Scenes From the Apocalypse

PLEASE WATCH the amazing video above. Be sure to share this with slumbering Whites.

I’m not even sure anything needs to be said. Weakness, apathy and cowardice demand payment and in Paris the bill is being called in. Streets covered in garbage, hostile foreign soldiers, a country that committed suicide to appease the Jewish enemy. They are not going to sing any hosannas for our decaying remains. First a hated minority, then a despised cadaver. Doesn’t anyone care that we weren’t “racist?” Does it matter to the maggots feasting on necrotic flesh that we did the “right thing?” Still, more needs to be done. We need to cremate the remains and scatter the ashes to the winds of “diversity” and kosher spiritual poison.

Then the endless dark night, the nightmare of savagery and superstition, humanity plunged into a Dark Age from which it will never again emerge. The genetic code of the racial inferiors plainly written in heaps of trash, all-against-all warfare, burning buildings and screeching dark animals from a nightmare. Maybe someone should have said something. Maybe someone should have acted.

The above video is our future if we lose. It must not happen.

One of many “migrant” slums in Paris

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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24 October, 2016 4:52 am

Hi everybody ! Well, well, well… used to leave in Paris, but I quit 5 years ago, for a beautiful countryside in the south west of France, not yet polluted by all that mess, all that shit….. The place you see (if it might be interesting for US readers), is around a famous place of Paris, called Place Stalingrad ! Since the 80s, it has always been a concentration of people coming from here and there (essentially arabs and black africans), most of them on an illegal status (it means they should be expelled back, but….). Mostly, they don’t have legal jobs, and alonf the years, this place became a strategic place for drug dealing, sale of wrong us cigarette cartridges, and all those happy things you can imagine !… Read more »