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The White Race, the White Race, the White Race

While we are not at all “White supremacists” in the sense of wanting to rule over other races, it has to be said that our race is supremely good in many important ways.

by David Sims

RECENTLY ON Quora, the question was posed: “Why is White supremacy a delusion?”

The phrasing of this question, “Why is White supremacy a delusion?” presumes that White supremacy is a delusion. Is it? It seems to me that those who believe that Whites are supreme in some things have reason on their side. A lot of those who are aware of White people’s supremacy in certain fields became so aware because their experiences, their learned facts, and their judgment of the validity of the relevant ideas, impelled those beliefs.

First, Whites have had a record of doing grand things before anybody knew they were possible. Whites will try all kinds of crazy stuff, and, once in a while, it works.

Which race first invented the means to generate electricity and then discovered the uses of electric power, for example? The White race did. It seems fair to turn the Black apologists’ own argument against them thus: Any non-White person who uses any electrically powered device is “culturally appropriating” from White people.

Which race first explored the world to the extent of introducing all of its peoples to each other? The White race did.

Which race first flew in lighter-than-air vehicles, then propeller-driven heavier-than-air vehicles, then jet-powered vehicles around the world and then into orbit (and, later, to the Moon) in rockets? The White race, the White race, the White race.

Which race made it possible for anyone to see the other planets of the solar system — all of them — closely and clearly? The White race. Which race has five probes in interstellar space, with three of them still working? The White race.

Look back over history. What we see, time after time, is the White race doing some grand thing first, and then doing it well, and then doing it routinely, while every other race tries to catch up. And some of them never seem to figure out how even to get started.

Once Whites have proved that some grand achievement is possible, the Asians start tinkering around until they find a way to do it, too. But the Africans? Heh. Maybe in a million years. They have some evolving to do, first.

So, you should back up a bit and ask the prior question first. Is White supremacy a delusion? For what reason do you think it might be?

There are good reasons why a lot of people find Whites to be supreme in many areas of endeavor. It isn’t at all difficult to understand.

* * *

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1 April, 2022 6:22 am

Everyone wants to be white

LH Collins
LH Collins
1 April, 2022 12:31 pm

I’m so sick-and-tired of poopskins’ delusions of grandeur and jealousy of Aryankind. Just be thankful we exist for you peasants to marvel at our ingenuity.

leopold buncombe
leopold buncombe
7 April, 2022 8:18 pm

theres a reason nobodys trying to break into africa

8 April, 2022 1:58 pm

Re: the Africans;
“If you put 100 monkeys with typewriters in a room long enough, eventually you’ll get Hamlet.” The odds of monkeys randomly typing out 169,541 correct characters in a row are 1 in 36169,541 which, if you type into Google’s calculator, gives you ‘infinity’.

LH Collins
LH Collins
30 April, 2022 4:16 pm

Whitey-Whitey, hallowed be thy name….!