The Real Election Rigging


THE REAL election rigging is this: the decades upon decades of importing ignorant, unassimilable, and in many cases uncivilizable non-White Third World aliens to overwhelm the votes of the Historic American Nation.

Look carefully at the chart above: We have been invaded, and our ability to choose our own leaders has been brazenly taken away from us. Open-borders advocates like Hillary Clinton would continue this process to its inevitable conclusion, which would be total political powerlessness for Whites (and we are not far from that point right now) — and, finally, genocide.

So, when we have our White revolution and secession — and we will have it, make no mistake: They forced this on us; and they forced the consequences on themselves. They are guilty and must be punished, removed forever from power over us. We are in the right and must have our freedom and self-determination.

Remember well these things as you read the news that the regime in Washington, with full approval of Hillary Clinton, is increasing the influx of Syrian “refugees” by 550 per cent., as confirmed by Politifact:

President Obama recently announced that he was accelerating the timeline for the vetting process of Syrian refugees from 18 months to three months in order to meet his target this year of 10,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the United States.

In the previous four years, slightly more than 2,300 Syrian refugees were admitted to the United States, almost all of them Muslims.

These refugees pose a public health risk as well as a security concern, and the current vetting process for both is questionable at best.

Many of these refugees are arriving from Jordan, where recent medical studies have shown “[h]igh TB rates were found among Syrian refugees.”

The disease threat and even the terror threat from this influx (and the even larger invasion across our southern border) pale in comparison to the threat of genocide through political and cultural dispossession and genetic replacement.

* * *

Source: Ben Matlock

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