Russia Appeals to the Peoples of Europe

THE LANGUAGE is somewhat coded. And a couple mildly mixed-looking faces are included amidst a sea of White. But the message is clear, and it is not far from what Dimitry Rogozin has been saying for some time: European peoples — unite or die. Although the message clearly refers to the violent Muslim invasion of Europe, is there also a subtext? One of the speakers says: “We realize the old world is gone. This world is destroyed by your partners, whose paradise rests of the creation of Hell for others.” Who, pray tell, is the primary “partner” of the US? Very few people don’t know the answer to that question!

What is even more interesting than the video, though, is the degree of racial and Jew-awareness that comes through in the comments, a few of which I will quote below:

“Jews are the sickness that has infected Europe/USA and has opened our borders, controls the minds of idiots through the mass media and enslaves others with usury.”

“The USA is the primary cause for the subhuman invasion of Europe. It is the American Jews that devised this plan to exterminate the European race through mass immigration.”

“The founding father of the idea of the E.U., Kalergi, said that Europe should be made a ‘single nation’ by ‘Negroes and Asians and others’ — it’s pretty blatant that this is part of that plan. Look up ‘clean break strategy’ of Richard Perle as submitted to Netanyahu. This is what is happening in Syria. John Negroponte’s idea of using a proxy army to ‘reshape the world’ is being played out in Yemen right now, as Colombian mercenaries formed by the US are being employed against the Shia of Yemen. Europe will become a colony if they don’t break from the US and align with Russia. But all we hear is ‘Assad must go’ and ‘sanctions for Russia.'”

“I agree with the position in the video. And I hate to say it, but my government is the bad guy in this conflict. The U.S. government has become a naked, evil empire. Everything I was told the Soviets were, growing up — the U.S. has become. Perhaps they were projecting all along.”

“No More Brothers’ Wars!… Greetings from the Alamo City and the South Side of San Antonio Texas….”

“This video really can’t be complete unless we understand who brought millions of Muslims into Europe. It’s hard to believe, but Jews are responsible. They launched a secret war against all European nations.”

“Yes… they whine about the Spanish Inquisition, but conveniently forget that the whole reason Spain had a Muslim problem was because THEY were the ones who started moving the Muslims into Spain in the first place.”

“Sorry Russians, although we wish we had a great leader like you, we have all been taken over by Jews, and we have no say in what our puppet leaders do. They are traitorous pervert degenerate scum. The Jews are parasites and, as such, they fed upon Russia for nearly a century, then began to feed upon America as Russia had been looted and drained of most of its blood. Our only hope in the West is that Putin is not a crypto-Jew or working for them. Beware of Jews.”

“Yes, yes, yes — Russia, we are with you. No more brothers’ wars but united against the common enemies of Europa.”

“Rabbi Goldschmidt on Russia Today said that ‘Muslims and Jews are natural allies in Europe’… Rabbi David Touitou said ‘Therefore, I ask you: Is this good news that Islam is invading Europe? Yes… this is great news!’ Leonard Glickman (Jew) President and CEO of the Hebrew immigrant Aid Society said when asked why his organization was importing Somali Muslims: ‘The more diverse American society is the safer Jews are.’ Thank you, Jews! PS: They also own or run 95% of all Western ‘mainstream media’ and bully and shame anyone that doesn’t follow their Cultural Marxist and open borders for Western countries agenda.”

“How about tossing the Sorossian kikes out of your flagship propaganda arm RT, and cease the non-stop exhortation to violence against Whites via your agitation of feral Negroes using that platform? Stop the anti-White propaganda, Russia, and there is a chance that we can work together. Clean house at RT, and all is possible.” (I agree, and would add a further demand: Free all imprisoned racial-nationalists and re-establish free speech to question Jewish atrocity propaganda.)

Whatever the intent and sincerity of this video production, it is clear that the spirit for European solidarity against the enemies of our race and civilization is growing. The work of Rockwell, Pierce, and others who spoke the uncompromising truth has not been in vain.

* * *

The video above is the recently-released HD version; the comments section quoted is from an earlier, non-HD release which can be found here:

Source: Western Spring

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14 January, 2016 8:21 am

500 000 Soviet Jewish soldiers in 1945 beat your nazi predecessors. And we,Jews will keep doing this today.

Reply to  PermReader
19 January, 2016 11:23 pm

The big problem for you is whitey is waking up EVERYWHERE, and when they do, YOU people are history!

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
Reply to  PermReader
16 July, 2017 8:44 pm

Permreader: Those soviet soldiers were supplied largely by western (mainly USA) industrial output for things like food, medicine, gas fuel, winter clothing, trucks, many tanks/planes et alia. On their own the soviets would have collapsed.

Kikes are bad
Kikes are bad
Reply to  PermReader
16 June, 2021 3:43 am

ROFL and Polish beten you in 1919-1921 , while you had way more soliders and better Euipment , and Belive me Polish people hate kikes right now ;)

Art VanHelm
Art VanHelm
9 March, 2017 8:07 am

Can you provide the sources for these quotes, so that we can attribute them when posting them elsewhere?