The Fall of Charlottesville

ON FEBRUARY 6th, the rancid city council of Charlottesville, Virginia voted 3-2 to remove a statue of the great Robert E. Lee and rename Lee Park. The fact that the beautiful statue has been there since 1928 and is protected by Virginia law means very little to the lawless and (so much for the) tolerant Left.

Councilman Wes Bellamy, who voted to remove our cultural and historical legacy, used the tired and clichéd line that community members (code for entitled Blacks) felt the statue was culturally offensive and a symbol of “muh white supremacy.” Of course, the good councilman has his own little colorful background of subversive anti-White history.

Alternative media uncovered Bellamy’s, then-Vice Mayor of Charlottesville and a teacher in Albemarle County, tweets and participation in the typical ignorant trash that litters “Black Twitter” — the blatant illiteracy, unintelligible discussions on the merits of various disgusting “sexual” practices, barely comprehensible advice on rape, and, of course, the standard-bearer of Black bravado, the tried and true, “Ooga Booga Where Da White Women.”

You might be asking yourself, “You’re telling me this pavement ape is a member of the city council, was a public school teacher and vice mayor of Thomas Jefferson’s Charlottesville?” Unfortunately, yes. The city is a hotbed of Current Year communists, Marxist professors and the (rarely mentioned) Black underclass. The city has voted for Democrats in every single election (presidential, gubernatorial and senatorial) since at least 1992. We’re talking generations of anti-White scum ruling in Mr. Jefferson’s town, so of course they’d allow this piece of filth on their city council.

“We will not be bullied,” Bellamy said regarding the decision and the outcry from concerned citizens. “We will not be pushed away.” So brave. These Bolsheviks always retort to calling their opponents “bullies.” It’s the standard effeminate and nerdy phrase repeated ad nauseam by folks that want to, in fact, bully and destroy Southern history.

Cucky Councilman Bob Fenwick, a transplant from Missouri, provided the swing vote after both praising Lee and then submitting to the hackneyed (and required) talking point — “muh slavery.” Any man that supports the removal of Lee’s statue is no man. He’s what Richard Spencer once called a fat out-of-shape and aging protester at Texas A&M: “a white coward.” They’re a dime a dozen these days and are one of the primary reasons Europe is being overrun by Middle Easterners, we’ll be a minority in our own country by 2044, and are witnessing the erasure of our cultural history.

And, finally, we have Councilwoman Kristin Szakos — the truly everlasting committed leftist who married another perpetual communist, community organizer and offspring of Hungarian immigrants (might echo), Joe Szakos. Szakos looks like your typical catlady but surprisingly had two children. She also was an Obama volunteer and served on the NAACP Board of Directors. She’s been agitating to have the statue taken down for years, so I’m sure she’s relishing the removal of our heritage — in addition to advocating for the removal and erasure of Lee, she initiated the move to end the city’s observance of Lee-Jackson Day in 2015. She’ll likely propose a Holocaust memorial to replace Marse Robert.

If you notice the Jewish, Black and transplant alliance leading the Damnatio memoriae against White (and Southern) monuments and history, you must be some sort of evil bigot. Like the Alexandria City Council that pushed to have Route 1 renamed from Jefferson Davis Highway and remove the city’s statue in honor of the Confederate soldiers (called Appomattox) from the area — the fact that council is made up of Alexandria’s mayor, (((Allison Silberberg))), and members Justin Wilson (transplant cuck), Willie Bailey (Black), John Chapman (Black, uncanny resemblance to Wes Bellamy also), Timothy Lovain (transplant cuck), Del Pepper (race traitor and NAACP activist) and (((Paul Smedberg))) should all go unnoticed. These people aren’t even Virginians — no wonder they voted to ban the flying of the Confederate flag, which had been a tradition in the city on Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

To be fair though, Alexandria is probably more liberal than Charlottesville. Northern Virginia is essentially occupied territory and has been for years. Now, the non-native Alexandria City Council did fail at removing their last vestige of Southern history due to state law, but you know these people — give it a year or so and they’ll be clamoring to suppress your history in the name of “fairness” and “inclusivity.” Trust me, if they could outlaw someone from even thinking pro-Confederate thoughts, you’d be sent to a gulag at the drop of a hat for wrong thinking the merits of Turner Ashby’s bravado.

But, back to Charlottesville — on March 21st, The Cavalier Daily reported that two organizations and 11 community members filed a lawsuit in Charlottesville Circuit Court against the city and the Council. The complaint filed in court claims the potential removal of the statues of Lee and General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson from their eponymous parks, and the renaming of Lee and Jackson Parks, violate Virginia state code, as well as, the terms of Paul Goodloe McIntire’s agreements to gift the land for both parks to the city. The complaint also argues Council members are legally required to protect and defend historic monuments.

Too bad for Szakos, Bob Cuckwick and Councilman Dindu. Virginia Law (§ 15.2-1812) states, “If such [memorials for war veterans] are erected, it shall be unlawful for the authorities of the locality, or any other person or persons, to disturb or interfere with any monuments or memorials so erected, or to prevent its citizens from taking proper measures and exercising proper means for the protection, preservation and care of same.”

Now, that seems pretty clear to me, but who knows? A Negro federal judge (Arenda L. Wright Allen of United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia) ruled that Virginia’s Marriage Amendment (which prohibited fags from getting hitched and was approved by 57% of the population in a 2006 election) was unconstitutional because, “Our Constitution declares that ‘all men’ are created equal. Surely this means all of us.”

Yeah, you read that right. A federally appointed judge (by President High Yeller no less) wrote in a major state case that the United States Constitution says “all men are created equal” and this is why a state amendment should be overturned. It doesn’t matter that the legally non-binding Declaration of Independence included the line — not the Constitution. Words, context and meaning don’t matter to a White-hating (and in this affirmative action hire case, blatantly stupid) judiciary. They’ll just say “words” mean something else. Feelz (and their anti-White animus) trump non-political jurisprudence.

Even though the anti-queer law was declared “unconstitutional” in 2014 by the idiot Black judge, that hasn’t stopped Northern Virginia State Senator (((Adam Ebbin))) and sodomite State Senator Mark D. Sickles from having the amendment scrubbed from our (clearly worthless and meaningless) state constitution.

Ultimately, there’s not much more to say about this great travesty concerning this noble man (and Jackson) in Charlottesville.

We all know the time will come when they remove Washington and Jefferson due to their connection to slavery. All traces of old Virginia will be removed in due time. After all, Charlottesville is a city without roots. Without a connection. Without actual Virginians. The few that remain are so nominal in population, that not one member of the city council is a Virginia native — excluding those members from the deracinated and cultureless dystopia that is Northern Virginia.

It’s akin to visiting Carthage and only finding Tunisian Arabs wallowing among the ruins. The Virginians, like the Carthaginians, are now long gone. Nothing remains but (some of) their monuments, neoclassical architecture, and now fallowing institutions — tributes of their greatness tragically left to be debased by races of lesser and ignoble men.

If you have anything invested in the city — donor to UVA, a business in the city, plans on tourism, etc. Stop. This city needs to be drained of its tax base, let the limousine liberals and transplants shoulder the financial burden of their burgeoning class of unemployed hipsters, directionless misfits and restless non-Whites.

Our enemies better pray we never reclaim Dixie (and the rest of this country) because the first order of business will be tearing down every single MLK statue, renaming all of the violent and crime-infested streets that bear his name, and then demolishing the Lincoln Memorial for good measure.

* * *

Source: Truth is Justice

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20 April, 2017 9:49 pm

What more can one say – NIGGERS WILL BE NIGGERS, and white cowards are so plentiful these days. Yes I am angry, very angry. If I had my way I would remove them all from the Earth. They are worthless pieces of sub-human filth!!

Blenda Richter
Blenda Richter
21 April, 2017 6:10 pm

Indeed and indeed.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
22 April, 2017 6:33 am

American Bolsheviks! A perfect description
of these unwashed and feral scumbags!

22 April, 2017 8:02 am

Too many home-made Yankees in the South. The South defeated the first and 2d Reconstruction (1860s – 1960s). We are currently going through the 3d Reconstruction. ‘These people’ as Lee would call them are renaming buildings and streets of our Southern heroes in Texas as fast as the law allows. Are they going to bomb Robert Lee, Texas — the Davis Mountains – Jeff Davis County, Fort Davis? Our enemies have a lot of work to do on Texas.

23 April, 2017 7:55 pm

The same thing is being done to the monuments from the Civil War era in New Orleans as I write.