The Pyramid (Part One)

THE MEN WHO RULE over us today are the ‘economic men’ Brooks Adams spoke of in his book, The Law of Civilisation and Decay. Adams posited two types of man — ‘the spiritual man’ characterised by the farmer, the warrior, the poet and the priest, and the ‘economic man’ characterised by the merchant and the bureaucrat. Adams saw the spiritual men as the great builders of civilisation. Spiritual men possessed a close connection to their roots and were guided by strong philosophical and moral ideals. The economic men, on the other hand, were profiteering materialists who emerged in the later stages of a civilisation once it had transitioned into a state of decline. The economic men, being spiritually rootless and cosmopolitan by nature, were versatile middlemen capable of turning a profit even as civilisation slowly collapsed around them.

The job of our economic men today is to place economic interests above all other interests, and to help usher in the next generation of economic men who will do the same. Man is now subordinate to the almighty Shekel and our political institutions exist only to serve the economic institutions which enrich a privileged class of oligarchs. The role of the oligarchs is to perpetuate a massive, worldwide, debt-based, pyramid scheme, a scheme which I shall refer to hereafter as “The Pyramid”.

In centuries gone by, The Pyramid was kept in check not only by limitations in technology, industrial output, infrastructure and means of travel, but by a healthy and moderating spirit of nationalism. It was taken for granted that the well-being of one’s own kin was of greater importance than the well-being of remote peoples from remote nations. Back then, Western nations saw nothing wrong with taking their own side and the left-to-right tug of war was fought over how best to serve the well-being of those within the nation rather than those external to the nation. To think otherwise would have been viewed as aberrant and pathological. Since the end of the Second World War, however, the sort of xenophilia once deemed aberrant is now commonplace.

Well-funded lobbyists, political activists and manipulators of public opinion in academia and media, comprised mostly of people motivated by nativist in-group preferences of their own, have managed to exploit the pyrrhic victory of the Allied nations by exploiting the psychological vulnerabilities of the people on both the supposed winning and losing sides of that war. Nationalism, particularly the White European variety, has been mischaracterised and demonised by our new elites and forced into hiding. As a consequence, we are no longer guided by explicit concerns over the ethnic well-being of our own people, and The Pyramid has been let off its leash and permitted to grow to monstrous dimensions as it pursues endless economic growth and boundless levels of material productivity and consumerism.

With nationalism chased from the scene, liberalism is now the dominant ideology in the modern West, and diversity, inclusivity, tolerance and militant egalitarianism have become the new “virtues” to be exalted. The trouble with these so-called “virtues” is that they’re not real virtues at all, but self-defeating concepts and euphemisms which disguise sinister motives. Tolerance cannot stand for anything if it cannot define what it is against, and policies of inclusivity have led many natives to favour a retreat from their multicultural neighbourhoods to more exclusively homogeneous towns and suburbs where they can be with their own. As for diversity, its true goal is fewer White people, and ultimately, a uniformity of thought which is to be shared by a uniformly, coffee-coloured citizenry. Far from being a source of strength and unity, diversity has proven to be a source of division and social disharmony.

We can examine what true virtues might represent by invoking the philosophy of the ancient Greeks. According to the Greeks, a virtue was a quality of character that one had to cultivate within oneself. They proclaimed the “Four Cardinal Virtues” to be wisdom, courage, moderation and justice, all four being somewhat interdependent. Human proclivities such as empathy did not qualify as virtues since it was recognised that for the vast majority of us empathy is a perfectly natural instinct that one hardly needs to cultivate any more than one needs to cultivate the ability to wordlessly appreciate beauty in art or in music. Moreover, the Greeks observed that empathy, no matter how well-intentioned, could become a dangerous weapon if not guided by the Four Cardinal Virtues.

Today we can observe how easily human empathy is hijacked and manipulated by propagandists for political and social-engineering purposes. The modern day empathy trap is the dead baby washed up on a foreign shore or the children separated from their parents at the border or the carefully rehearsed, fake chemical attacks that use child actors as pretend victims in Middle Eastern war zones. This is how the propagandists sell us their wars and emotionally manipulate us into allowing hordes of Third World people to march unopposed across our borders in regiments comprising mostly fighting-age men. A people properly rooted in race, culture and heritage would never allow it. But denatured and deracinated as we are, we’re like a tree without roots waiting for the first serious gust of wind to come along and topple us.

And so it is that the appeals made today for more tolerance, more diversity and more inclusivity are not really appeals to virtue at all, but appeals to meaningless, empty concepts, packaged in slogans designed to give the system’s obedient lapdogs an air of self-satisfied, moral superiority. Today’s devotees of the cult of tolerance and diversity get to satisfy a deep-seated need for self-worth, social acceptance and moral conformity while they unwittingly work to fill the pockets of global capitalists who profit from a socio-economic order built upon the insubstantial foundations of vacuous, liberal talking points.

Liberalism has crept its way into all of our political, academic, and cultural institutions and is now all-pervasive. With the full financial backing and institutional might of corporate elites who profit from the free movement of people and capital across unregulated borders in Soros-inspired “open societies”, the liberal ideology and value system is piped directly into our living rooms through our television screens. Liberal dogma is ubiquitous in mainstream media, newspapers, advertising, film, drama, radio, social media and other such corporate-funded mediums whose job it is to propagate the corporation-friendly, liberal worldview to all four corners of the globe. Liberal ideas consume all other ideas as they spread like The Fog in James Herbert’s horror-fiction novel of the same name.

The betrayed descendants of those White European ‘spiritual men’ who built the civilisation which our modern-day parasitic elites now feed on can only look on with a sort of frustrated impotence as the “liberal fog” seeps into their lives and the lives of their families and loved ones, condemning those it engulfs to an increasingly marginalised and disenfranchised existence, both politically and socially. For the good of stock prices and international bank accounts, we’re forced to watch as our once ethnically and culturally homogeneous countries are inundated with Africans, Muslims and other assorted aliens from faraway lands. The pace of change is fast enough in many regions for the changes to be perceptible from one year to the next. With each passing year, we witness our societies becoming more ethnically adulterated and increasingly overpopulated, dumbed-down, low-trust, crime-ridden, degenerate, divided and dysfunctional. Our surroundings are being transformed to resemble more and more the Third World societies from which the interlopers came.

The Pyramid sustains itself with a continual inflow of these Third World imposters. The new recruits have been brought to our nations to grow the ranks of the consumer base and to add to the customer base of the big banks. These are the future working class serfs and debt slaves of our nations who will enable our global elites to keep their grand, usurious, Ponzi scheme going even as the rest of us continue to melt away into an expanding, multicultural swamp.

Present demographic trends indicate that these new arrivals will eventually end up replacing the indigenous White populations of Europe altogether. In the meantime, Whites are reduced to competing with their future replacements for the crumbs doled out by rich corporatists. Mass migration has become the method of choice when it comes to thinning out the growing debt burden which has been foisted upon Western nations by their feckless leaders. You can remonstrate all you want about how you cannot maintain a First World civilisation with Third World people, but your words will fall on deaf ears. The Pyramid does not exist to sustain the long term survival needs of a First World civilisation. It’s a get-rich-scheme destined to eventually kill off the goose which lays the golden egg.

* * *

Source: Morgoth’s Review

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11 December, 2018 8:45 pm

A good article in most respects, but I’d be wary about reading too much into Adams characterisation of spiritual and economic men. The ‘poets’ of yesteryear are more likely to be bleeding heart do-gooders today. The farmer has, more often than not, economic success and the bottom line as their primary focus.
Those who value the welfare of their organic nation over personal wealth exist in all trades and professions, IMO.
We are a minority in society as a whole – and across all vocations – however, so we need to be alert to each other and supporting each other, regardless of occupation. This will help avoid the kind of divide and conquer tactics used by the globalist establishment so effectively to date.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
13 December, 2018 10:49 am

Vigilante Jesus followed up his article with this comment: The JQ is a huge component in all this as well of course, but despite a couple of not-so-subtle allusions to this in the article, I didn’t want to scare normies off with Part One. Stay tuned for Part Two :D — White “normies” should not be afraid of racial truths, even if those truths come from someone who chooses to confuse or trick them by calling himself Jesus. Dr. Pierce addressed this issue 22 years ago, using his given name, not the Pale Jew’s name: — …One of my favorite authors is Brooks Adams, the 19th-century American economist and historian. In his book The Law of Civilization and Decay Adams put forth the idea that the spiritual climate of a… Read more »

13 December, 2018 1:23 pm

The entire essay can be reduced to 4 words — survival of the fittest. The current human transfer populations are a result of central despotism in the West. Plastic government that wages war on nature can only fake it for so long.

It’s difficult for me to identify with modern racism. Inert conversation on left, right, liberal, conservative goes nowhere. The racism I cut my teeth on contended for White separation and escaping the leviathan government on the Potomac. We attracted the attention of the federals, and they marched hither. A White separatist society in the Appalachia will experience the same.

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  cc
15 December, 2018 10:51 am

CC: …It’s difficult for me to identify with modern racism. Inert conversation on left, right, liberal, conservative goes nowhere. The racism I cut my teeth on contended for White separation and escaping the leviathan government on the Potomac. We attracted the attention of the federals, and they marched hither. A White separatist society in the Appalachia will experience the same.


The National Alliance is not conservative, nor liberal, nor right, nor left. All the Alliance lacks is the men of valor that William Pierce describes just above your comment.

Reply to  Will Williams
16 December, 2018 12:08 am

Indeed, Pierce’s ideal policy would be whatever benefits our racial future most not left, right, liberal, etc. policy that is set and predetermined rather then ready to flex to do what is necessary.

Will Williams
Will Williams
16 December, 2018 10:13 am

Dr. Pierce’s vision for our racial future is that we have our own racially healthy world, based on the Alliance’s ideology, or world view, or philosophy, or religion — take your pick — and free from detrimental alien influences. And that we must unite and organize around that goal. And that the time to begin is now.

Quite simple, really.

The National Alliance is flexible in its management “to do what’s necessary,” but will hold the hard line and not compromise on its foundational separatist racial policies, the “spiritual” aspects of which Dr. Pierce named Cosmotheism. Our enemies call Cosmotheism “neo-Nazi.” Imagine that.

Though barely in its infancy our religion offers an infinitely better, long term belief system for our people’s future than does Semitism and its offshoots like Christianity.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
17 December, 2018 10:01 am

A flaw exists in this article. ” Western nations saw nothing wrong with taking their own side and the left-to-right tug of war was fought over how best to serve the well-being of those within the nation rather than those external to the nation. ” is said without realizing that such nationalism led to fractious wars within Europe, white against white. Jews influenced the US entry into the European theater in WWII, but their direct influence in causing the 30 Years War and numerous similar, white-on-white conflicts prior to jewish control of mass-media (if it existed), is speculative at best : . So much for the religion that worships a Prince of Peace. In 1939, Lindbergh spoke of whites of different European nations fighting side-by-side against an Asiatic horde,… Read more »

17 December, 2018 12:18 pm

My comment on left, right, liberal, conservative was not directed to the NA. I have always been aware that the NA is none of the above. I’m also aware that White separation is the highest goal. Everything else is 2d place.

17 December, 2018 2:18 pm

Dissension and arguments are common on pro-White websites. It’s an adjustment for me. When the South rose up in the 1960s, everybody was in sync. I don’t recall any arguments. Blood based racism reinforced by the same culture made it easy. Racism on the national level is a work in progress.