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JEWISH-CONTROLLED media constantly send the message that the world is overpopulated — which we agree is true in some areas such as India and Africa. When it comes to European Whites however, it is not true — we are in dire straits. We are not replacing ourselves, in fact, we aren’t…
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EssaysH. Millard

Our greatest joy is the birth of another White baby; our greatest sadness is the death or miscegenation of even one White and the failure of even one White to replicate himself or herself as much as possible during the short life span given to our kind. by H. Millard WE WHITES are a tiny minority on this dark…
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

Plus, the story behind the pretty face by Andrew Hamilton THE QUESTION in the title applies to all young White women roughly Lauren Southern’s age. (She’s 22.) I’m playing off her recent YouTube video “Why I’m Not Married” (November 23, 2017; 315,000 views) because it offers a useful hook. Southern…
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EDITOR’S NOTE: It doesn’t get much crazier than this. Perhaps it’s also unfair that some people are addicted to heroin and others are not — so all children should be given mandatory doses starting at an early age. In this piece from the state-subsidized Australian Broadcasting…
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Kevin Alfred StromVideoWilliam Pierce

UPDATE: The censors moved quickly; within a few hours of the video being posted here, the producer’s account was terminated. An alternative source has been found; its longevity is of course unknown. by Kevin Alfred Strom A VERY TALENTED video producer who goes by the name of DestroyZog (a moniker…
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