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New Nuremberg

by Douglas Mercer

AH Nuremberg! A name for them to conjure with, eh? A name they can use as a weapon. For you say “Nuremberg” and immediately elicited in ignorant heads are the images of geysers of Jewish blood and jackbooted Germans wading hip-deep in it, of lakes of blood that sleek German champion swimmers did the backstroke in to a politely appreciative audience, and all the rest of their tales. Ah Nuremberg! What cannot they do with such a hallowed name?

Really, they are perverting that truly hallowed name, the name of that beautiful medieval German city, a place that shines with ancient Gothic connotations, which was for Adolf Hitler a place he knew would foster just the right tenor in the thoughts of his people. A place sacrosanct with time, sacred with memories, a place where it would not seem out of place that the Will might triumph. It is where the old fighters met with the their long memories and their blood banners and their blood flags, where the crowds could see that this was far from being a mere political movement or even a place of cultural regeneration; no, this was a chthonic upsurge of the atavistic Germanic sprit in all of its berserker splendor, a return to the primal scene of primal people who were no longer going to politely play the game of a defunct civilization but were going to smash it to bits on the altar of themselves.

Oh, what it must have been like to be there in those Great Days, to feel the primordial hum of birth, the likes of which the world had only intimated until then! In those days — and in those nights — they were not play-acting, no: They were enacting eternity itself, right there in front of the gods and everyone, on the world’s stage.

That was Nuremberg; that was what it meant… and on cold nights, if you listen very hard, you can still hear the faint but growing murmur and echo of it. That is, you can hear it if you stay still, and stay silent for long enough, and listen well.

Support is building among African and Caribbean nations for the creation of an international tribunal on atrocities dating to the transatlantic trade of enslaved people, with the United States backing a U.N. panel at the heart of the effort. A tribunal, modeled on other ad-hoc courts such as the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals after World War Two, was proposed last year. It has now gained traction within a broader slavery reparations movement.

Ah, Nuremberg. You must now forget all about the rising new religion-beyond-all-other-religions that began there, and lower your head to the very dirt, and see it as the Jews see it. That Nuremberg is the Jewish gift that keeps on giving (to them); it’s Cash On Delivery; and it will keep us from living if we don’t return it to sender with vehement prejudice.

They turned the eerie and majestic city into a low travesty of pretended “law” and “human rights,” and so a world of pettiness was born wherein greatness and the truly awesome truth was no longer allowed a place. Instead of noble unfurled bloodied banners and hallowed singing and cold dark nights and ethereal lights and the hopes of a people reborn, the place was crawling with Jewish lawyers. Jewish lawyers! Is there a more apt symbol for our degraded times, the Jewish lawyers who are the chief purveyors of a superannuated evil, an evil which would have been inconceivable to our ancestors (and they were not unacquainted with evil).

It was those purblind Jews with those big law degrees from big American universities who crawled through Nuremburg with their briefcases stamped with Uncle Sam’s imprimatur and gave us inflated lies about “human rights” and nonexistent “war crimes” and “genocide” — words which have become our great misfortune. Of course the real crime of the Germans (which was no crime) was trying to put the Jews where they belong, which is very, very far from us indeed.

It was said by some of the Germans that you either had them at your feet or at your throat, but that is a classic case of projection. Indeed, the Germans historically were the dreamy people, the ones living in the fantasy of the ideal world, the universe next door to which they decided to go again and again, the nation of the poets and the poetic thinkers, the ones who first intuited that the world is a text to be read and deciphered in its most minute detail. Or they were the good-hearted stout man who was perhaps generous to a fault and a bit lumbering, who was as likely to dream the day away in a field of rye as attack anyone with a pitchfork, or to listen to his family play sweet music come soft summer nights as shoot anyone in the head.

But wherever Jews go, wherever they roam, they are the sharp-eyed sellers; they are the ones with their eyes forever on the main chance, the ones with their hands about to go around your neck.

And so those lawyers who came to the ancient city bequeathed us their dire diseases, infected the world with their always-running sores dressed up preposterously as high ethics. And they left us with their ad hoc rules all right, that is one-off made-up “laws” which would henceforth govern us — or really one law, the one law that encapsulates all those trials and all their pretended “laws” in nuce: The White man must die.

It was Streicher who struck the right note: It was Purim Fest 1946. And it is now Purim Fest all the time.

So is it any surprise that some Bonobo hybrids should now try to get in on the act? No, no at all. It makes most eminent sense in a world which is nearing its destined destruction.

Formally recommended in June 2023 by the U.N. Permanent Forum on People of African Descent, the idea of a special tribunal has been explored further at African and Caribbean regional bodies, said Eric Phillips, a vice-chair of the slavery reparations commission for the Caribbean Community, CARICOM, which groups 15 member states. The scope of any tribunal has not been determined but the U.N. Forum recommended in a preliminary report that it should address reparations for enslavement, apartheid, genocide, and colonialism. Advocates, including within CARICOM and the African Union (AU), which groups 55 nations across the continent, are “working to build wider backing for the idea among U.N. members,” Phillips said.

Now the hate-filled Hominids, with Jews at their back of course, go in for the kill. They salivate like Pavlov’s dog and they yell “Nuremberg!”

It’s “human rights,” after all, and you know a genocide happened. Time to take the White man to book, time to call the White man to the carpet, time to take the White man to the woodshed, time to settle the White man’s hash and fix his wagon. What else are a bunch of stupid erecti wasting their lives away in the Caribbean going to do? They are certainly not going to work for a living — anyone who has observed Congoids for even a nanosecond can be sure of that. Hell, no: Why would they want to earn their keep? Why would they want to put their shoulders to the grindstone? In the rancid world of today, they know that nothing of the sort is demanded of them, in fact nothing is demanded of them at all. No, they have carte blanche to steal and they can dress it up in those very “human rights” that the Jews created in Nuremberg, “rights” that theretofore no one on Earth had ever dreamed existed. It’s all supposedly based on justice between the races, and when a superior race puts their heels on the neck of another, and the lowly one somehow or another manages to wriggle out, they can stand up straight (or as straight as knuckle-draggers can) and speechify from the pulpit of the Jewnited Nations and wag their fingers and say: Give me. At least this is how I read our current history, and, as far as anyone knows, I’ve never once been wrong.

A special U.N. tribunal would help establish legal norms for complex international and historical reparations claims, its supporters say. Unlike at the Nuremberg trials, nobody directly involved in transatlantic slavery is alive. Asked about the idea of a tribunal, a spokesperson for the British Foreign Office acknowledged the country’s role in transatlantic slavery. Advocates for reparations say Western countries and institutions that continue to benefit from the wealth slavery generated should be held accountable, particularly given ongoing legacies of racial discrimination.

I’m not at all sure what they mean by “complex” — it’s not complex when Blacks go begging. That’s as simple as an erectus brain. And the idea that we benefit from “our role in slavery” is plainly preposterous; net, it was a loss of titanic proportions. Hell, we were in the red the first time a freed African raped a White woman, which happened about a nanosecond after he was freed. And it’s been all downhill since then. We take a loss every time a Black sticks out his hand for a handout (roughly a billion times an hour), every time one of our beloved African “equals” goes on a crime spree, every time one of them “needs help” in school, every time one gets preferment, every time an “Affirmative Action” hire blows it on the job, every time a DeShaun goes to the hospital with a head wound he received at the hands of another DeShaun.

And, really, the amazing thing is that, given all their depredations, we are still standing.

But standing we are. And those of us who have two good ears, two good eyes, one good heart, and one good brain — and are in the habit of using all six simultaneously — can still hear the distant echo of the drums that were so insistent at those torch-lit rallies, in that beautiful city that has come to be so besmirched.

But despite the inevitable blemishes that have accrued (how could there not be such, given the sordid times in which we live?), we can still tune in perfectly to the frequency that was generated all those years ago. It is a perfectly pitched sound. And it gets louder and more pronounced by the day; and these Jews and their trained monkeys and UN Panels with their talk about a “new Nuremberg” will be washed away when the cleansing power returns. That is, no Negroid ever made a future — and no Negroid ever stopped one. And no Jew will stand a chance before the awesome tribunal of the gods when they finally re-convene in their final session, when the real New Nuremberg arrives. The verdict then is guilty and the sentence fair but harsh.

* * *

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18 May, 2024 6:34 pm

Always like to read your articles Mr. Mercer. Just a brief supplementary note.

the place was crawling with Jewish lawyers.

Very true, but it was also and more visibly crawling with Jews in fresh MP uniforms, all of whom had just magically turned up in Europe a week or two before.