Austria: Afghan and Somali Invaders Sought for Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl

This is not a problem for the legal system — detectives figuring out the guilty parties, giving them a fair trial and free attorneys, etc. — no indeed. This is a matter for the military under revolutionary, racial-nationalist command: No one who is not White should be permitted to be in Austria or any White nation.

IN YET ANOTHER example of “multiculturalism gone wrong”, the news has emerged that a 15-year-old Austrian girl was raped by migrants in the town of Tulln, Lower Austria. The police have not been forthcoming regarding information about this attack, which was only a rumour until yesterday when an announcement was made. Prior to this, the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) had information strong enough to merit questions in parliament, even though the local police and media had colluded to hide this latest migrant crime.

According to Tulln Police Spokesman Johann Baumschlager, the attack happened on the Schauplatz on an evening of 25th April. The young girl, who hasn’t been named for legal reasons, was walking home when she was dragged into the bushes by three migrants, two of which held her down whilst the other raped her. Initially, the young girl managed to escape her attackers, so they dragged her back and raped her again.

Baumschlager confirmed that a 19-year-old migrant from Afghanistan is currently in police, and they are searching for a Somali male also aged 19. Further investigations are being conducted at local asylum centres to ascertain who the third attacker was. Fifty-nine asylum seekers have so far been required to provide DNA samples as part of the investigation.

This latest demonstration of criminality by ungrateful asylum seekers has been met with a strong political response, albeit begrudgingly and some weeks after the incident had taken place. The Mayor of Tulln, Peter Eisenschenk (ÖVP), declared in a press conference, “for me, it is absolutely clear there is to be no tolerance for criminal asylumseekers, who abuse their status as guests. In the face of what these criminals have done to the girl, nothing but the full severity of the law will do.”

In a further attempt to calm the understandably furious public mood, Eisenschenk also stated that the town of Tulln would accept no more migrants “for the time being”.

However, much of the political response from the governing centre-right ÖVP has been met with growing scepticism. Freedom Party councillor summed up the public mood, criticising the way in which the investigation had been handled.

“Countless cases already show that the migration of predominantly Muslim men under the cover of the asylum becomes an uncontrollable danger”, said Christian Hafenecker (FPÖ), adding that “it is therefore not at all clear why the Tulln’s population was not promptly warned by the police, and this terrible crime was kept ‘under cover’ for almost a month”.

A feeling of unrest has been growing in much of rural Austria after the government’s decision to allow 90,000 “refugees” (more than 1% of Austria’s total population) to settle in the country in 2015. Since then, a literny of crimes have been perpatrated across the country by these so-called refugees, many of them involving sexual violence, such as the Iraqi migrant who raped a young boy in a Vienna swimming baths — his defence in court; “sexual emergency”. The governing Social Democrats and People’s Party rubber stamped a raft of proposals aimed at “better integrating” migrants into Austrian society, but when they are perpetrating such barbarous acts as these, it is difficult to see how these measures will be of any assistance whatsoever. …

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Source: Defend Europa

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22 May, 2017 3:34 pm

We have to do something..and fast… our race and nations depend on it!