Race is Just a “Social Construct”? — Wawa Chombonggai Reunites with Cannibal Tribe Who Wanted to Eat Him at Age 6

Serious question for both liberals and conservatives: How do you square a story like the one below with a literal belief in universal human equality? And how much cognitive dissonance does it take to reconcile the existence of a Black cannibal tribe well into the 21st century with the notion that race is just a “social construct”? — Dissident Millennial

Incredible story behind what REALLY happened to a six-year-old boy marked for death by his CANNIBAL tribe – as he returns to the jungle 13 years later to confront the men who once wanted to eat him alive
by Claudia Poposki

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy who was condemned to death by his cannibalistic tribe because they thought he was a witch after his parents died has returned to the jungle to reunite with the people who planned to eat him.

Wawa Chombonggai grew up in the Korowai tribe in West Papua where villagers believe bad spirits are to blame when a person suddenly dies.

The clan traditionally hunt the person they believe is responsible for an unexpected death, before killing them and eating their flesh for their perceived crime. 

When both Wawa’s parents died in 2006, they believed it was because he was a witch and began planning his gruesome death.

But Kornelius Sembiring, a former guide in the region for Channel Seven, heard of Wawa’s plight and rescued the child — taking him into his home in Sumatra 13 years ago.

Wawa is now 20 and still living with Mr Sembiring and his family – thankful for his second chance at life.

Now, the sports science university student returned to his former tribe, saying he wanted to tell his people they shouldn’t kill and eat one another. . .

* * *

Source: Daily Mail Australia

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5 November, 2019 2:55 pm

The aborigines wanted to kill the boy because they thought he was a witch.

New England Puritans hanged, burned and tortured some of the best looking girls in the village because they were thought to be a witch. No doubt the hags in the village played a heavy hand in the killing. A single girl is a threat to bitter women who suffer from a malignant rage of jealousy. The victims were slaughtered in the name of the Jew god. The devil is hiding under the bed or in the closet.

Reply to  fodwell
11 May, 2021 3:02 am

Yes fodwell, I remember reading that the accused were usually of high social status -envy-envy-envy.

Old Norseman
Old Norseman
9 November, 2019 5:11 am

Is anyone surprised when low IQ savages act like low IQ savages?

Reply to  Old Norseman
11 May, 2021 2:51 am

No Old Norseman, for them it’s just normal behaviour but many high IQ? people paid good money to watch a fictional high IQ cannibal, Hannibal Lector, because it was so unusual.

The Eye
The Eye
30 December, 2019 10:25 am

Well, here’s a totally backwards, non-white tribe of whom we probably have none of their people here in the USA. For the sake of diversity, I think it’s imperative that we import a few dozen of them here. Once they step on the “magic dirt” of America, their IQs will skyrocket and they will be doctors and engineers in no time.

11 May, 2021 2:32 am

The ‘Today in history’ column is always very interesting. Is there some way that we can record the entire series for our libraries?

11 May, 2021 2:59 am

Many, many years ago I met someone who was targeted to become a cannibal meal but being ‘politically incorrect’ he KOed the cannibal. These days, as an enlightened person he would probably cover himself in tomato sauce.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
26 May, 2022 8:13 pm

Race is reality, and it matters. Why else do cannibal Congoids exist in the 21st century? The fact is, we build, maintain and defend our race or else we’ll get eaten by the competition.