Orwell Alert — L.A. Times: White Progressives Should Sacrifice Their Kids to End White Privilege

The Jewish way to raise a White child.

White progressive parents and the conundrum of privilege

by Margaret A. Hagerman

Greg and Sarah live in a predominantly white neighborhood and send their children to a predominantly white private school. “I don’t want to believe we are hypocrites,” Greg tells me. “But if we say diversity is important to us, but then we didn’t stick around in the place that was diverse, maybe we are?” [Ding. Ding.] He looks at Sarah. “I dunno,” he continues, “I guess we made decisions based on other things that were more important. But what does that say about us then?” [The hamster-rationalization wheel spins.]

For two years I conducted research with 30 affluent white parents and their kids in a Midwestern metropolitan area. Over and over I heard comments like Greg’s reflecting a deep ambivalence: As progressive parents, is their primary responsibility to advance societal values — fairness, equal opportunity and social justice — or to give their children all the advantages in life that their resources can provide? [What a tough decision.]

More often than not, values lost out. [Well color me shocked.]

Parents I interviewed felt conflicted about using their social status to advocate for their kids to have the “best” math teacher, because they knew other kids would be stuck with the “bad” math teacher. They registered the unfairness in leveraging their exclusive social networks to get their teenagers coveted summer internships when they knew disadvantaged kids were the ones who truly needed such opportunities. They felt guilty when they protectively removed their children from explicitly racist and contentious situations because they understood that kids of color cannot escape racism whenever they please. Still, those were the choices they made.

Parents felt caught in a conundrum of privilege — that there was an unavoidable conflict between being a good parent and being a good citizen. These two principles don’t have to be in tension, of course. Many parents, in fact, expressed a desire to have their ideals and parenting choices align. In spite of that sentiment, when it came to their own children, the common refrain I heard was, “I care about social justice, but — I don’t want my kid to be a guinea pig.” [That about says it all, doesn’t it?]

If affluent, white parents hope to raise children who reject racial inequality, simply explaining that fairness and social justice are important values won’t do the trick. Instead, parents need to confront how their own decisions and behaviors reproduce patterns of privilege. They must actually advocate for the well-being, education and happiness of all children, not just their own. [Orwell would be proud.] 

Being a good parent should not come at the expense of being — or raising — a good citizen. [Except in your crazy-world the two couldn’t be more at odds.] If progressive white parents are truly committed to the values they profess, they ought to consider how helping one’s own child get ahead in society may not be as big a gift as helping create a more just society for them to live in in the future. [War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Sacrifice your children to create the multicultural future.]

Margaret A. Hagerman is a sociology professor at Mississippi State University and author of “White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America.”

* * *

Source: The L.A. Times

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Johnny Walker Read
Johnny Walker Read
15 October, 2018 8:11 am

I’m so sick of this crap I could vomit, stupid brain dead white liberal’s who have no clue about the role slavery of ALL races has played in the world. Yes Virginia, there was such a thing as WHITE slavery and yet you communist white libtard’s will never even mention that as it doesn’t fit your stupid Marxist mindset.

16 October, 2018 6:51 am

All white progressive parents lack is being “woke” to what is likely to happen to their kids if they socialize with blacks or live near blacks: https://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2018/10/his-name-is-timothy-moriconi-white-man.html?m=1

22 October, 2018 12:14 am

These white libtards fool no one. They already KNOW why they don’t want their kids around ‘less privileged’ blacks, wetbacks and so on.

They don’t want to see them hurt.

They also don’t want them to be sauteed in the kind of multiculturalism they allegedly support, but instinctively know is dangerous to their children’s minds and souls.

But they gotta talk a good game lest they be called a racist. They fool no one.