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White Nationalists Defined

by David Sims

A WHITE nationalist is someone who wants a national homeland for White people: i.e., a White country. He doesn’t want to harm persons of other races. He doesn’t want to enslave other races, either. He wants for Whites the same thing that the Jews have in Israel: a homeland, a place where his people govern themselves and control their own destiny, a place apart from persons of other races.

A White supremacist, on the other hand, is someone (else) who wants his own race to dominate, to control, to enslave other races.

Although both White nationalists and White supremacists are, in a sense, “White racists,” the nationalist has an entirely justified moral position, whereas the supremacist does not.

In regard to their relationship with other races, a nationalist is the opposite of a supremacist.

It is true, however, that White nationalists dream big — read the text on the graphic I created above for one of the fictional characters I created.

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24 April, 2019 6:57 pm

A “Solar System Empire” in 2124??! I don’t think we will find a way to go beyond the speed of light before the 30 th century…if we still exist by this time!…

19 November, 2020 12:07 pm

White supremacy is a system by which White men and women founded and built these US, the most powerful and successful country ever to have existed. But today’s negative meaning attached to the term, “White supremacy”, has been created by the real and actual racial supremacists, the jews, for the purpose of taking our homelands away from us, from we, the very people who made them great. The fact of the matter is that Whites, whether they prefer the term White Nationalist or White supremacist, have absolutely no desire to rule over other races. In the early 20th Century, White supremacy was self evident truth that every person on the planet used to accept. In 1900 whites were 1/3 of the world’s population and except for a very few backwards… Read more »