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Homeless Jack on the Sacred Swastika

by H. Millard

IF YOU’RE reading this I’m pretty sure you already know most of the history of the swastika and its variants some of which are called fylfots.

We all know there are Buddhist versions, Hindu versions, National Socialist versions, ancient American Indian versions, Scandinavian versions, and on and on and on. And, yes we all know that some versions are considered to be lucky, some represent the sun crossing the sky, some represent Thor’s hammer being thrown, and some represent other things. So I’m not going to bore you with a history lesson that you probably already know or which you can look up on the Internet.

What I do want to tell you may be news to you and that is that some of us consider the swastika or fylfot as an essential religious symbol for our kind that helps link us to the Creator.

Shapes and lines matter and when they are formed into a swastika or fylfot and used by us they have a religious and spiritual meaning that haters of White people can’t stand.

And, it’s not just a matter of anti-Whites simply not liking our symbols: This is part of a cosmic battle of good against evil, light against dark, being against non-being, existence against non-existence, the “somethingness” of the Creator against nothingness.

It may seem impossible or mystical or mysterious that two-dimensional shapes and lines matter, even if just written on paper — and can have an effect in our world. But some of us believe there are scientific reasons behind this that reach down into the the subatomic underpinning of our level of reality and which science can’t now explain. We believe that, specifically, the proper shapes and lines link us (as the particular people we are, and with the special DNA code that we carry, along with our proper beliefs and actions to the Quantum level of existence and the Creator) with scientific laws and rules that may someday be explained with subatomic physics. Because they are scientific does not make them less religious, as we believe the Creator is also discoverable through science and exists in the Quantum level of existence and permeates everything.

And as more and more is learned of the subatomic level of existence that underpins our everyday reality, more will be understood why certain shapes matter and why the swastika is a symbol of the Creator as It truly is — and why it is a symbol of existence itself, of life and birth, and of pushing back the darkness of nothingness, and why its mere representation sends White-hating evildoers into paroxysms of hatred and name-calling.

You’ve heard of God talking out of the whirlwind, and you’ve seen what water looks like as it drains from your sink, and what distant spiral galaxies look like and what hurricanes and tornadoes look like, right? They look like swastikas or fylfots.

In fact, that spinning shape is found throughout all of existence and we see it as essential to the Creator and existence itself. Without that shape there would be nothing. God speaks to us from it in a million different ways. We believe it is a necessary shape for creation, the maintenance of existence — and eventually deconstruction and then creation again — as the spinning stops for a period, dwells for a time, and then begins spinning again.

And we see the swastika or fylfot as representing good and light against evil and darkness. You can represent it this way on, say, a flag, making the background all black and the swastika white and this represents the Creator pushing back the nothingness and filling it with Its somethingness.

It is goodness, light, life, existence itself, it is God as It wants to be seen. Evil forces try to deny us this shape. Don’t let them get away with it. They have no right to tell us what shapes we should revere and we don’t tell them what shapes are okay for them to use. They should mind their own damn business and butt out. But, I will tell you this, some of their twisted star shapes are evil and are attempts to pervert the good energies of the Creator for evil purposes.

We see the swastika as representing God and goodness and light and existence in its many variants. Our version has a central hub and spins counter clockwise with the arms trailing.

In this day, we mostly use the six armed version with curved arms and a central hub, but the other versions are okay. Remember, we are trying with a two dimensional drawing and with simple lines to convey the eternal whirlwind of God and as found in nature.

When you see it in a plant growing from the ground at first there may be two leaves then four then six and so forth as the plant or tree spirals taller. Same with a human embryo, it spins and spirals just like a swastika or fylfot as the cells are multiplying. Same with the strands of DNA. The spiraling, spinning, twirling, turning is essential to existence. If it stops, existence ceases to exist.

As mentioned, some people don’t like the swastika, but we don’t care. Some evildoers are trying to not let anyone use the swastika and they try to convince Whites that they shouldn’t use it. Well, it’s none of their business. We are not their kind and we don’t care what they like or don’t like and we don’t march to their commands or wishes or likes or wants. We are a free White people and we have our own ways and we want to be left alone to worship as our conscience dictates.

Perhaps one of the reasons that a certain distinct people have been booted out of so many areas over the centuries is because many of them butt into everyone else’s business and demand that they follow their ideas of how to live and what is right and what is wrong. They should mind their own business and stop trying to tell everyone else on the planet what is good or not good and how they should think and express themselves. Of course, it’s not only this particular people who do this, but it does seem that this buttinsky way of being is so common among them that it is fair to think of it as being a group characteristic, even if some among them are not this way. This buttinsky characteristic may be born of a common belief among them that they are chosen to make the world a better place according to their lights. Of course, they are mistaken. It is not their duty nor their right to dictate to other kinds.

Our tradition says that we are selected to make the world a better place through our DNA code and that wherever it exists in abundance things are generally safer, nicer, more just, and better for the people living there — and that wherever our DNA code is not in abundance things are not so nice. According to our tradition, to be selected we must have a White mother and a White father. Our standard is thus based on true biology and not simple beliefs that can be changed in the wink of an eye. Our tradition says that the Creator made flesh and blood to be flesh and blood — and that this is as we are from our DNA code on out, and that there is no universal spirit or soul within us that is somehow devoid of our genetic characteristics.

We do say, however, that there is a part of the DNA code that started with the first molecule of DNA or RNA that reads ‘LIFE,’ and that this part of the code is universal.

We also consider spirals and the shape of DNA as religious symbols and we use them also. Some of us believe that we should have our symbols on our body at all times and thus some of us have them as tattoos or scars or brands so as to never be without them even for an instant. Others have the symbols on rings or pendants and some simply have them on a piece of paper that that carry in their wallets or pockets.

The essential lesson here is that you are a free White person and you have a right to practice and spread your religious beliefs no matter who doesn’t like them. In the U.S. you are protected by the First Amendment, but haters of our kind try to harm us by spreading lies and smears and hateful name-calling. Such people are evil. Do not let them shut you up and do not let them stop you from being a fully White person, whether you exactly believe as some of us believe or not. This is your planet as much as it is anyone else’s and no other person or persons should have veto power over how you want to peacefully live or over what you believe as an awakened White person living a happy and fulfilled life and doing no harm to anyone or anything, and seeking to increase White survival, White expansion and White evolution.

©2022 H. Millard

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Brenda Taylor
Brenda Taylor
28 April, 2019 11:20 pm

This is an awesome site. Back in the 80s I had the magazine subscription. I was even blessed to have talked to Brother Pierce on occasion. Keep up the good work! 14/88

tony bonn
tony bonn
15 April, 2021 11:23 pm

YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! Finally someone who understands the importance of this sacred symbol which has been found all over the world going back at least 12,000 years. It is the special birthright of the White. It has cosmic (and I mean strictly earthly) significance. It is the means through which energy and well being is communicated from the great spirit force to Whites, and perhaps others to a less degree, whose DNA gives them special abilities to harness its power. Why do you think that the jew is so hell-bent on destroying it? If it were a mere symbol, an empty gesture, they wouldn’t give it the time of day. It is the most valuable possession of any White. If a jew hates something, there is a good chance that… Read more »