Beyond Left and Right

flowers_in_early_springby John Calhoun

IT IS THE beginning of a new year. Winter’s chill will be coming to an end in a couple of months’ time and we will witness the symbolic rebirth of Spring. Having a close link to the agrarian past of the South through my grandparents, I feel these seasons deep within my spirit. Spring is a time of regeneration, the renewed activity of youth. It is a time of hope and promise marked by new growth. Soon all of life will be once again getting about the business of living.

There is, however, a pall which covers the land. This funerary cloth which is covering the country is the American presidential frenzy. For many right-wingers, this year is a year of hope. The depredations of the current and disastrous Obama administration are coming to the end. These people harbor the hope that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or even Dr. Ben Carson (!?) can put the brakes on the current degeneration and restore their country. Folks on the other side of the aisle believe that Hillary Clinton or the very Jewish Bernie Sanders can continue or double down the supposed liberal reforms of the Obama administration.

It is a time of slick propaganda dished out heavily to the hungry masses to gobble down greedily, though the contents of both parties’ messages are heavily poisoned. There are those among us, however, who will readily point out one candidate is better than the others and we should vote for the lesser of two evils insisting that it is the only way of reversing the current trends. That particular candidate, namely Donald Trump, will get us back on the right path. They point out that this contender will halt all Muslim settlement by dictate and will stop illegal immigration with a border fence. These reforms will put us back on the right track, they insist.

What about legal immigration of non-Whites who are not Muslims? What is Trump’s position on this question? What about the existing, and rapidly growing, minority presence that is already here? What about the Jewish occupation of the opinion-forming media and other important positions of influence? What about our continued alliance with Israel and concomitant support of their disastrous policies in the Middle East? What stance do any of the Republican candidates have on these issues? On these issues, the Republicans are in ideological lockstep with the worst of the Democrats. Republicans and Democrats are essentially two heads to the same venomous serpent of the current order.

What choice is left to us?

Those of us who are racially conscious, who are interested in preserving and regenerating our people from decline, have but one option left. We must stop supporting, as far as is possible, the very system that is killing us. In essence, we must adopt a revolutionary attitude. This means no longer giving tacit assent to the cesspool on the Potomac. The truth is that there are no longer any candidates who represent the interests of White people, or even our survival. Too busy being interested in their bellies (like Chris Christie) or in being seen as acceptable to the current order (Jeb Bush), today’s politicians are useless to our revolution.

As Spring, and the rebirth that it represents, approaches us, White men and women of character need to realize that the current order should no longer be maintained or supported. We must decide in our minds and know in our hearts, painful though it may be, that the old America is gone. Our ancestors and history are no longer welcome in the very nation that they built, as evidenced by the removal of their names and likenesses from public buildings. Almost every town in this country now has “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” avenues or parks.

Films are now produced which denigrate or desecrate White culture and White people — such as The Hateful Eight which features a scene of a White man being forced to fellate the Black main character (played by Samuel L. Jackson). An upcoming movie is being made using the name Birth of a Nation. Rather than a remake of the racially conscious film which portrayed the events in South Carolina after the Civil War; this new Birth of a Nation is going to portray the bloody events of the Nat Turner rebellion. For those who are not aware, this revolt involved the brutal murders of sixty Whites with knives, hatchets, and crude clubs. Mark my words, this film will be praised by leaders of both political parties for “historical accuracy” and its portrayal of the bravery of the poor, oppressed slaves.

In light of this, we must go beyond Left and Right.

We must become radicals. No longer can we support the “lesser of two evils” for that only leads to more evil. We must resolve to be a positive good; to be a beacon of hope and of light to our people. This does not mean violence — for now is not the time. Any revolution at the present phase is bound to fail as the half-baked Malheur Occupation has proven. Our people must be exposed to our message in whatever way possible. Now is the time for education in order to get as many people of character and influence on our side as possible. As Spring comes upon us, resolve in your heart to buck the system and embrace your own people. Be a part of something bigger than yourself; be a part of the National Alliance, the world’s foremost group dedicated to the preservation of our people.

Help us to help our race — and in due time, there will be a rebirth.

* * *

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