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Death in the Mind

The Secrets of Jonestownby Revilo P. Oliver

I HAVE mentioned more than once in these pages The Secret of Jonestown, Ed Dieckmann, Jr.’s study of menticide, the technique of destroying the human mind and personality that is more commonly designated by the Chinese euphemism, ‘brainwashing.’ (See especially Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?, pp. 25f., 82ff.) The first edition of that book has now been supplanted by a second, which bears the more explicit title, Beyond Jonestown: ‘Sensitivity Training’ and the Cult of Mind Control (Torrance, California, Noontide, 1986).

The title of the new edition is an improvement. The incident in the stinking slum called Jonestown in what was British Guyana has now been generally forgotten. The “Liberals” who snivelled in 1978 have had many later occasions for exhibiting their humanitarian perversity, and rational men paid scant attention to the disposal of human garbage, unless they, like Mr. Dieckmann, noticed the one significant aspect of the event: the niggers and white degenerates who killed themselves in the mass suicide had been subjected to a psychological manipulation so potent that it overcame the fear of death, which is the strongest of all instincts in every species of mammal, and was probably even stronger in those creatures than it is in men farther removed from the animal level. Mr. Dieckmann saw at once that the incident in Guyana was a perfect illustration of the modern psychological techniques for altering the human consciousness and destroying its basic instincts that are widely practiced in the United States today, disguised by a score of snidely deceptive designations, such as “human relations training,” which make it seem innocuous to the general public and even titillate the libido of epicene males and dim-witted females addicted to “do-gooding.” (For an almost incredible example of how stupid White women can be, see the footnote on p. 26 of the booklet I cited above.)

The new edition contains the photographs that were, by a printer’s error, omitted in the first, of which the text is reproduced with but little change,(1) and an additional chapter (“addendum”) written for this edition and making even more explicit, by reference to recent events, the animus and purpose that is behind the invention and promotion of the scientific method for reducing human beings to neurotic morons. Although the technique can be applied to other races, as was so conclusively illustrated at the pest-hole in Guyana, our race, needless to say, is the real target of the deadly system of mental and psychic murder that is masked by such terms as “sensitivity training,” “human relations,” “self-awareness,” “group dynamics,” etc.; for a complete list, see Mr. Dieckmann’s book and note particularly Appendices IV to VII.

A very summary sketch of the origins of the current practice of systematic menticide may be in order. There is no greater psychic contrast than that between the native morality of Aryans, so well exemplified by the noble ethos of the Homeric epic, in which men strive above all for superiority and greatness, even at the cost of life itself, and the sordid malice of the rabble to whom Jesus promised the soulless and mindless existence of sheep or even of insects.(2) Christianity also promised to satisfy their proletarian rancor with “equality,” which, as everyone in his senses knows, can be attained only by reducing all human beings to the very lowest level. It took centuries for the spiritual disease to overcome our race’s innate instinct for aristocracy and human excellence, the instinct that asserted itself, perhaps for the last time, in Germany before the Suicide of the West. But the cancer eroded the vital instincts of our race so gradually and deeply that sickness came to seem normal.

Julien de La Mettrie was an atheist, who contemptuously rejected superstitions about the supernatural, but he never perceived that he had not freed himself from the mental deformation that the religion had caused. He accepted the absurd and deadly dogma about human equality and took for granted that it was a fact on which he could base his psychology, which he expounded in L’Homme machine (1748), in which he formulated all the essentials of Behaviorism, the most widely accepted psychological dogma of the present day. From La Mettrie we may go to Claude Helvetius, whose De l’esprit (1758) deduced from La Mettrie’s psychology a wild confidence in the efficacy of education (l’education peut tout) which is now exploited by the racketeers who operate our boob-hatcheries and deform the minds of American children.

Helvetius takes us to the famous Marquis de Sade,(3) who was the author of the nonsensical statement in the Declaration of Independence, “All men are created equal” (La nature nous a fait naitre tous egaux.) (4), but is best known for his lust to torture and degrade human beings, which has perpetuated his name in the term ‘sadism.’ We need not here debate the psychological problem whether the lust to inflict pain and destroy the humanity of human beings has a sexual origin or is the product of an innate evil that finds in sexual functions a convenient means of attaining its ends. Whichever the explanation, it is obvious that the forms of menticide practiced under the guise of “human relations training” and the like are the work of De Sade’s disciples, whether he inspired them or their minds are so like his that they discovered for themselves that means of appeasing their insatiable malevolence. Pavlov merely provided them with the scientific techniques they needed to accomplish their purpose more efficiently.

The techniques of menticide, which could also be called psychophthory since it not only effaces the racial psyche but even neutralizes the mammalian instincts that are common to all races, are only a scientific amplification and intensification of the methods long used by holy men to induce hypnosis and faith in their customers, which have been described by Dick Sutphen, a professional hypnotist, in Liberty Bell, March 1986. Staring at the screen of a television set automatically produces a mild hypnosis which the victim, as shown by an experiment with an encephalograph reported by Mr. Sutphen, finds it extremely difficult to resist, even if he makes a conscious effort to do so, and that effect, enhanced by subtle and often imperceptible use of visual images, sounds, and even subauditory rhythms, is now used by our enemies to attack our people with mind-destroying force. Mr. Sutphen goes on to describe the techniques used by the scoundrels who promote religious cults, which become indistinguishable from the menticide that Mr. Dieckmann has studied and exposed.

As I reported in Is there Intelligent Life on Earth?, James Randi, in his excellent book, Flim-Flam, identified the mass suicide at Jonestown as merely an instance of the power of modern voodoo-cults, which now ‘brainwash’ susceptible White women and womanish males. He listed as examples, among others, “Transcendental Meditation,” “Eckankar,” and the Moon-madness induced by the Korean confidence man whom Spotlight, as reported by Mr. Dieckmann, exposed as an affiliate of Mossad, the Jews’ secret service.

The techniques of menticide, only slightly modified, have long been used in the public schools to destroy the psychic identity and mentality of children, and they have even been used in what are ironically called institutions of higher learning.(5) They have been applied to successive generations and are now producing the results that we all see about us as our demented race staggers blindly on toward the precipice over which peoples and nations disappear from history.

Our racial soul is not yet entirely extinct. Mr. Dieckmann is not only an able writer but a highly courageous one. He makes it quite clear that the techniques and applications of menticide that he describes have been introduced and promoted by the Jews as a deadly weapon against our race. In this new edition he reproduces photographically documents in which Jews boast of their control of that weapon. And he even identifies specifically the Jewish subsidiary that began the promotion: B’nai B’rith, the Jewish cowboys who ride herd on their Aryan cattle — the herd of brainwashed Aryans who are now being stampeded over the precipice. Whether the Jews will murder Mr. Dieckmann remains to be seen.


(1) The lower half of p.148 has been altered, obviously at the demand of the publisher and for a reason that you will understand, if you are a close (and therefore cynical) observer of the confused and confusing aggregate of disparates that is called the “right wing.”

(2) In one Apocalypse Jesus promises his sheep that after he returns and destroys civilization and civilized men, they will pop out of their graves, all of the same sex and the same age and as alike as bees in a swarm. That prospect pleases an Oriental proletariat, but would arouse only horror and disgust in a sane and healthy Aryan. The creatures shown in the appalling photograph of a “sensory awakening session” reproduced on p. 86 of the new edition have white skins and probably once were Aryans; they are still mammals, so I do not know a word to designate what they have become, but their “Schwaermerei” suggests a snake-pit more than a swarm of bees.

(3) De Sade was really a count, but promoted himself to the rank of marquis. His ancestry is uncertain and may have included Jews. He may or may not have been related by blood to Jacques Francois de Sade, who industriously collected a mass of genealogical information, much of it spurious, which he included in his Memoires pour la vie de Francois Petrarque (Amsterdam, 1764-67) to prove his descent from Ugo de Sade and especially the latter’s wife, whom an old but dubious tradition identified as the Laura of Petrarch’s poems. The “Marquis” de Sade, guilty of at least one murder and innumerable atrocities, was at last imprisoned in the Bastille and later in an asylum for the insane, but was rescued from captivity by the blood-crazed social reformers of the French Revolution. He was a vociferous champion of liberte, egalite, et fraternite in public while privately indulging in his favorite recreation, abducting or entrapping decent men and women and subjecting them to the foulest abuse, often torturing them to death. When Napoleon came to power, he threw that blossom of democracy back into a madhouse and kept him there. De Sade is much admired in our time and quite a few “intellectuals” boast that this is the “century of De Sade.” Perhaps they are right.

(4) The phrase, so dear to American hearts, comes from Justine and you will find it on p. 36 of Volume II of the reprint published at Paris in 1950 by Le Soleil Noir. If you are confident that you are intellectually and emotionally hardened to the vilest forms of human degeneracy, you will find De Sade’s writings informative; begin with Justine; it is less sickening than Juliette and the later works, but even so it may have some surprises in store for you, and if you lose your dinner, don’t say I didn’t warn you. English translations of some of De Sade’s lucubrations are advertised by various pornographers, but I do not know how faithful and competent they may be.

(5) Some forty years or so ago, a pack of idealistic young professors at the University of Minnesota, conversing with one of their colleagues, a friend of mine, boasted of their good work in combating prejudice on the campus. When they found a white girl so bigoted that she didn’t want to copulate with niggers, three or four of them would take her into a small room, where one would shout an abusive question at her, and when she tried to reply, another would interrupt her by shouting an entirely different question, and when she tried to answer that, a third interrupted; she was always prevented from completing an answer to any question, and the hectoring continued until the mentally incoherent girl was reduced to a sobbing hysteria and was allowed to escape after she promised to repent of her sins against democracy and social justice. My comment was that I hoped to have the pleasure of attending the funerals of the righteous young social scientists in the very near future, but, so far as I know, not even one of them was taken to a hospital with a broken jaw. Since the population of Minnesota was largely Nordic and some of the girls must surely have had fathers or brothers who were men, I find that inexplicable.

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