David SimsVideo

Comedy Relief, Antifa Style

by David Sims

ON THE night of 6 September 2020, an Antifa member in Portland, Oregon, tried to throw a firebomb at police. But as he threw the Molotov cocktail, the bottle slipped out of his hand, smashed on the street at his feet, and caught his pants on fire. Watch as the amusing consequences unfold. Feel free to laugh loudly. He was, after all, trying to burn other people and burned himself by accident.

* * *

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13 September, 2020 4:42 am

Please do not use Jewtube for they always remove the videos. Use Brighteon instead. I downloaded one of the videos and added the Benny Hill song to it. I I hope you all enjoy it!


Will White Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will White Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  nswoodchuckss
13 September, 2020 12:40 pm

I agree with you about JewTube and did get a chuckle out of the JewTube video that you had put on Brighton before it had been removed by JewTube censors. It’s great to see video platforms popping up that don’t censor speech. The National Alliance will stick with Bitchute for now. Our channel: natall.com/bitchute. NV readers are encouraged to go there, subscribe and enjoy nothing but William Pierce teaching us how the world works and what we can d to take back our world. Brighton seems a bit too commercial for my tastes. I saw a product being sold that is “kosher certified.” Who here gives a happy goddamn if a product is “kosher certified”? Also, I have to question why the free speech advocates at Brighton would choose to… Read more »

Reply to  Will White Williams * National Alliance Chairman
23 September, 2020 9:05 am

I’m on Brighteon because Bitschute took down my account with them. There is another platform out there that actually looks like Jewtube but it is not. It is a shame how (((they))) can censor us like this.

Reply to  Will White Williams * National Alliance Chairman
11 January, 2021 2:19 am

Will, I give a damn. If it’s Kosher certified then I must take the time and effort to sprinkle it with my anti-kosher cheese and gravy dust. Such a chore.