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Definitions and the High Ground

by David Sims

THE FBI’s definitions for “White nationalist” and “White supremacist” are surprisingly accurate. What follows in quotes is from a US House of Representatives resolution.

“A 2006 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assessment defined a White supremacist as follows: White supremacists believe that the white race is superior to all other races and was created to rule them. They view non-whites as subhuman and usually refer to them in derogatory terms.”

Yes, indeed that is the correct definition of “White supremacist.”

“Whereas the same 2006 FBI intelligence assessment defined a white nationalist as follows: To be a white nationalist is to be pro-white. The domestic white nationalist movement seeks to promote, honor, and defend the white race. They believe the white race is under attack from Jewish interests that dominate the government (referred to as the Zionist Occupied Government, or ZOG), the media, banking, and entertainment industries and act to the detriment of the white race. White nationalists view multiculturalism, diversity, and illegal immigration as direct assaults on the white race and race-mixing as akin to white genocide. They hope to appeal to mainstream whites, believing that the majority of white people do not understand the imminent or long-term threat to their race.”

And that’s pretty much correct also. So the FBI understands what White nationalism and White supremacism are, and they also understand that they aren’t the same things.

It can be argued that White supremacism is an unjust way to look at the world. But the same cannot be said for White nationalism.

It is not a shameful thing to promote, honor, and defend your own race, whatever that race might be. It is morally good to promote your race’s interests. And if White nationalists have correctly identified a threat to the White race from “Jewish interests that dominate the government, the media, banking, and entertainment industries,” then it is a good thing that they are trying to bring other White people to an understanding of the dangers of the situation.

The idea that White nationalism might be a bad thing is a propaganda bastard whelped by the mass media, which is largely owned by the Jews from whom that very threat comes. Of course, therefore, the media will lie, deny, and object to discussion of that threat. They are simply making advantageous use of the tactical high ground (not to be confused with the moral high ground), while they still have it.

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Will W Williams
Will W Williams
28 May, 2020 11:34 pm

Thanks for pointing out those distinctions, Mr. Sims, and thank you for capitalizing the word White in your remark, which the US House of Representatives Resolution fails to do (yet their resolution capitalizes the word Jewish). It’s not enough to refer to ourselves as White nationalists by JOG’s* definition of WN, unless it is understood that we — National Alliance members and Cosmotheists, at least — advocate complete geographical separation from our Jewish masters and other non-Whites. The term White supremacist can no longer apply to those of us determined to separate from them in order to control our own destiny and preserve our unique race. How can we be supreme over anyone who is not in our midst? That’s an impossibility. THE PLAN: https://natall.com/about/what-is-the-national-alliance/ *That term ZOG that Congress… Read more »

Reply to  Will W Williams
31 May, 2020 7:25 am

Similarly, I stopped capitalizing the word “jew” long ago.

Good article.

Reply to  BuelahMan
31 May, 2020 12:11 pm

As I also did many years ago.

Good article by Mr. Sims. I think this was what Rep. Steve King was attempting to point out, albeit in a less eloquent fashion, a few years ago and then the virulently anti-White, RINO infested, Cuckservative, self-hating, self-loathing, Cultural Marxist brainwashed establishment all decided to virtue signal to the jews who hate the White race and who are orchestrating White genocide worldwide – by demonizing Steve King and kicking him off of his committee assignments and trying to get him defeated in the next election.

I hope the Whites in Iowa do not fall for this effort to ruin a good White man’s political career.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  BuelahMan
31 May, 2020 7:24 pm

I guess that might hurt some Jew’s feelings somewhere that you won’t honor him and his tribe by capitalizing the word. But since Commander Rockwell, William Pierce, Revilo Oliver, Ben Klassen and many other great and dead serious race-thinkers I claim as mentors capitalized Jew and Black, as well as White, I follow their lead. David Sims, Kevin Strom, Martin Kerr, and so many more who have worked closely with Dr. Pierce carry forward the capitalization SOP. A minor detail, but one that unites us in thought and one we notice right away in Jew-wise writers. To each his own to those not in our National Alliance One thing that irked me about Dr. Robert Griffin’s biography of William Pierce — The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds — even… Read more »