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Outbreeding Depression

Too much genetic distance between mates reduces fitness of the offspring.

by David Sims

ONE CLEAR example of outbreeding depression is the lack of socio-economic success for the bulk of US-resident Mulattoes (called “Blacks” or “African-Americans”). Although this is blamed on “racism” by the political left, it is actually simply the result of an average IQ of 85 for this group, as opposed to an average IQ of 100 for Whites.

US-resident Mulattoes are less suited for life in a technologically advanced culture because they (generally speaking) lack the mental ability to compete with Whites and with Asians for most of the high-paying jobs. You may have noticed that Blacks are, even today, hired in less than their demographic proportion for mentally challenging jobs, despite Affirmative Action laws and other laws requiring that employers hire them, qualified or not.

It isn’t as if Blacks haven’t been privileged for preference in hiring. They have been privileged. Rather, the privileges they’ve been given have not, as yet, been sufficient to overcome their mental shortcomings. A company that gives them additional privileges, which are sufficient, will not have a workforce that is competitive compared to rival companies, and will go out of business for that reason. If all US companies get “woke,” then the United States will not be competitive versus its international rivals, and there will be bad times for Americans.

On the other hand, US-resident “Blacks” are also less fit to live in the African savanna, as compared with their full-blooded Black African cousins.

This meets the criteria for outbreeding depression. It does happen among humans: a loss of fitness in the hybrid for living in the ancestral environment of either parent.

It isn’t spoken of (much) because of Politically Correct speech rules, written or unwritten. Notice what happened to the geneticist James Watson when he did speak of it. The authors of the book The History and Geography of Human Genes devoted their entire first chapter to squid ink — bows to the currently prevailing sentiment of “racial equality” — so that the book could be published, with the entire rest of the book being a powerfully data-driven argument against it.

Metapedia has this to say about avoiding outbreeding depression:

There is a widespread belief that race mixing is beneficial by decreasing inbreeding. However, the population size needed to avoid problems caused by inbreeding is small and is even smaller if there is even a small genetic exchange with neighboring groups from the same race…. The risk of outbreeding depression roughly increases with increased distance (genetic or geographic) between populations. Species in risk of extinction may also be threatened by inbreeding depression. Outbreeding between different populations within such species is often suggested in order to avoid this. However, this instead risks causing outbreeding depression. A 2011 study recommended (based on both theoretical analysis of population genetics and empirical evidence) avoiding or being very cautious regarding crosses between two populations with characteristics such as being isolated from one another for more than 500 years or living in different environments.

Note, especially, that last sentence in the quotation. Theory and empirical evidence both suggest that hybrid crossings between two populations separated for more than 500 years, or living in different environments, risk outbreeding depression.

* * *

Source: Author and Science Direct

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21 September, 2020 11:20 pm

David Sims – I always enjoy your posts since you obviously have a technical background.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
22 September, 2020 4:28 pm

Sims is spot on! However, what to do with
the “Blacks?” They cannot function in a
technical society and are no longer fit to
survive in Sub-Saharan Africa….

Reply to  Walt Hampton
25 September, 2020 11:44 am

I don’t understand your question.

You clearly state that they can’t survive anywhere, so you know what the logical conclusion is.

Get tougher, my friend, because we need resilience for the harsh times that are coming.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Jamie
25 September, 2020 8:07 pm

Attempts were made to address this problem….all without
success. Even before the war, some were dispatched
to their own area called Liberia. Their capital was
name Monroeville , after the USofA President who
was in office at the time. American Colonization
Society was tasked to resettle American Negroes
back to their ancestral homelands and were not
very successful, in my opinion. It would seem that
by their own nature, Negroes are apparently un-
governable. I know this does not answer your
question. However, I hope that it has given you
food for thought:


Reply to  Walt Hampton
26 September, 2020 9:19 pm

The govt should round them up and use them as organ donors and for medical experimentation. They also can be used for study since they are a million years behind huwhite humans in evolution. Each one of them is a walking history book of the faaaaaar distant past!

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  PETER
27 September, 2020 2:14 am

You may be interested to know that
the Jews are doing that with the