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by David Sims IN PORTLAND, Oregon, there are several blocks near the intersection of Hawthorne Bridge and Burnside Bridge, both of which span the Willamette River, that have no permanent buildings, where Antifa/BLM rioters have been squatting for several months. They live in tents and under tarps…
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by David Sims ON THE night of 6 September 2020, an Antifa member in Portland, Oregon, tried to throw a firebomb at police. But as he threw the Molotov cocktail, the bottle slipped out of his hand, smashed on the street at his feet, and caught his pants on fire. Watch as the amusing consequences unfold. Feel…
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He talked back to Portland antifa. by John Young LOOK … if White nationalists had been protesting in Portland for the past 80+ days, even without a single injury or arson, a ton of them would already be starting 20 year sentences for various and sundry crimes. And if even one of them had accidentally stepped…
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Shootings and gunfire across Portland have reached historic levels. Gun battles are routine, and often 20 to 50 rounds are fired at point-blank range. In one attack, two women at a birthday party at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion were wounded (32 shell casings were recovered by…
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