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A Word About Miscegenation


by David Sims

THE FOLLOWING was an answer of mine, posted to and subsequently deleted from Yahoo Answers. Per my policy regarding censorship, when one of my comments is removed from one forum, it shall reappear on many others, so that it will gather MORE attention, rather than less.

A question had been asked about persons of mixed race. Here is how I answered:

Although Geoff is correct about almost everyone having a racial mix, it’s still true that most “White” people count their ancestry mostly — almost entirely — from the White race, and only a very small fraction from all of the other races combined. For example, I am 97% White and 3% Cherokee, and I’m more heavily mixed than most of the people I know. A similar thing is true for Asians: although a few have mixed in marriage, the great bulk of them have not. Only a small proportion of living people belongs to one biracial cline or another.

Mixing races isn’t a good idea. Both close inbreeding and far outbreeding can cause birth defects, though for different reasons. Close inbreeding can result in the reinforcement of recessive genetic abnormalities, which can then appear in a child as a handicap or an early death.

But races differ in the body proportions, and genetic inheritance does not occur as a smooth averaging of parental traits in a child’s body. Rather, groups of tissues and organs are separately determined by the parents’ haploid genes, and it is possible for a child to get a bad mix, which results in his body parts not fitting together well or not working together well. The difficulties might be mechanical, or they might be biochemical.

For example, if a man from a small race mates with a woman from a large race, it is possible that their child will grow up to be a large man with a small heart. The offspring, once out of his tender years, would have a heart that couldn’t pump enough blood to meet his body’s needs. He would be bedridden almost all of his life, and he would probably die young.

So beware this Jew-inspired fad of race-mixing. It isn’t a good thing. It is unhealthy. And the Jews do not intend that we should do it for our benefit, but rather because they know it will be our undoing.

Geoff is also certainly correct about US-resident Blacks. On the average, about a quarter of their ancestors are White people. That’s why the average IQ of US-resident “Blacks” is 85, whereas the average IQ of sub-Saharan African Blacks is only 70. Blacks tend to mix more than other races do, and, for Blacks, the danger of Mendelian mismatched parts might be the lesser worry; the greater one would be remaining Black in — and poorly adapted to — a civilized world. Adaptive pressure would prompt Blacks to “go White” when choosing mates, or, if White be out of reach, as light as possible.

It is a fact that the most of the relatively accomplished “Blacks,” the persons of whom the Black race is the most proud, are mulattoes, rather than pure Blacks. There is a distinct negative correlation among mulattoes with respect to percentage of Black ancestry and IQ. The lighter a mulatto is, the smarter he is, usually.

That being so, one recognizes that the enabling genes in most of the relatively accomplished mulattoes (e.g. Jan Ernst Matzeliger) came from the White side of their family trees, not from the Black side. I say “relatively accomplished” for a reason. Demagogues of the afrocentric school will automatically elevate any Black or mulatto who earns a Ph.D. in math or physics to “great scientist” status, but this low-bar is never used for Whites, among whom getting a doctorate is merely the barest first step on the way to a career that MIGHT, after a lifetime of work, confer that status upon him.

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

“Per my policy regarding censorship, when one of my comments is removed from one forum, it shall reappear on many others, so that it will gather MORE attention, rather than less.” I think it’s a good practice to exploit what has been called “the Streisand effect,” which Wikipedia defines as follows: “The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware something is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread the information is increased. “It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, whose 2003 attempt to suppress photographs of her residence in… Read more »

Clinton Seeber
Clinton Seeber

My word about it is “Don’t do it!”

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster

Let’s not forget the social ramifications for the child. The child will never quite fit in with either racial group. The (purer) of each group will not be so accepting of the mixed race. And the child will pick up on at sometime or another. Heart ache for the mixed race child. And for the parent who watches it.


Greetings Thomas.
Yes, we are not against other races but we promote our own unique beneficial peoples.

I have friends who are mixed but none of them have good lives. They are not serene people.