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Blacks, Marxism, and Achievement

by David Sims

THE GENETIC cause for the Marxist views of so many Blacks is a generally lower IQ among Blacks as compared with Whites. The difference in the racial average IQ between US-resident Blacks (who are on average 20%-White mulattoes) and US-resident Whites is about 15 points. Whites average 100. US-resident Blacks average 85.

There are two well-studied consequences of having an IQ between 70 and 90. One of them is unjustified self-esteem in one’s own mental prowess. Blacks, even the less intelligent ones, often think that they’re smart enough to do anything… until you give them the job of actually doing it. That’s when they begin to fantasize about imaginary achievements (Black space programs), to make excuses about not producing any real ones (White privilege), and to lie about their past glorious accomplishments (ancient Black civilizations). The other consequence is resentment, which results when Blacks observe Whites doing jobs of a mentally challenging nature that most Blacks can’t do. That resentment provokes hostility, and it motivates Blacks to shift blame away from their own shortcomings to “White racism.”

Cultures differ, and our culture is one of the more technologically advanced cultures. Nearly all of our most highly paid jobs — technical, clerical, legal — are jobs that require a high IQ to be competitive in the labor market.

Because Blacks have an IQ distribution that is downwardly offset from that of Whites by about 15 points, they will (on average) find themselves out-competed by Whites for the best jobs, and the result will be a generally lower socio-economic status. Just as we can see around us today.

Now, in an attempt to give Black people a boost up, we have Affirmative Action laws, racial hiring quotas, and Equal Opportunity requirements that burden employers with less qualified workers than they might otherwise have. And, despite all of these remedial efforts, Blacks still lag behind.

What the Marxists tell you about “systemic racism” is false, but it is even more false than you might think. It is Blacks who have the privileges from the system. But their inborn racial disadvantages with respect to living in a technically advanced culture are so large that these privileges haven’t been enough to compensate.

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Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
5 September, 2020 10:17 pm

It’s sad the way Black people think Wakanda is real. No, actually, it’s hilarious.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
Reply to  Ted Truewil
11 September, 2020 4:56 pm

Yakub was to have been the black scientist who invented “the white man” thousands of years ago according to the Nation of Islam. It has been said that UFOs are actually Elijah Muhammad keeping a watch on his people. Of course, the numerous black Egyptian, black Islamic, black Israelite, black Masonic, Moorish science, “black native American,” or Olmec groups have many such notions. The best one I think is the more recent motto: “With melanin comes compassion.”

Mike Mann
Mike Mann
6 September, 2020 4:24 pm

“What woolly-headed Demostheneses, or Ciceros, or Calhouns, or Bentons, or Clays ever delighted and electrified vast masses of woolly-headed men with their eloquence? What woolly-headed Euclids, or Archimedeses, or Laplaces, or Gallileos, or Herschels, or Newtons ever investigated the truths of astronomical and mathematical sciences? “What woolly-headed Caesars, Alexanders, Washingtons, Napoleons and Wellingtons ever led their marshalled battalions upon the principles of military science to either liberty, victory, or death? What woolly-headed Solons, or Alfreds, or Jeffersons, ever framed a code of laws to direct and guide the destinies of a great nation? “What woolly headed Homers, Virgils, Dantes, Molieres, or Shakspeares ever inscribed their names upon the pillar of fame, by the numbers of immortal song? What woolly-headed Xenophons, Tacituses, Gibbons, Voltaires, Humes and Bancrofts ever depicted the actions… Read more »

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
6 September, 2020 6:16 pm

comment image

This is not going to America – it’s already here!

11 September, 2020 2:19 am

According to the fossil record rather than Talumidc scribes, our people walked this planet for tens of thousands of years. To take Atlantis Edda literally, hundreds of thousands. Those epochs all saw tribulations for our people. Some were near-extinction events. Those challenges during the Earthly timeline forged the creativity, inquisitive, resourceful, and insightful people we are today. Without the timeline as it is, we would not be who we are. In this context ask what tribulations our people face now. We have an adversary not of natural calamity, disease, or pestilence. This adversary is an intellectual parasite. It convinces us to commit suicide in the most literal sense. Among the many culturally-destroying lies it tells us, treating the Negro as our equals is most certainly an odious one. Negros will… Read more »

13 September, 2020 1:22 pm

The reality in America is that blacks as a collective group are given MORE advantages than whites. In everything from college grants to artificial placement, hiring, promotions, various subsidies, section 8 housing etc. And they STILL cannot cross this achievement gap. How long did it take the controlled media to find ONE black astrophysicist (Neil Tyson Degrasse who is half black) who barely passed his glasses with subsidized loans and free tutoring, plagiarized his thesis and I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) doesn’t even have a PHD. And of course the first thing people think when they see this idiot on Television is – Black Astrophysicist. See that man on TV? Black people are equal to white people. Now mate with them. I’ve never seen an interview, where this… Read more »