Fixing the “Racist” Justice System

I was poor, so I formed a rape gang.

THE VAST dark hordes of non-White inferiors are incapable of meeting even the most modest standards of civilized behavior in a White country. This was proven beyond the slightest doubt during the disastrous Jewish century when the brown enemygrants poured into our homelands, bringing violence, rape and chaos. The obvious solution to this kosher disaster is, of course, their removal. We are told by a rat-faced man with a weird little cap on the back of his head that this is wrong. Instead we should have a separate, much lower, standard for the “minority.” Excusing away the typical pathology of the Latino opportunist, the Negro animal and the Mideastern rapefugee will reduce it. Somehow.

Young offenders from Black or ethnic minority backgrounds could be given lighter punishments under new sentencing guidelines.

As the United Kaliphate struggles to regain its identity and pride through Brexit, g*d’s chosen termites continue to feast on the most basic foundations of a working society. There’s no better way to teach Mohammad the old “straighten up and fly right” lesson than ignoring and minimizing the crimes it commits. Once the dark metastasis realizes it won’t be seriously punished, they’re bound to improve. This talmudic reasoning will be the magic bullet that transforms living fossils from Africa into cut-rate Whites.

Judges will be told to consider the ‘discrimination and negative experiences of authority’ they may have suffered.

Yes, you ran a rape gang that victimized hundreds of women and girls while authorities fearful of being called “racist” turned a blind eye, but on the other hand you hate cops and someone looked at you with an unkind glance once, so we’ll just call it a wash. The hollow shell of not-so-great Britainistan staggers toward the pre-dug grave of “diversity” and “tolerance.” The worms and maggots will appreciate how fair and open-minded we were; the necrosis will be our medal of honor.

Courts should take into account ‘particular factors which arise in the case of black and minority ethnic children and young people’.

Somewhere the Jew is howling with laughter. “I can’t believe these dumb goyim, they’ll fall for anything! Let all the schwoogies out of prison, there’s lots of factors. You dumb shkotzim, I can’t wait for your total destruction and my brown slaves promised by the talmud.”

Critics said it was wrong to sentence criminals differently on racial grounds. One criminologist said the law should be the same for everyone.

There’s apparently one or two sane people left. Good to know.

The new rules, which will apply for young criminals from June 1, tell the courts they must pay regard to when young offenders have ‘deprived homes, poor parental employment records, low educational attainment, and early experience of offending by other family members’.

We can add low I.Q., foreign genetics, stone cube worship, sullen hostility to their White benefactors, sexual emergencies, and the fact that Whites haven’t been totally annihilated yet by these outrageous and suicidal policies to this highly Semitic list of excuses and “woe is me” delusion.

There’ll always be an England.

Judges are also told to consider ‘experience of abuse and/or neglect, negative influences from peer associates and the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol’ when sentencing.

This is new and exciting.

However in a historic departure for the court system, the guidelines tell judges and magistrates: ‘There is also evidence to suggest that black and minority ethnic children and young people are over-represented in the youth justice system.

I wonder why this is. Must be “racism” or a lack of quality schools or maybe even the demon alcohol. It certainly isn’t massive differences in everything from religion and culture to frontal lobe development.

‘The factors contributing to this are complex. One factor is that a significant proportion of looked after children and young people are from a black and minority ethnic background.’

Trust me, unclean meat, it’s complex. The most obvious answers are clearly wrong, let’s consider whether they’re “looked after.”

They go on to say: ‘A further factor may be the experience of such children and young people in terms of discrimination and negative experiences of authority.

I was breaking windows and the “authority” made me stop! You can’t punish me for raping your women.

‘Children should not be blamed for factors beyond their control.’

Believe it or not, I agree. The Negro can’t control being a Negro. This is why it needs to be removed.

Sentencing Council chairman Lord Justice Treacy said the guidelines were aimed at preventing reoffending.

Yeah. Good luck. I bet you have a lot of success.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Michael R
Michael R
11 March, 2017 12:52 am

At least we’ll always have Paris…

11 March, 2017 9:16 pm

Simply outrageous. NO special rights or protections for anyone, that includes the Shomrim for the Jews. When did the legal system turn into the social service system? Judges are being asked to take into consideration criteria about these thugs that have no bearing on the crime itself, not to mention that it’s outside the professional expertise of judges, who aren’t psychologists, psychiatrists or social workers. From Affirmative Action to schemes like this, every special right given to these people is one more step backward for Whites into second class citizenhood.