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Revolution from Above

by Douglas Mercer

IN Mein Kampf (1925) Hitler said that Bolshevism and capitalism were equally his two enemies; were working together; were two sides of the same coin. There’s a reason that American Jewish capital funded Lenin. There’s a reason that the Chinese Communist party was able to assimilate capital so thoroughly and so easily.

As always, our Uncle was prescient.

Legend has it that many Communists were shocked beyond words in the summer of 1914, when the workers of the various European nations sided with their own countries when it came to war. They had spent decades inculcating workers with the idea that it was “workers of the world, unite”; that any war that came would be a war for capital with them as cannon fodder; and that when it came to war, a general strike of all European workers should and would shut it down. But when war came, the workers like everyone else, assembled in the capitals and were eager, even delirious, to fight for their own.

International Communism could never forgive this “class treason.” Apparently the workers were not “the vanguard of the revolution” after all; in the end they had to classify them as “reactionary.” So they went casting about for another “vanguard” for their unworthy cause.

Over time, the Communists abandoned the White working class, which it saw as reactionary. Instead of “workers of the world, unite,” they formed a strategy of revolution from above by picking off the most defective and disaffected members of the White upper and middle classes to work as defectors in their “march through the institutions.” This was the symbolic meaning of the Communist party changing the name of its British newspaper from The Daily Worker to The Morning Star in 1965.

The poor things got their hearts broken. And that they could never forgive.

The same thing happened in the early 1930s as National Socialists made more and more inroads into the working class districts of Berlin. The German working class more and more began to identify their interests with their nation and their people –and thus with the National Socialists. When all was said and done, the only red left in allegedly “eternally red” Berlin was the blood of the Communists in pools on the jail cells’ floors.

Gradually, we saw the Communist “intellectuals” move from class war to culture war. First the Frankfurt School and then Gramsci left off overthrowing the financial structure (which was Jew-run, anyway, and the secret purpose of Communism was to make everything Jew-run) and more and more sought to overthrow the values and cultural institutions and cultural mores of the dominant society.

This was no longer revolution from below.

It was revolution from above.

Which is all the difference in the world.

Now in their sights were family, patriarchy, authority, tradition. Soon came calls for the “emancipation” and “independenc”e of women, and the loosening of sexual mores. The Jew Franz Boas even sent his devil minion Margaret Mead all the way to Samoa to, supposedly, find a “lost paradise” of guilt-free teen sex — skilfully designed to cast doubt on the allegedly “uptight” sexual practices of America (which had succeeded in populating almost an entire continent with White people in just one century). That all of Mead’s research was a huge lie was not made known until the late 1970s — and by then it made no difference; the blow had been struck, Jew-promoted “free” sex had led, as intended, to a corresponding crash in births of White children.

Soon the Communists were for the “liberation of the peoples” — the non-White peoples. Soon they were fervent “anti-racists,” and the oppressor class was no longer big corporations — it was White people.

And, over time, all “oppressed minorities” got tossed in the degenerate salad bowl, the “gays,” the “trans,” the wallflowers with ambiguous sexuality, anyone preferring abnormal, sterile sexual practices, the illegal immigrants, the criminals, the “misunderstood,” and of course all the non-Whites of the world, especially the worst of them.

Soon the White working class was in their rearview mirror, squirming and dying by the side of the road for all they cared.

They had their unholy juggernaut, their coalition of ascendant decay and death enthroned, their rainbow coalition. And always leading the way were the Jews and the upper-class Whites they had picked off.

They had their revolution from above, pretending to be in the name of those below.

It was quite a neat trick.

* * *

This hatred of the White working class by Communists is why the Democrats are about as popular in rural White America as the proverbial skunk at the garden party.

Bernie Sanders tried to buck this trend, at least somewhat. He once said that he had grown up as part of the White working class, which of course is laughable as he’s not White. But for all his idiocy, there is an old school sincerity in him — as when he told a group of Black Lives Matters members that they should care about the working class, not just Black people. Whether those were the same Black people who stole his microphone, or whether that was some other Black people, I do not remember. And it is this apparently real concern on his part for the forgotten American worker that caused there to be some two-way crossover voters between him and Trump. But then in 2020 he took on Alexandria Cortez and began to rail against White nationalism — and, from what I can gather, is currently nursing his wounds in a nursing home.

* * *

Remember “the 1%”? Remember those two seconds when the media were all over it? Remember how it became a catchword and a watchword? Remember how you couldn’t flip on a screen and not be perpetually be confronted by the most important concept extant? That concept being: the 1%.

And then, just as fast as it came, it went, and the 1% — after its fifteen seconds or so of fame — fell out of favor.

To talk about “the 1%” is now to date yourself.

You can imagine the CEOs of America not truly cottoning to the continual and habitual use of a phrase as portentous as “the 1%.” What was it? — a euphemism for Jews? Had one of them slipped up and said “let them eat cake”? Were people figuring out that capitalism was a revolutionary doctrine, a doctrine designed for the few and the powerful? Had someone learned that the economic system was rigged? Would they soon be calling out oligarchs? And what was all this bad-mouthing of millionaires and billionaires?

Was there a revolution from below in the works?

Better for them that there be one from above.

Better to demonize those the Jews see as real demons: White people. Better to make us the whipping boy of society, the universal scapegoat. With that the masters of the financial universe felt on much safer ground.

And so, as if taking instructions, the media forgot about Occupy Wall Street and began talking about “institutional racism.” It left off of “the 1%” and began playing up “White privilege.”

In their hands, the demonizing of White people has had a much longer shelf life than the demonizing of the financial overlords.

And so, “woke capital” in all of its power and vigor was born. A seemingly odd couple, capital and “anti-racism,” capital and Communism, found that they were brothers beneath the skin, that there was a deeper affinity between them:

Contrary to what one may have thought, high finance and anti-racism soon discovered they had a lot in common, notably the hatred of segregation, discrimination, borders, frontiers, and the like, everything that might lead to a distinction between human beings. Finance provided it with money, power, total mastery of the media — all the more so that money and power, thanks to that unexpected union, had virtue on their side, which might one day come handy.

And so what we had been told were polar opposites turned out, in reality, to be nothing more than two peas in a pod.

* * *

In the 19th century the word “liberalism” was associated with the Manchester school of laissez-faire capitalism. In the 20th century the word was redefined to mean a broad belief in racelessness (in the terms of its adherents, the “brotherhood of man,” “human rights,” and “humanitarianism”). In the 21st century the two meanings were combined into one juggernaut, a combine of colossal proportions.

As always, Hitler was right.

* * *

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It's Me
It's Me
29 March, 2022 10:09 am

The German people are not a nation of murderers and
monsters! The entire Jewish schizophrenia has worked
itself out on us. They have ground us through their psy-
chopathic mill. Like a stinking plague they hang in the
world, nobody dares to take up the fight with them.

It's Me
It's Me
29 March, 2022 10:28 am

How can it be that we white peoples completely follow the Jewish guidelines and disregard our own natural way of life in such a way that we are threatened with extinction and are no longer rulers over our own territories?

Reply to  It's Me
29 March, 2022 3:44 pm

This is why it’s at the county level whites need to organize. Not to perpetuate the failing empire, but offer the White nation a solution. This is why the NA is doing right, merging race and “religion”. Which is how it is witnessed in nature imho. Look at any county level politician. It takes in many counties few votes. The sheriff is still the highest elected official in any county. Though most are ignorant and corrupt themselves and afraid to assert their authority in arresting corrupt politicians, judges lawyers and such. The sheriff still has the authority to deputize thousands if needed. Side by side civilizations have always in known memory have existed. You may not like this analogy, but the amish are an example of a side by side… Read more »

It's Me
It's Me
Reply to  cas
30 March, 2022 3:09 am

Many thanks for your reply. The Amish and Mennonites do indeed have a strong in-group preference, something the Jews claim for themselves but do not concede to us.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  It's Me
30 March, 2022 9:45 am

We do not need Jews nor anyone else to concede in-group preference in the National Alliance. It is taken.

Roland Prestwick
Roland Prestwick
29 March, 2022 12:28 pm

Wonderful, wonderful news! The Lion will awaken and will scatter the jackals. But this time he will not stop; he will eviscerate the Power Behind the Jackals.

The stage is set. One WILL come, and his like will not have been seen before . . .

29 March, 2022 5:08 pm

Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same shekel.

29 March, 2022 6:28 pm

Communism = Capitalism = Fascism = —-isms = JEWISM

30 March, 2022 2:12 am

I can’t private message my brother links to National Vanguard articles any more through Facebook’s messenger app. I have to just c&p the text of the whole article. Anyone else have this problem elsewhere?

Rockwell's Ghost
Rockwell's Ghost
6 April, 2022 10:58 am

All “isms” = JEWISM.