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Russia, Ukraine, and White Nationalism

MY INTEREST in events in Russia and Ukraine centers on their impact on White survival and Jewish power. By “Jewish power” I mean the totalitarian Left generally, including the US and other governments of the ex-West. In other words, the term encompasses cooperative and loyal goyim of every race, even though the motive force is Jewish. Anything that harms White survival or advances Jewish power and totalitarian globalism is bad. What follows are some observations about recent developments in the region from such a perspective.

The 2014 revolution in Ukraine, a top-down one, was driven by Jewish interests and the Left-wing governments and cosmopolitan elites associated with them—globalists. Ukraine is right on Russia’s doorstep. The presence of authentic White nationalists among the Ukrainian revolutionaries does not negate this.

White Power

There are genuinely pro-White individuals and groups in both Ukraine and Russia. At present they appear to be much more systematically suppressed in Russia than Ukraine. But that could change quickly (i.e., be suppressed in Ukraine as well). A mere ten or fifteen years ago there was a significant pro-White, anti-Jewish movement in Russia. It has since been crushed.

Putin’s Russia is as anti-White as any European state, using government and criminal law to suppress speech, association, and democracy for Whites, Holocaust revisionists, and others. It is a crime to possess a copy of Hitler’s Table Talk, a historical work, though, to my knowledge, the works of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and other Communists collectively responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of human beings are not banned. In other words, it’s like the West.

Such behavior is a gross violation of human rights, and toxic to our race.

Nevertheless, White nationalists remain bit players in Ukraine, as elsewhere. They are harbingers of our future, if we have one, but their influence must be kept in perspective and properly related to larger forces.

According to a Russian news report, Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh, a candidate for the presidency of Ukraine, met privately with the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky is a multibillionaire Israeli-Ukrainian dual citizen, president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, and comrade of Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Vadim Rabinovich, also a candidate for the presidency in the May 2014 elections. The Right Sector leader denied receiving political contributions from oligarchs: “We’re not using oligarchs’ money in politics, but when a war is on, we do not object to their funding the army,” he said.

Jews and government have a long history of “allying” themselves with, funding, training, arming, and manipulating their opponents, including militant Arab Muslims, in pursuit of other objectives. Such behavior is not new. If you’re going to lie down with rattlesnakes, at least be aware of the risks, including the massive disparity of power, and try to retain your principles.

It is salutary to participate in current events, but essential to keep in mind Margaret Mead’s dictum that “An educated person has a sense of time, of sequence and simultaneity of events; a sense of place, where he is in relation to the rest of the world.”

The dynamics of the situation inevitably highlight and exacerbate old-style petty nationalism: Ukrainian versus Russian and Russian versus Ukrainian. It would be better if we could think as Whites.

Tightening the Noose

With Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and, formerly, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the multitude of states destroyed in the so-called “Arab Spring” and “color revolutions,” we observe the progressive destruction of one nominally independent state after another.

The events in Ukraine are part of the same design, which, over the long term, may signify the replacement of a fragmented by a unitary world order.

Thus, events in Ukraine should be viewed as part of a continuous, directed process encompassing decades. Jews have a much longer time horizon than Whites. For example, the persecutions of Ernst Zündel, John Demjanjuk, Robert Faurisson, David Irving, and countless others are incredible to contemplate. Measured purely in terms of years consumed, they devoured massive portions of their victims’ lives.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a shadowy neoconservative outfit funded by the US government, has continuously interfered in internal Ukrainian affairs since 1988. Consider, too, that a whole decade has already passed since Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” of 2004-2005. The late Jewish oligarch Boris Berezovsky heavily financed it. Also in the thick of things were the U.S. State Department, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, Freedom House, and billionaire Jew George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Long-term operations such as those in Ukraine, or legal and domestic-terrorist campaigns against writers, do not materialize magically out of the ether, or finance and carry themselves forward spontaneously.

An example of a regularly-occurring formal gathering associated with the changeover in Ukraine is the Yalta European Strategy (YES), an international organization founded during the Orange Revolution to promote Ukraine’s entry into the European Union. It is the primary high-level “private” Ukraine-EU forum pushing integration. Attending recent summits have been such influential Jews as Paul Krugman, Shimon Peres, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and Larry Summers, as well as Gentile luminaries including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Štefan Füle (look him up), and Alexei Kudrin, from 2000-2011 Russia’s (yes, Putin’s Russia) Minister of Finance (= Secretary of the Treasury), among many others.

YES is the brainchild of multibillionaire Ukrainian Jewish financier Viktor Pinchuk, who runs hedge funds and owns industrial firms, four television channels, and a popular tabloid. In 2010 Time magazine named him one of the world’s 100 most influential people. He married the daughter of Leonid Kuchma, longtime Communist Party functionary (1960-1991) and former Prime Minister and President of Ukraine. (De-Communization was deemed unnecessary by the West because Communists are fraternal twins of so-called “liberal democrats.”)

Pinchuk spent more than $6 million on his 50th birthday party in Courchevel, a ski resort in the French Alps. Among other extravagances he had the Cirque de Soleil flown in for entertainment. He was a guest at Bill Clinton’s 60th birthday party in New York City. A member of the Ukrainian Parliament from 1998 to 2006, he belonged to the Labour Ukraine Party.

The Big Picture

Russian sovereignty is the target. Despite the fact that Russia is anti-White, it is better to have competing power centers in the world than a single monolithic order.

From 1989 to 1991, under Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia withdrew its troops and tank armies back to the Urals, and the Soviet Union was dissolved into 15 nations. Russia lost Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. In the space of three years the USSR surrendered an empire, a third of its territory, and half of its people.

In the 1990s, under corrupt Russian President Boris Yeltsin, US hustlers colluded with local oligarchs, mostly Jews, to steal the industrial plant, natural resources, and mass media of the Russian people.

The “West” pushed NATO right up to Russia’s borders, swallowing Communist Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and the former Soviet republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The decadent, totalitarian European Union expanded in a similarly belligerent, threatening manner. European objections were all that prevented NATO war guarantees from being granted to Ukraine and Georgia.

Eastward expansion of NATO (military)
Eastward expansion of NATO (military)
Eastward expansion of the European Union (economic, social, political)
Eastward expansion of the European Union (economic, social, political)

Besides overthrowing the government of Serbia in what amounted to a military attack on Europe in 1999, neoconservatives conducted “color revolutions” in Russia’s former republics—the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003, the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan in 2005, and Ukraine’s own Orange Revolution in 2004.

Meanwhile, incessant meddling by Jews, politicians, bureaucrats, foreign intelligence agencies, bipartisan NGOs, financiers, the mass media, and academics stirred up trouble throughout the region. Politics and attitudes could not develop through a natural process of give-and-take. Everything was subject to continuous manipulation conducted in a furtive, underhanded manner.

Putin’s recent seizure of Crimea, loudly decried by the West, is a non-issue. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is headquartered there. Although Crimea has belonged to Russia for most of the modern era, and has a Russian-speaking majority, Putin’s action had little to do with political philosophy or ethno-nationalism. Was he to sit idly by while the enemy grabbed his key naval base? The move was driven by strategic necessity.

Even a less than objective Establishment neoconservative grudgingly concedes that “the Black Sea Fleet is not currently much of a force, consisting of about forty aging vessels dating primarily from the 1970s.” But it is what Russia has.

Vladimir Putin: Strongman or Straw Man?

Western governments and media portray Putin as a strongman, a Nazi, a new Hitler governing a rogue state. But concocting and repeating outlandish lies does not make them true.

It is a bizarre consequence of living under a tightly controlled rather than a free press that bit players can be billed as major stars, and audiences hoodwinked by it.

The racialist movement in North America is utterly destitute and powerless, yet there isn’t a politician, cop, secret police agent, prosecutor, or judge anywhere who doesn’t seriously think White racialists pose a massive, hidden threat to the System. As far as they’re concerned, there’s a Nazi under every bed. If a lone White man buys some lots in a ghost town in North Dakota every Jew, government official, and jackbooted thug in the world flies into a complete frenzy. God knows what they would have done to the Pilgrims.

In the same way, it is easy to be misled by the noisy anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, and like blather constantly churned out by the press.

North and South Korea at night. The splash of light in the lower right is southwestern Japan. The lights to the north are in China (Manchuria). The speck of light near the country’s west coast is the capital, Pyongyang.
North and South Korea at night. The splash of light in the lower right is southwestern Japan. The lights to the north are in China (Manchuria). The speck of light near the country’s west coast is the capital, Pyongyang.

To illustrate: everyone knows that North Korea is a fearsome component of a colossal, nebulous Axis of Evil. The ruling class propagates the myth without batting an eye. The truth, however, is different.

Russia is economically weak and strategically surrounded. Even if it harbored imperial ambitions it could not implement them.

I cannot imagine a scenario where Russia, which does not fundamentally differ from the “West” on core ideological principles, would employ whatever antiquated, inadequate nuclear arsenal it has against the states representing the enemies of mankind.

After all, Putin is not some crazed fanatic like the ADL or Israel. Like White South Africa, he lacks the will to employ nuclear weapons, and Jews would unhesitatingly atomically destroy Russia if he did (through proxies such as the United States and Great Britain, of course). Millions of White people would be incinerated.

The concentrated aggression against Russia since Putin came to power is predicated on the assumption—I believe, knowledge—that no nuclear danger exists. I take it for granted that the West monitors every conversation that occurs in the Russian government, and behaves accordingly.

According to a recent news report there was a forum where President Putin answered questions, and American whistleblower Edward Snowden, who exposed the unconstitutional spying by the US National Security Agency (NSA) on all private communications, was among those who posed a question. Snowden queried whether the Russian government spies on its citizens’ telecommunications. The revealing part of Putin’s response was that Russia could not afford such a program.

A number of economic sanctions have been imposed on powerful Russian and Jewish individuals (Putin maintains a large circle of Jewish oligarchs, government officials, and community leaders) and corporations, and Russia has been expelled from the Group of 8 (G8) industrial nations (the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, and Japan).

Further sanctions are doubtless in the works. Jewish libertarian economist Milton Friedman used to argue that economic sanctions are ineffective, but this is clearly not the case. Jews use them all the time, and sanctions were key to destroying Rhodesia and South Africa. Economic isolation, theft of foreign assets, and similar measures are lucrative and effective for pirates.

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services recently cut its rating on Russian sovereign debt to BBB-, the lowest investment grade, and gave it a negative outlook, citing $51 billion of capital outflows in the first three months of 2014 versus $57 billion annually on average over the past five years (57 x 5 = – $285 billion—more than a quarter trillion dollars). The credit downgrade makes it more difficult and expensive to borrow money, exacerbating an already difficult financial situation.

Ukraine’s plight is even worse, despite billions of dollars of promised subventions from Western taxpayers. In early April 2014 Moody’s downgraded Ukraine’s sovereign debt from “extremely speculative” to “default imminent with little prospect for recovery.” To put it mildly, that is very bad; our politicians are likely throwing money down a rat hole.

So, the question is, does Putin have the power to respond effectively to the tightening cordon around his country? Is Russia, under any imaginable scenario, a genuine match for Jews and the West? Is there anything the country can really do?

Second, does Putin or anybody else in the leadership possess the will to oppose, in a determined manner, the forces arrayed against Russia? Since the leaders are not dedicated champions of the historical West, Europe, Christianity, White people, or even old-style Communism, it is hard to discern any principled grounds for zealous resistance. Yet, they are confronted by fanatics.

To be blunt, in terms of racial prejudice (anti-White), commitment to Jewish dominance, ideology (Left totalitarianism), corruption, and even values, Russia, Ukraine, and the West don’t seem all that different.

Ungovernable Appetites

Nowhere are Whites powerful enough to assert their racial interests. If the US and EU maintain their foothold in Ukraine, or force Russia into full submission, Ukrainian nationalists will be swept aside and the power of Jewish globalism significantly augmented.

If, instead, alien forces suffer a temporary setback, they will continue their assault without letup through economic sanctions, manipulation of world opinion against Russia, agitation for “democracy,” “civil rights,” decadence (Pussy Riot, pornography, feminism, homosexuality), and sow permanent chaos and penury through economic sanctions, intelligence agency skullduggery, NGOs, multinational corporations, organized crime, repression, state-sponsored terrorism, and assassinations.

They will continue their machinations until they get what they want, or are destroyed. Since there is no serious counterforce on the horizon, the odds remain in their favor.

Their appetites are unquenchable. If they possessed self-control they wouldn’t recklessly import their rampaging destruction from the Middle East into Europe, which is already wobbling dangerously (like their main base of operations, the United States) from gross fiscal irresponsibility, crude repression of White activists, free speech, and democratic political movements, extreme decadence, and the manic destruction of indigenous White “Christian” populations through birth control, feminism, and replacement migration.

Indeed, far and away the most significant aspect of the Ukrainian “revolution” may be the continued mainstreaming of high-level political destabilization in Europe. The phenomenon could spread, not only there, but to neo-Europes overseas, creating genuine opportunities for revolutionary change.

Hopping perilously from ice floe to ice floe, Jews are making a high risk grab for world hegemony, gambling that they’ll be able to reach the other side before the frozen crossway breaks apart completely and they fall into the river and drown. Like countless criminal gangs before them they lack the will to limit their insatiable greed, lust, and sadism.

Caution and prudence they do not have. Ultimately, if no one else does, they will destroy themselves.

(May 2014)

* * *

Source: Author and Counter-Currents

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William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
7 February, 2022 8:57 pm

It’s interesting to take a look back to 2014 with the Russia/Ukraine situation and compare with Wolf Stoner’s analysis eight years later: