Promoting Large Families

JEWISH-CONTROLLED media constantly send the message that the world is overpopulated — which we agree is true in some areas such as India and Africa. When it comes to European Whites however, it is not true — we are in dire straits. We are not replacing ourselves, in fact, we aren’t even close to it with the average birth rates in the UK, US, and Australia at approximately 1.3 and many European countries even lower.

Some more enlightened governments less under Jewish domination have been trying numerous types of monetary incentives over the last 30 years to increase the birth rate, but they have missed some of the fundamental issues — such as attitudes and laws.

Promoting large families and increasing the White birth rate are needed policies because the way things are projected we are going to be a minority in the very near future — meaning the loss of indigenous rights and continued persecution around the globe. Within 30 years we will have no indigenous homelands as the Jew-led globalist leaders of today are effectively practicing genocide by allowing vast numbers of Third World immigrants and refugees into European countries. On average a Muslim couple will produce 4 children while a European couple will produce 1.6. Pervert “couples” produce zero, of course. Demographers who have kept track of these trends show some chilling forecasts wherein Europeans will be minorities in their own countries by 2050.

Unless we act soon, the beautiful, culturally rich Europe, that we know today will be torn to shreds and the Europe we knew before the non-White invasion will be remembered only in history books.

Our ancestors got married not long after they reached puberty and most likely started having children within the first year of that. By the time they were 35 they effectively could have between 4 — 8 children during their child-bearing years. Because mothers started young, her children then go on to have their own families much sooner so the generations within a family are much closer together than they are today.

Today, the Jewish-controlled media promotes the idea that women should establish their careers before starting a family meaning that the average woman does not start having children until much later in life. This limits the number of children you can bear before fertility expires — and it also brings about increased risks with genetic disorders and miscarriage greatly increasing in first-time older mothers. First time mothers who are 35 years or older are generally more likely to experience birthing complications leading to a host of medical interventions including caesarean section. This results in high risk, medically managed pregnancies for all future pregnancies as well. Statistically speaking, healthy women who start having children at a younger age will have a lower rate of complications during pregnancy and birth and will go on to have future pregnancies which are uncomplicated and straightforward. The human body is an amazing thing and once you have gone through one pregnancy it makes future births easier.

In America, we see recently a woman being banned for promoting large families. In Russia, in contrast, they have conferences such as the International Forum on the Large family and the Future of Humanity, and the concurrent Festival of Large Families — which was hosted in the State Kremlin Palace itself. What a difference!

* * *

Source: Covener’s League, Lifesite News, and National Vanguard correspondents

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19 December, 2019 11:41 am

“and the Europe we knew before the non-White invasion will be remembered only in history books.” Not true. The Jews will erase all evidence that White people ever existed. This process has already started.

Guest from the East
Guest from the East
28 December, 2019 9:39 pm

The Jews made sure that the cost of living went up in order to make it difficult to have big families