In Russia, New Law Permits Only “Negative” Use of National Socialist Symbols

Under the new law, public display of National Socialist (NS) symbols in works of science, literature and art will not be considered as extremism when it is done “to form negative attitudes” to the ideology of National Socialism.

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing citizens there to use NS symbols in works of science, literature, and art — on the condition that their purpose is condemning National Socialism, according to a press statement posted on the official Russian state Web site of legal information.

The TASS news agency reports that the law amends Article Six of the law on “the immortalization of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War” (the Eastern Front during WWII, in which the Soviet regime fought against Germany) and Article One of the law on countering “extremist activities,” under which public display of NS symbols, as well as symbols and emblems of “extremist” organizations is branded as an “extremist” activity.

Under the new law, public display of NS symbols in works of science, literature, and art, as well as in educational and informational publications, will not be considered to be “extremism” as long as it is done “to form a negative attitude to the ideology of National Socialism” — and on condition that “no signs of of National Socialist propaganda” or “justification” are present.

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Source: Daily Archives

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I love slippery slopes, so long as they are our slippery slopes.

George Wright
George Wright

Yet another reason for me to loathe the Russian government


You are right. Putin is just another Jewish shill like Trump. Is incredible but there are many imbeciles who call themselves “anti-NWO” or even “nationalists” who think Putin is a nice guy, “one of us”. This trend is particularly strong in Europe where the books of that anti-white bastard Dugin are promoted as something great.


It makes my blood boil when I see and hear about Putin and his neo-Bolshevik Russia. White Nationalists who praise Putin and Putin’s Russia do not know what they are talking about.


The whole Russia question is confusing…

One thing that comes to mind….is that if the
Vulture Jews hate and despise something…
There must be something “good” about that
something…thats like an evolutionary absolute
at this point.