Are Genetically “Perfect Babies” a Threat to Humanity?

The fact that the Chinese are openly pursuing eugenic improvement of their race has sparked more anti-eugenic hysteria from the controlled media — and the controlled masses.

by David Sims

FIRST, CALLING genetically improved babies “perfect” is hyperbole. What we are talking about isn’t really perfection; it’s more like a very substantial improvement in human quality. I’ll continue to use the hyperbolic term for the moment, since others are using it in this debate.

Perfect babies are babies without the flaws that have plagued humankind for hundreds of thousands of years. Perfect babies are humans minus cancer, minus diabetes, minus myopia, minus birth defects of all kinds. Perfect babies are humans with higher intelligence, who live long and amazingly productive lives and who are healthy unto their last day. Perfect babies grow into adults who are above average in beauty and in moral conduct.

What the hell is wrong with perfect people? Only that the non-perfect are strongly disadvantaged when competing with them. But that’s always been the case among humans, among whom some have been better than others since Homo habilis, if not earlier.

The acceleration of evolution among part of humanity will impose a cost on the part of humanity that isn’t eugenically enhanced. But what of it? The “perfect” people are, each of them, just as human as any non-perfect human is. You don’t lose a speck of “humanness” simply because you replace a biologically flawed human with a human that isn’t so biologically flawed.

You only lose the flaws.

Also, perfection (or a state approximating it) isn’t “boring,” as some have alleged. Perfection doesn’t mean that everybody is a close copy of everybody else. It only means that everyone is smart, agile, strong, resistant to disease, etc. It doesn’t mean that everyone has the same ideas, as if their world were some sort of echo chamber.

The opposite is closer to the truth: What produces uniformity of belief is general stupidity plus mass propaganda, not exceedingly high intelligence. And if a greater convergence upon fewer alternative belief systems did happen to occur in a eugenic future, then the most likely reason is that the generally higher intelligence of the people had allowed us to discover a greater number of falsehoods — and to reject them in favor of truth.

Is there something wrong with everyone recognizing truth? No.

There would continue to be disagreements, differences of opinion, varying philosophies. But the disagreements and the discussions pertaining to them would be, in general, on a much higher level, a circumstance made possible by their higher intelligence. It wouldn’t be boring.

The assertion that making mankind as biologically flawless as possible would be boring is something that the genus Australopithecus might have said in regard to genus Homo, or something that the species Homo erectus might have said in regard to species Homo sapiens. Now we are on the cusp of creating the species Homo divinus, and a member of the species Homo sapiens thinks that there is something wrong with it.

Making your low-ball attributes “work for you” might make a game like Dungeons and Dragons more interesting. But life is not a game. A main character in a fantasy story might be more interesting to readers if he has a flaw that he must deal with and overcome. But life is not a fantasy story. That’s a metaphor that superficially sounds good, but, really, it isn’t.

Anyway, no race can afford to forgo the benefits, the advantages, of eugenic improvement when there is any other race that is gaining those advantages for themselves. If we do not wish to be out-competed, dominated, replaced, and eventually driven to extinction, then we must also gain those benefits and advantages. The genie of human eugenics is out of the bottle. We must have our share of its power, or we will forfeit our existence.

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21st Century WN
21st Century WN
11 December, 2018 9:17 pm

Genetically-superior whites are a threat to both lesser whites and to non-whites, as well they should be. What do they threaten? They threaten those who might otherwise lead, were it not for the presence of genetically-superior individuals. They threaten to rise above the herd, like Greek gods, to take by superior right the reins of power in both industry and government, as well as in our upward quest for the Stars – for they will be the first to seek them. The superior athlete is always a threat to the physical wimp, as he shoves him aside in the school hallway, or slaps him away while he grabs hold of Cutie Suzy and makes out with her behind the bleachers while the wimp turns into a depressed Incel. And the… Read more »

5 October, 2020 1:57 am

Mister Sims, I love your eugenics essays. What is eugenics? Eugenics, like evolution, is a process of extracting superior genetics. However, like evolution, eugenics is also a process of precipitating weak genetic makeup from the gene pool. Another definition: eugenics is accelerated evolution. The application of eugenics is not a question of choice, but a biological imperative to produce a highly improved White race. Much about us needs to be improved. Just think of our weak immune system, which rewards us with a cold even if we are only slightly hypothermic. Eugenics can give us everything we need – quickly and reliably. Freedom from disease, better senses, more beauty, intelligence and health. Well, that might be trivial. There is something else we also need: stronger instincts. To instincts: I like… Read more »

Hummina Hummina
Hummina Hummina
1 March, 2022 9:05 pm

Eugenics is in full swing today, worldwide.
Except, it is the lesser races improving their own, with ours.
We, have been refused that possibility, of improving White genetics with White genetics, not polluting it by down breeding with beings not so far removed from animals. Yet, we have been effectively sterilized through brainwashing, shame, murder, economics, demographics, etc.

Reply to  Hummina Hummina
2 March, 2022 10:03 am

Because inferior whites have sold us out to the Jew.