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The Oscars: Saturated in Race Hate

jewish_controlled_oscarsby Andrew Hamilton

AMERICA IS so saturated in race hate that even pro-White people, never mind the clueless masses, don’t truly take umbrage at it. That’s what happens when those who control the monologue hammer at something, including the Big Lie, long enough, loud enough, arrogantly enough, and hard enough.

You’ve heard about the Oscars being “too White.” I don’t even watch TV regularly, yet I know it. I saw the Black female president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences interviewed. She wants the Oscars — and Gentile-fronted Hollywood, which is the real point — to be a lot less White.

Filipino Michelle Malkin (whose husband is Jewish — see “Just a Yellow Woman Doing a White Man’s Job,” November 19, 2005), conservative syndicated columnist, Fox News contributor, interviewee on MSNBC, C-SPAN, and national radio, and author of four Regnery-published books, writes: “A panicked Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (who is black), is promising expedited ‘change’ to mollify the grievance mob.”

Wikipedia: “Boone Isaacs launched a new Academy initiative called A2020, which will focus on improving representation of diversity — age, gender, race, national origin, point-of-view — and will include a five year plan to focus on industry practices and hiring.”

Oh, yeah, Hollywood intends to promote old people and different points of view.

And the Five Year Plan. No surprise that’s back. Everything’s back, because the same people, with the same values, are running the show. The ones with the blood of millions and millions of Europeans on their hands.

Given the president’s position in the film industry, and what she’s striving for, I immediately thought: “Isaacs”?

The probabilities in such situations are so high that a wager is always worth it, whether or not you win on that particular go-around.

“Boone Isaacs is married to film producer, director and writer Stanley Isaacs and lives in Los Angeles. They have a son, Cooper Boone Isaacs.” (In the future, people will mistake Cooper for Black.)

Isaacs and Isaacs: They know you're weak.
Isaacs and Isaacs: They know you’re weak.

You can be certain that no matter how many Whites are jettisoned in the latest orchestrated spasm of ethnic cleansing, the same wirepullers will be calling the shots behind the scenes, permanently ensconced in their dominant, controlling positions.

Hollywood producer, writer, and director Stanley Isaacs

Jada Pinkett Smith, Spike Lee, and the other noisy, ultra-privileged Blacks melodramatically posing as “victims” in imitation of their masters, so “brave” as they confront nonexistent “White privilege,” will never utter the words “Jewish privilege.”

And the former is not code for the latter. Pinkett Smith, for example, is part Jewish.

Hollywood’s hate-filled coloreds and their racist masters deserve equal contempt. Nevertheless, the new house servants are not the rulers. Like their predecessors, they’re OK with that, because they, too, know their place.

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