Avocado Supremacists

by H. Millard

PERHAPS WE have a lesson to learn from the Hass avocado, Grasshopper; and about the mutant-hating bastards who are trying to kill us all off.

In the 1920s, Rudolph Hass planted some seedling avocado trees that he thought were all of the Lyon variety. One of the trees turned out to be different. It produced smaller, darker, bumpier avocados.

The Hass children ate some of these different avocados and told their father that they preferred the new avocados over the old ones. Rudolph investigated and learned that not only was this the only tree of its type in his orchard but there were no others like it anywhere. (ILLUSTRATION: Mr. and Mrs. Hass and the famous tree.)

Apparently, it was a mutation of some other type of avocado tree — perhaps a Lyon, perhaps not. Anyway, this sole tree was, as far as anyone knows, the first Hass avocado tree.

It was a break with other avocado trees. A new beginning. A veritable Adam and Eve of the avocado world. It was the mother of all Hass avocado trees in the world today.

Hass patented the variety in 1935 and worked out a deal with a nearby nursery to grow and sell the trees.

Today, there are approximately 80 million Hass trees around the world. All are descended from this one tree, which stood until 2002 in La Habra, California. The Hass avocado has now become the industry standard. In other words, the genes of this one mutant now dominate the world of avocados.

“You’re an avocado supremacist!” come the cries from the pinhead multiracialists. “Don’t you know that there are three species of avocados and more than 100 varieties (the equivalent of races) of the things?

“We demand that you stop saying that Hass avocados are better. All avocados grow on trees. All avocados are the same under the skin. All avocados are equal. God loves all avocados just the same. We demand avocado diversity and we demand that all varieties of avocado be sold and consumed in equal quantities and that we have affirmative action for those varieties that aren’t accepted because of their skin color.

“It’s not their fault that they are as they are. It’s the environment. If you prefer one avocado over another, then you’re a varietiest. If there wasn’t Hass avocado discrimination then these other avocados would be treated the same.

“It’s time that avocado supremacists stopped their evil ways. We demand integrated avocado orchards to stop the bigotry and hate. There is a marvelous tapestry of avocados. Celebrate avocado diversity. If you aren’t treating all avocados just the same, then you’re a Nazi.

“Also, the word avocado comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word ‘ahuacatl’ which translates as ‘testicle,’ so not only are you an avocado supremacist and separatist, you’re also a sexist.” Ho hum, yawn. We’ve heard these silly clichés over and over again, haven’t we?

But, the easily intimidated among us say: “But, but, but, I’m not a varietiest. I love all avocados just the same. Why, I don’t even notice the difference between avocados!” (This is a big lie, of course. Hass avocados are popular largely because they taste better, don’t have fibers inside as do some varieties, don’t get watery as do some varieties, and have a higher oil content which makes them richer and better for guacamole than other avocados). “I don’t even notice that some avocados are green and some are black when they’re ripe. I don’t notice color at all!”

The discerning reader is probably now saying that comparing avocados to people, as I am so obviously doing, is specious. After all, avocados are avocados and people are people. Big difference. Well, yes and no. Nature is all pretty simple. It’s only the explanations that are complex. The same basic principles that exist with avocados, exist with humans. It’s all in the genes.

Do we have a human version of the mother tree of all Hass avocados?

As you might expect, we have more than one. There are forks in the road that constantly appear. Those of us alive today who are White people, had ancestors who kept taking the White forks. Had they not, then we’d not be White. Throughout history we’ve had more than a few partings of the ways with the old varieties as we took one fork — and they took another.

Consider, just to get the intellectual juices flowing, the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

Might we not speculate that the story, at its core, isn’t really a myth at all and that, as with so many myths, there are elements of truth in the tale?

Could it be that the creation of Adam and Eve was not the creation of all humans, as many Bible classes teach, but was just a new departure for humans? Two Hass avocado trees of the human kind, so to speak.

What if the reality was that Adam and Eve were really the first White people on this Brown planet?

What if original sin was miscegenation? What if Christians have been trying for centuries to remove original sin but that they don’t even know that their rituals are meaningless because the only way to remove original sin is to purify the blood?

What if being thrown out of the Garden of Eden really was about Adam and Eve having to live as the older forms of humans because of their miscegenation and that their children and their children’s children have carried this original sin of miscegenation in their genes ever since?

What if the way to rid oneself of this original sin is to “inbreed” for many generations in a sort of distilling process to remove the fruits of the forbidden tree — miscegenation — from the genes? These things are taught in at least one religion I know of. Some may dismiss this as nonsense, but those who do so are showing religious bigotry and a lack of tolerance for the beliefs of others. As a religious teaching, what has just been written above is as valid as any other religious teaching. Ultimately, one either believes, or one does not. That’s what religion is all about.

We also have an inkling of other departures for humans. According to Bryan Sykes who wrote The Seven Daughters of Eve, all Europeans are descended from seven mothers.

The earliest one lived about 45,000 years ago, probably in Greece. There were many other women alive at the time, but this one woman and six others, if Sykes is right, are the mothers of all Europeans and European peoples alive today.

These six were the Hass avocado trees of Europeans, so to speak. They were a new departure. Their genes dominated all others. The others died off. Perhaps these others practiced miscegenation, and died off as their genes were swamped by the genes of others. Whatever happened, they and their genes disappeared. They were dead ends.

So, the Hass avocado was a chance mutation. Adam and Eve may have been chance mutations. The seven daughters of Eve may also have been chance mutations. Nature bubbles up such chance mutations all the time. Most die off, some don’t.

Could it be that humans, in the time we find ourselves in, must now will our own mutations and evolution if we truly hope for a better world with less disease and longer, happier lives?

Could it be that Nature gets creatures to the point where we are now — and then leaves it up to them to struggle to move forward, or, like leaves in a stream, be pulled back downstream?

Human evolution does seem stalled. Maybe this is just a dwell point between moving forward and being pulled back, and maybe we better start paddling with all our might so we can move upstream, or the natural pull of the stream will pull us back down to the dark ocean of ever-lower consciousness. If this analogy is a valid one, then all that is needed for us to be pulled back downstream is that we do nothing. Going upstream, on the other hand, requires struggle. Could it be that we have a choice to make? — do nothing or struggle. Some believe this is the case.

It gets more complicated, though, because there are dark, evil forces in the world that don’t want humans to evolve higher. They want humans to become less, not more.

They don’t want different human varieties to separate out and follow their own destinies. They want all humans to mate with all other humans to eliminate all differences.

Most of these evildoers consciously or subconsciously hate White people and wish that White people were all extinct. These people who are sometimes called multiracialists or even multiculturalists (I often prefer “blenders”) want to see Whites mate with non-Whites so that Whites are destroyed. Most of these haters won’t put it in those terms, but look beyond their slick smiles and their false, compassionate-sounding catchphrases to what will happen if these evildoers prevail over good.

Their ways will result in the complete annihilation of White people. These pinhead multiracialists and multiculturalists simply don’t like White people and they never will like White people. It’s a genetic thing with some of them and it’s a matter of conditioning with others. Oh, you may find many of these people who seem to like White people, to their faces, but their hatred is often part of their genetic program. Whites are their natural enemies.

Will the haters of Whites win, or will Whites survive? Future history will tell the tale, but as thinking creatures, it’s up to us to try to see that we do survive. It’s just part of the big struggle that everything in our universe goes through. It’s not even a very big part of the cosmic struggle except to us.

Our “worth” has to be first measured by our own ideas of this worth. If we think that we are a people who should survive, then we’ll struggle to make this happen. If, however, we are neurotic and feel that we should be destroyed, we’ll also work in conscious and unconscious ways to see that happen. Either way, we need to understand that those who don’t like White people will work in their own struggle to destroy us — either outright or through bedroom genocide.

Although I’ve characterized this as good against evil, in a larger cosmic sense there is no good or evil in any of this. It is just the workings of Nature. The good and evil are relative.

Those who want to destroy us are evil in our eyes. Our wanting to survive is evil in their eyes. We need to understand the struggle for what it truly is and not be distracted with false ideas of the nature of reality. The reason we have to do this is because our tool of survival in the universe is our ability to think and reason. Nature doesn’t care if we survive or become extinct. It is up to us to decide how to survive and to become more. We might change the old “I think, therefore I am,” to “I think I should survive, therefore I should survive.”

The next time you have some guacamole at a restaurant, you can be almost certain that it’s Hass avocado guacamole. All avocados are not really the same, amigos. Neither are people. Genes matter. Let’s hear it for the mutant avocado and for Rudolph Hass, who kept it separate and didn’t let it blend back in with the other varieties of avocados. Had he not kept the Hass avocado separate, you’d be eating watery, less satisfying guacamole today.

And, if Whites don’t remain separate, there will be no Whites in the future.

(© 2016 H. Millard)

* * *

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