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Sky King by R. Houck Around 9 PM Pacific Time on August 10th, a 29-year-old man named Richard Russell, stole a Q400 airplane from Seattle Tacoma International Airport and went for a joyride into the abyss. Two F-15 fighter planes were scrambled to follow Rich, who eventually crashed into a wooded area…
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Is it any surprise that profound unhappiness results from contravening our basic needs and inner nature? A NEW STUDY has provided compelling evidence that women who regularly use the most common type of contraceptive pills — those combining two hormones — are 23 percent more likely…
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by Kevin Alfred Strom LOOK CAREFULLY at this picture. It is shocking. A White couple, far from old, with a four-year-old child — a White couple whose life was so empty, purposeless, and full of despair and sadness that the only way out they could see was the oblivion of narcotic drugs. Jews are responsible…
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