Rashid from Blechistan

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: I found several hundred thousand votes for the phony tough guy under the seat of my car and I’ll be delivering them to Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania later today (The votes were from these states but somehow ended up together in a giant stack. In my car.). Having saved the total and complete sham of my dead democracy, there’s now time to focus on more uplifting topics, like a Cuck Island football Eloi who has obtained the highest possible level of virtue-signaling and Right Think by inviting a Middle Eastern enemygrant into his house for a short time. Well, there goes that argument, bigots! Even though the rapefugee wasn’t a big fan of African Grass Hockey, they got along just fine! Please watch the amazing video at the link below.

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Like any epic tale of selfless heroism and courageous stands against the gathering darkness, it began when our feckless last man “saw a tweet” expressing concern that foreign aliens might be in your house. Suffice it to say, misgivings about moon cultists kicking in the door and murdering his family didn’t factor highly in the decision-making of someone who once got paid to kick a ball. Perhaps bothered by the staggering hypocrisy of the open borders crowd, our noble identification figure decided to invite some of that “vibrancy” into the house that debased sports cucks built.

We then get a highly plausible story of events that definitely occurred. A Soros “charity” offered the exciting opportunity to bring an “Asian” animal out from the cold. I can’t wait to help that frozen snake; the rewards are going to be incredible and think of the flattering eulogy when my headless body is lowered into the uncaring ground. “It was a really positive experience,” is said with absolutely no conviction and a face full of guilt. We’ll let you keep those crumbs off the jewish plate, but you have to tell this outrageous lie on the talmudvision. The bargain of a lifetime.

Our female host asks a rambling question about possible reservations in bringing a savage from a distant wasteland into your wealthy and homogeneous White community and hoping you’ve found the mythical “one good one.” Luckily, the “charity” told him what to do if things didn’t work out. I’d pay a shiny nickel to hear that conversation. “Right, if the rock worshiping inferior rapes your wife or daughter or chops your head off we’re not liable.”

We then discuss the “awkward” first night, omitting key details about sexual emergencies, I’m sure. On the other hand, King Cuck was eager to make the dusky slave promised by the talmud feel “welcome.” Of course, “Rashid,” who is definitely real, is full of the intelligence, warmth and kindness that typifies the brown invaders. “Great with my boys as well!” I’m going to take solace in assuming none of this actually happened, because if it did the implications are absolutely sickening.

Apparently the house guest was from the Pakistani region, something our football hero calls Bah-loo-chee-stan, which I’m sure is an actual place, but good grief. Here’s moe from puke-a-stan, let him in your house. This creature is totally incompatible with the values of your ancient homeland and is here to replace you as part of organized Jewish evil, but there was a lot of semi-humanity in this monster, let me tell you. Incredibly, it’s time to talk about “1948” and not-so-Great Britainistan creating new countries. Careful there, gentile.

“He’s already a lawyer in his home country.” This is your typical “Asian” invader, go back to sleep. Hey, is that Brazil Ball on your telavivision? Look at the amazing “pace” on “my” dark team. Did you know this fast animal is from Puh-loose-a-groom-stan and is a doctor there? Does the average British White have even the slightest self-preservation instinct? My country is being systematically destroyed, I’m huddled in my home during the latest “lockdown” because I’m a criminal guilty of being not dead and maybe later I’ll invite a well-behaved dusky invader into my decaying shanty. At least you defeated the “not-sees” and saved the world. Great job.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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11 November, 2020 6:39 am

Gary Lineker is arguably the most reviled person in the UK – up there alongside the likes of Tony Blair. He is an omnipresent social media nuisance who soaks up millions of public money through his astronomical wages presenting football shows on the BBC. He’s like a child who never figured out when to stop irritating people for his own pleasure.

There’s no doubt his pet “refugee” will have been vetted and chosen before receipt. Even so, I would love to see his face when told by his angry house maid that his new pet keeps leaving footprints and faeces on the toilet seat.