, kaws are made for the common good of the people but it is the people that the law is based on. When all manner of Brown people walk into the United States, multiply their numbers, bring their family members, acquire & own property, and establish communities all over the country; the laws for the people will change to accommodate this. So if people decide that illegal aliens deserve to become lawyers; they are just doing the common good which in this case is the common good for Non-whites whether illegal or legal. The common good for Whites died when this country decided to allow the mass immigration of nonwhites all over the world. So unless White people are able to realize that their existence isn’t based on supremacy… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Frederick Ford
7 September, 2022 12:43 am

“The common good for Whites” hasn’t died yet, Mr. Ford. We in the National Alliance hold our common good in high esteem and through platforms like National Vanguard, one of the media arms of the National Alliance, are that beacon of light unto which Whites of healthy racial sensibilities are drawn towards. Dead? Not our part of the White race!

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
6 September, 2022 9:48 pm

Another home run, Mr. Mercer! It is incredibe the level to which state supreme courts and the lawyer industry, working hand in hand, have sunk with impunity. I recall your essay about the Washington state supreme court a while back. Tsk tsk! We need new lawyer jokes. — …Joe Biden’s speech the other night, the one with the Satanic red background, was written by a son of the South and weak-willed Establishment historian Jon Meacham. In addition to calling White people “treasonous”… — I figured it was one of “I am a Zionist” Joe’s Jew speech writers like Carlyn Reichel who wrote his anti-White “Battle for the Soul of America” drivel, or his anti-White dothead scribbler, Vinay Reddy, but, no, now we learn it’s the twit Meacham. Only he could… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
7 September, 2022 2:07 am

I think that if Douglas Mercer made his articles as audio podcasts, they would have even greater impact. People don’t like to read much or simply have no time. But audio could be listened in parallel with other activities. It is why radio is so popular. It would be excellent to have Douglas Mercer’s weekly podcast in addition to Kevin Alfred Strom’s podcast.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Wolf Stoner
7 September, 2022 2:32 pm

Wolf, perhaps a volunteer with some quality recording equipment (and a good studio too!), time, and a voice for radio would be willing to step forward to create the audio files for and in collaboration with Mr. Mercer. The text is already written and the idea is sound.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
8 September, 2022 12:15 pm

In terms of equipment not much is needed. For example Zoom H2n compact recorder has good sound quality and isn’t especially expensive (about 250 $). Preferably, the author himself should read. But any other native English-speaker with good pronunciation could do it too.