Kai Murros: National Revolution in England

Transcript by Katana

IT HAS NOW become absolutely clear, without a shadow of doubt, that this nation, this England will survive. England will survive and so will Europe and they will thrive in the future. Indeed for a moment we were tempted to think that all hope was lost. That there is nothing to be done anymore and that our future will be awful.

But there are still passionate hearts, bright minds and strong arms left to carry on the struggle. This nation is not dead yet, far from it. The determination of the English people to survive will grow as it becomes painfully obvious what is waiting for them should they give up the fight.

The illusions are crumbling, false hopes are being dashed and the lies that you have been told are quickly losing their charm. The age of self-deception is soon over.

The English people have been cornered. They cannot hide, escape, take one step back, move the other way or bury their head in the sand, as they have done so far.

Your enemies on the other hand doesn’t even bother to hide anymore the fact that it is planning a total destruction of England. Your elite is confident that you have already lost your will to survive and that you are merely waiting for the final blow.

But this is the moment when the game only begins!

Just when life seems to be escaping the weakened English people, the entire nation is suddenly energized as if it were hit by lightning. The last moment when all muscles start to work, the mind becomes absolutely clear, the heart begins pumping blood and the lungs fill with air. The battered English nation begins the decisive struggle over life and death.

A mad frenzied dash forward, a fanatic charge against the modern world!

Those who have set out to destroy you, to murder your people, begin to panic as they realize that the tables are turning as the intended victim of this heinous crime, already nicely sedated, suddenly rose up and starts to fight back.

In this struggle the very best of your people will have to face the very worst of your people.

Your strength, your secret weapon, your strategic advantage in this struggle is your uncompromising love for this land and it’s people.


Your enemies on the other hand resort to hatred and contempt for the English people. One can only wonder how anyone can be such a fool as to think that one can poke at a people, by ridiculing them, by threatening them and by attacking them, both verbally and physically.

Only decadent Western Marxism has produced movements that claim to be revolutionary, but operates on self-hatred and ethnic masochism.

Only decadent Western Marxism has produced movements that claim to be revolutionary, but celebrates criminals and aggressive parasites as heroes.

The radical Leftists exist in a strange and sickening symbiosis with the system. The main function of the radical Left in modern society is to do the system’s dirty work. To terrorize and to intimidate ordinary people into submission. To violently shout down their throats, multiculturalism, mass immigration and ethnic suicide.

The radical Left is simply the ugly face of the great liberal consensus which includes both Left liberals and Right liberals all aiming at one thing and one thing only — the death of Europe.

We can only assume that this strategy seems like a winning ticket in the perverted world of academia. But in the real world this strategy is doomed to fail. But it may take a while before this becomes clear to the Marxist wannabe revolutionaries, because they are so well protected against the harsh realities of life by their allies and their groupies in the universities, in the government and in the press.

It is actually quite ironic how well radical Leftists are provided by the system, considering that, at least according to their own words, they are against the system.

In the final analysis it can be said that the modern radical Left is nothing else but the spoiled brats of the welfare state.


You, however, do not have this luxury. You have to face this hostile world as it is, in order to break it, crush it, dismantle it, and then rebuild it. You cannot have illusions.

Your strength is that you love England and the English people as they are. You do not despise your people for what they are. You do not hate your people for the way they live their lives. You do not attack your people for the things they cherish and hold dear. You do not try to forcibly change your people. You love the English people, warts and all.

However, you have a tremendous task before you.

You must make the English people love themselves. And you must find a way to make the English people understand that they are precious and that their lives matter.


The only advice I have for you is to do what revolutionaries have always done. Go to the people. Speak to the English workers. Speak to the English farmers and tell them that it is not their duty to sacrifice their lives and to surrender their future only to satisfy the endless demands of the psychopathic capitalistic class and it’s political minions in the Lib-Lab-Con Party.


Go to the farms and go to the factories and tell the people that there are absolutely no limits to what you are prepared to do in order to protect them and secure their future.

Make it absolutely clear that there are no laws, no agreements, no treaties, no conventions — national, or international, unilateral, multilateral, global or universe, that you would not break in order to secure the future of the English workers, English farmers, …


In short, to secure the future of the English people.

But before you do this, you must first learn to question everything you have ever been taught about society, economy, government, politics, history and what is right and what is wrong.

You must learn to be suspicious of your teachers and you must learn to unlearn. You must challenge every social theory that promotes the displacement of the English people in the face of mass immigration. You must discard all teachings of modern economics that state the impoverishment of the English people is unavoidable and even necessary for a thriving economy.

You must attack the popular scientific beliefs claiming that the English people should welcome becoming an unemployed underclass and an ethnic minority on their own soil.


You must reveal the hostile nature of liberal humanism as an instrument of the anti-English conspiracy.

You must reject all paradigms that are harmful to the English people. You must unmask the intellectual fashions that indoctrinate the the English people to hating themselves. You must expose every study that is written with an anti-English bias.

You must tear apart all academic practices, scientific conventions and intellectual prejudices. Those invisible chains that imprison and stifle the spirit of your people.

The emancipation of the English people cannot happen without the complete annihilation of the depraved and hostile academic system, as it now exists.


Once you have broken the evil spell of the degenerate academia, the English people will finally awake from their slumber.

Your undying love for England and the English people gives you the courage to break the stifling conventions and suffocating norms that modern liberal society imposes upon you.

You must never let bourgeois jurisprudence tie your hands. Too much is at stake!

Your undying love for England and the English people gives you strength to do terrible deeds! You will go to the extremes! You will commit extreme acts in order to save England! And you will commit those acts without remorse, because too much is at stake!

England, …


Let me be clear on this. All the wars and violent conflicts England has faced so far will pale in comparison with what is coming! Soon, history will be made again in this land. You don’t have to read history from books anymore, because great and terrible deeds are already waiting for you at your doorstep.

Whatever you do, the English people will eventually understand you and support you, because they know that you act out of love!

Especially when you do those cruel and horrible things.

True love is eventually measured by your willingness and ability to become a monster in order to protect those you love.

You will do the unthinkable. What people so far could not even have imagined or dare not hope. You will do what cannot be discussed later.

What England desperately needs now is one more revolution. The national revolution! The ultimate resolution! And this revolution is already long overdue!

England has always been the pioneer of Western civilization.

The most groundbreaking changes that eventually shake Europe and the entire world have been initiated by the English.

The industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, the bourgeois revolution and the revolution of capitalism have all their roots in England.

Due to England’s leading role in the development of Western civilization it is clear that this nation has now been been ravaged more than any other nation by the destructive forces of global capitalism and its intellectual mutations; liberalism, bourgeois individualism, middle-class aggregation and Marxism.

Multiculturalism, off-shoring of industry and mass immigration are only symptoms of the same disease that have its roots in the revolutions of the 17th century and in the rise of the capitalist class as the leading social class.

Imperial expansion and early industrialization gave the capitalist class tremendous powers. And in the guise of Puritanism and later liberalism, the capitalist mindset penetrated deep into the English and Anglo-Saxon culture.

Now the time has come to take the next step, to lead the way for the entire Western civilization. The time has come for the national revolution.

The Anglo-Saxon world, the epi-center of the global capitalism, must in the coming years, suffer the violent convulsions of the national revolution. Without this rebirth, the future of the entire European race looks bleak indeed.

In the dark damp back alleys where the light of liberalism never arrived, in the decaying industrial waste lands and in the shadows of abandoned factories, in the multicultural flats and derelict school yards, forgotten and ignored by cool Britain, a new radical revolutionary movement is rising!

Where the gospel of capitalism was never heard, where tolerance never brought any bread to the table, where equality was just a fancy word that meant other people, where diversity only meant crime and violence, where the boundless opportunities of globalization turned out to be nothing else but poverty and misery, there grows the new English national revolutionary consciousness.

Now that capitalism has used up all its energy and begins to devour the societies it has taken over, all the illusions will crumble.

High hopes for the future will be dashed and dreams of a more affluent lifestyle will be betrayed.

It becomes apparent that for most people in material terms, there is no future. No upward social mobility, no skyrocketing careers, no higher salaries or bigger offices. Not even steady, decent paying jobs to provide one’s family. No secure pensions. No safety in the golden years.

As the economic and material bedrock of civilization disintegrates you will soon be in a situation that all that you have left is your people, your identity, your collective memories and your land. And what could be better than to have the people and the land?

No more vain fantasies, but the land and the people, and an iron will to rebuild, to recreate and rejuvenate the nation!


There will be no more bourgeoisie individualism of middle class aggregation in the future. The hard work which is required and the great obstacles that you have to overcome, make it impossible that such remnants of the past could survive or would be tolerated in this country. Instead the ancient Anglo-Saxon sense for national community will be restored as the model for the new English society.

Indeed, your island will, an unyielding determination, will make you move mountains. And nothing less is expected from you. The great national reconstruction will be a gigantic task. But no matter how great are the challenges you will rise to meet them and in overcoming them will make you better and stronger.

As you make progress your enemies try to lead you astray and that is a risk you have to take. When you hear someone say, “That can’t be done,” you know it’s the enemy talking. When you hear someone say, “This is not the time for such an undertaking,” you know they are the words of a traitor. When you hear someone say, “You don’t know how to do this. You don’t have the expertise,” you will know that the betrayer is trying to discourage you. When you hear someone say, “That is wrong, that is cruel, barbaric,” or, “That is against the law,” you will know that you are face-to-face with a bloody fool.

[Long applause]

Indeed the greatest quest of your times is, how to deal with the enemy within. National revolution as a political event is simply not enough. You have to go further, you have to be much more radical. What is needed is the great cultural revolution in England. Western societies are so deeply infiltrated by the enemies of the people that it is completely impossible to think that any kind of fundamental and lasting political change without a complete purge of the cultural institutions.

Your greatest enemies are the media and especially the universities. Which seem to work as kind of incubators or hives for the most virulent enemies of our people.


In your dealings with the academic world you should seek inspiration from Maoist China and Khmer Rouge Cambodia. You must spearhead the popular reaction against academic elitism and systematically purge the universities, once and for all. You simply cannot wait for the change to come from within the academic system and therefore it must be brought from without. Even though I personally believe in the great cultural paradigm shift that will eventually change the intellectual landscape of the Western societies, I still can’t see that even the most profound ideological change in the society at large would have any effect on the academic world.

Because these Bolshevik academics have had plenty of time to secure their positions against any influence from the outside world. Besides, it appears that universities, especially the humanistic faculties, have a tendency to attract a certain type of offspring of the Western bourgeoisie, that seems to be almost pre-programmed to embrace practically any ideology that is hostile to European people.


So the change must be brought from the outside and it must be brought by force. For this historic task a new type of shock troops should be created, the “Nationalist Khmer Rouge Commandos”. Raised from the ranks of the working class, clad in black hoodies, covering their faces with black and white checkered scarves. The young fanatics of the movement will storm the universities, break into the classrooms and tear the academics down from their podiums!


The Red academics will be forced to admit their crimes against the English people in mass rallies. They will publicly confess how they have always conspired against the English people. How they always hated the English people and how they have always fantasized about hurting the English people. After this, the Red academics will be forced to face the wrath of the masses. The parasite intellectuals will be at all times, forced to carry signs declaring their evil schemes against the English people.


They will be forced to explain, in detail, the methods and techniques they used in deceiving you. You make them describe again, and again, and again, and again, how they dreamt about England’s death. How elated they were when they could see everything turning to ruins. And especially how they rejoiced seeing the desperation of the English people. After this you will throw them to the raging masses!


Nationalist cultural revolution requires that you ignite an inferno of rage in the English people. An all empowering, all conquering, all consuming fury. An uncontrollable hatred. You must utterly destroy everything that is foul, deformed, corrupt and degenerate. You must attack those responsible for the debasement of your culture. You must bring them down on their knees and you must destroy everything they have ever created. Let the world know just how much you hate and despise these pseudo-intellectual vermin.


Their titles and credentials, honours they have received and chairs they hold do not impress you or deceive you. The English national working class will soon give a brutal lesson to these pinko bourgeois traitors. The English national working class will break the bones of the limp-wristed campus Marxists and wannabe revolutionaries. The English national working class will soon teach the red elitists what real revolution is all about.

Only those who work have the right to decide the course of the nation. This is why it is high time that the English working class finally shakes the blood-sucking university scum off its back.

[Laughter and applause]

Let there be a declaration of independence of the English national working class from the treacherous literary class. The English working class must finally learn to stand on its own feet, forsake the Marxist brahmins and bring down the entire academic superstructure that serves as an intellectual yoke to enslave the English people.


Young people of England, you are the generation of struggle. So much is expected from you. Your burden is heavier than the burden of any generation before you or after you. You are in pain because you are forced to witness the slow death of your nation. You are young and idealistic, but because you are young you are also absolutely merciless. Only young people, whom age has not yet corrupted, can feel such boundless hate when facing dishonesty and moral weaknesses.


This ability to hate makes you a truly revolutionary generation. You are the sons and daughters of this land. England is your inheritance. England is yours, it cannot and will not belong to anyone else. Do not hesitate to claim it. Do not hesitate to demand it. And do not hesitate to embrace it. The vile politicians; the sick media; the Marxist-educated class; and the utter bastards, the bankers and capitalists, tried to seduce you to give up your birthright. But only a worthless cretin would give up his land and title.


England is your legacy, and should you throw it away you will become a homeless underclass; worthless peons; slaves; a travelling band of fools who gave away all that was rightfully theirs. Your children will curse you, and those who robbed you blind will laugh at you.

Soon comes the St. Crispin’s Day of your generation, the day when the fate of England will be decided in a bloody clash of arms. You are the pride of England. You are the very best this nation has ever produced. You are the salvation and future of England. You will impose your iron will on the land and the people, and you will resurrect a dying nation.

The so-called intellectuals from the Left are always busy trying to deconstruct the nation, trying to reduce the nation to its parts in order to explain it away. But this nation does exist. It refuses to die and it refuses to vanish simply to make some Trotskyite Pharisees happy. This nation is a source of great happiness to its people. This nation is a source of great pride to its people. We nationalists know that the nation is always much more than a mere sum of its parts. And it is exactly this strange, unexplainable, extraordinary dimension that is the metaphysical aspect of the nation.

But indeed a nation does need an elite. The elite must be infused with passion and devotion for the land and the people. The elite must be unflinching in its loyalty to the heritage and future of the nation. The elite must be the embodiment of the nation. If the elite doesn’t reflect these qualities, the nation is doomed because the elite then is only a gang of highly paid traitors. Tragically today the elite in this land mostly comprises of Trotskyites – either acting, reformed, or closet Trotskyites – but nevertheless people who have once sworn to destroy the English nation. In short, England is now in the hands of traitors. In a way we can say that the Cambridge Five never actually left this country, the Cambridge Five rule this country.


It is clear that in order for England to survive, you have to become the new elite of this land. In order to achieve this you have to be better than anyone else. You have to be organized, disciplined, hierarchical, calculating, conspiring, deceiving, violent and unforgiving. You have to be a secret sect as a mass movement, an iron first in a silk glove, brute force and deep intellect, all at the same time. You have to be populists and elitists and understand the balance.

You have to spread across society like a virus, intrude into every level, invade every institution, infiltrate every organization, penetrate the system’s intellectual defenses, impregnate the public consciousness with revolutionary thoughts.

And do all that while operating as one single collective being, with one mind, one will and one goal.

And more than this, in order to win, you must have the lust for power. You have to be obsessed with power, absolute power! And you have to declare it openly and without shame.

Everything about you, everything you do, everything you say, everything you think has to be about power. How to get it, how to keep it, how to use it and how to get it even more.

You must taste that word, feel that word. The most beautiful word in the English language. Power!

Every day you have to reassert yourself again and again that this is about power and today you will do at least one thing that will take you closer to taking over England.

You are and you have to become the generation of power. Absolute power, to save England.

Tell everyone you know that you want to save England, and for that reason your prepared to do anything, absolutely anything to get the power in this land one day. Explain to everyone you ever meet that you are a member in a movement that is destined to hold power over this land. Power with no restraint. Total power, boundless power. It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But let us not kid ourselves, here. Without power you absolutely cannot change the world!


Without power you are only a pitiful victim. Indeed it’s better to be ruthless and powerful than be virtuous and powerless. Only hermits and sages can do without power, but they will not save England.

It is painfully clear that the kindness and hospitality of the English people has been abused by opportunistic intruders and invasive parasites. The trusting nature of the English people, their habit of trying to avoid conflict and their natural tendency to fair play has made it possible for aggressive beggars and violent career criminals to take over large parts of this land and to start extorting money and services from the people.

The disciplined industriousness, honesty and frugality of the English people is now a sort of great wealth to foreign crime bosses and a multitude of habitual offenders and benefit spongers infiltrating this country every day.

Mild temperament, good manners, the famous stiff upper lip and the unwillingness to draw attention to oneself have proven to be a great advantage for the hot-headed, aggressive and hysterical aliens who are masters of threatening behavior, psychological violence and who are used to getting their way through brazen audacity, tantrums of rage and theatrical displays of anger.


These English qualities have now turned into a death sentence for the English people as their island is invaded by races who represent the absolute opposite of these noble qualities.

Needless to say, these alien species are also the friends and allies of the modern Left in its relentless war against the English people. Through intimidation and open ethnic violence the radical Left is pushing the English people into a corner. The defiling of the English girls is an integral part of the strategy of the Left to break the spirit of the English people.



The rape of women is a powerful way to demonstrate that a new breed has taken over the territory. And this is exactly what the radical Left wants! To displace the English people once and for all!

In the final analysis, sex-crazed Pakistani males are only the dumb, brutal and willing tools in the hands of the radical Left in a sickening campaign to exterminate the English people. The radical Left uses fancy words and high-flying theories and preaches lofty ideals. But do not let the humanistic platitudes fool you. The Left is primarily motivated by an atavistic and primitive hate for the English people.

The Leftists get an intense perverted thrill in seeing English girls as sex slaves of alien thugs. Seeing fear and desperation in the eyes of the English people sends extreme shivers of pleasure through Leftists’ spines. Seeing English people beaten and robbed and fleeing an alien mob is the absolute climax of satisfaction for the Leftist intellectuals. When these modern Bolsheviks say, “Workers unite!” what they really mean is, “Death to the English!

After the long years of liberal corruption, after the seemingly endless decades of leftist decadence, after of lifetime of catastrophic human flight, you must recreate England. You must rebuild this island fortress, you must reestablish the seat of the English race, lay the foundations deeper and stronger than ever.

England for the English people where Englishness itself is the highest virtue and the most respected quality. England where solidarity, respect and kindness reign supreme. England where the English people can always, always feel safe and proud. England where English people work side by side for the common good. England that will stand the test of time. England the beacon of hope for here and for Western Civilization — that England is worth fighting for!

* * *

Source: Katana

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