Virginia: The White Crowds Are Gathering to Defend Second Amendment

No matter what they tell you, and no matter what minuscule exceptions they trot out, this is a White people’s movement. As Virginia’s cities have fallen to the non-White invasion and anti-White tyranny including “gun control,” White Virginians are massing to defend themselves.

A Second Amendment Sanctuary is any locality that says it will not enforce any unconstitutional (federal or state) gun laws! Many sheriffs are going to take the County’s lead on this and county police could be told not to enforce such laws either. (Law enforcement officers do not have to, and shouldn’t, enforce any unconstitutional laws.)

NOTE: Just because a locality is a sanctuary doesn’t mean you can’t be arrested. We must stop the gun-control bills from ever becoming law. This fight will take at least two years, so stay engaged! Attend Lobby Day to help convince the General Assembly to defeat all gun-control bills.

Since November 6, 2019, we now have 101 Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, towns, and cities!

  • Alleghany
  • Amherst
  • Appomattox
  • Augusta
  • Bath
  • Bedford
  • Big Stone Gap
  • Bland
  • Bluefield
  • Botetourt
  • Bristol
  • Brunswick
  • Buchanan
  • Buckingham
  • Campbell
  • Caroline
  • Carroll
  • Charlotte
  • Chesapeake
  • Colonial Heights
  • Craig
  • Crewe
  • Culpeper County
  • Cumberland
  • Dickenson
  • Dinwiddie
  • Town of Exmore
  • Floyd
  • Fluvanna County
  • Franklin (City)
  • Franklin (County)
  • Frederick
  • Galax
  • Giles
  • Gloucester
  • Goochland
  • Grayson
  • Greene
  • Greensville
  • Town of Grottoes
  • Halifax
  • Hanover
  • Henrico
  • Henry
  • Isle of Wight
  • James City
  • King and Queen
  • King George
  • King William
  • Lancaster
  • Lee
  • Louisa
  • Lunenburg
  • Madison
  • Martinsville
  • Mathews
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Middlesex
  • Mineral
  • Montgomery
  • Nelson
  • New Kent
  • Northampton
  • Northumberland
  • Norton
  • Nottoway
  • Orange
  • Page
  • Patrick
  • Pittsylvania
  • Poquoson
  • Powhatan
  • Prince Edward
  • Prince George
  • Prince William
  • Pulaski
  • Rappahannock
  • Richmond County
  • Roanoke County
  • Rockbridge
  • Rockingham
  • Rocky Mount
  • Rural Retreat
  • Russell
  • Scott
  • Shenandoah
  • Smyth
  • Southampton
  • Spotsylvania
  • Stafford
  • Strasburg
  • Surry
  • Sussex
  • Tazewell County
  • Vinton
  • Warren
  • Washington
  • Westmoreland
  • Wise
  • Wythe
  • York

A whole lot more are on the way.

  • Accomack
  • Albemarle
  • Amelia
  • Arlington
  • Bowling Green
  • Charles City
  • Chesterfield
  • Clarke
  • Essex
  • Fairfax
  • Fauquier
  • Loudoun – failed
  • Lynchburg – failed, may retry in January
  • Newport News
  • Radford City
  • Roanoke CIty – declined
  • Salem
  • Staunton
  • Suffolk – declined
  • Tazewell town
  • Virginia Beach
  • Winchester

Don’t see your county? Send an email with each Board of Supervisors’ name, email address, and phone number in the body of the message (ie, no screen shots or attachments please) to:

You can also contact your Supervisor and send them this link to VCDL’s model Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution:

Massive turnouts for Board of Supervisors meetings!

Amelia County – standing room only, with crowd overllow through the hall and down to the front of the building. Estimated 600 people.

Shenandoah County — estimated 1,000 gun owners at the meeting, which overflowed into the parking lot!

Louisa County — estimated 600 to 800:

August County — estimated 2,000 people. Massive overflow outside, too:

Virginia Beach — estimated 1,500 people. Overflow outside:

Floyd County — estimated over 1,000

Prince George — estimated 600 to 800

Colonial Heights

Spotsylvania County — estimated well over 1,000

Prince William County — estimated well over 1,000

Smyth County — over 1,000

Caroline County — over 600

Bedford County — 1,500+

Chesapeake — over 1,000

Rockingham County — 2,000+

Russell County — over 1,000 in attendance

Fauquier County — 2,000+ in attendance

Lancaster County

Chesterfield County — 1,500

* * *

Source: Virginia Citizens Defense League

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19 December, 2019 9:05 am

I would be willing to bet there was not one sign naming the jew. They LOSE if they
don’t have the courage to name the enemy. NAME THE JEW OR DIE ON YOUR YELLOW KNEES.

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Jim
19 December, 2019 11:45 am

They’re mostly Sco-tards, they’re twisted imbeciles who will never name the jew and it’s very difficult to de-program them. Their leaders on YouTube are ThePatriotNurse and Lisa Haven-both with several hundred thousand followers. Their leaders in the radio media are Dane Loesch and Glenn Beck. Alex Jones is a one too but he tries to hide it. Jew supremacists like Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro and Michael Weiner know how to push the Sco-tards buttons and they do.
WNs should support the white Sco-tards on this from a distance, let the jew-worshipping Sco-tards and the jew-trained cops that the Governor sends in go at it. WNs should stay out of it as long as possible!

Philip Giraldi on jew-trained cops:

PatriotNurse on Virginia gun showdown:

Reply to  pj dooner
19 December, 2019 6:10 pm

If you would be so kind as to explain what a Sco-tard is.

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Christopher
19 December, 2019 7:48 pm

They’re jew-worshipping imbeciles, mostly white, who don’t know or care that a jew-tool named Scofield supposedly wrote their “Bible” but the jews themselves probably wrote it for him:

Reply to  pj dooner
19 December, 2019 11:05 pm

I have the feeling that you are right. I could not help to notice a parallel with the pathetic movement in favour of fox hunting in England many years ago. Hundreds of thousands of moronic whites came out to defend something disgusting, claiming that “their rights” were being eroded. They did not mind that their schools were centres of Marxist indoctrination or their government’s racial policy of white-genocide. No, they were concerned about their cruel, bloody little hobby. Of course, I am not saying that defending your right to bear arms is disgusting (fox hunting is), but it is IRRELEVANT. These imbeciles have been, and are, happy to support any treacherous, anti-white, policies as long as the government lets them keep their toys (guns). I have not seen any of… Read more »

Reply to  Angelicus
3 January, 2020 5:18 am

I suppose it is incidental that apparently hunting a single fox with a baying pack of a hundred foxhounds is only considered a “sport” amongst upper-class elitist twits with too much time on their hands.

If you wish to hunt a bloodthirsty animal it would be far more humane to simply kill it with a shotgun. I suppose you could even shoot the fox, as well.

I am very much in favour of gun ownership, and people’s right to self-defence. I just took exception to the analogy to fox hunting, but I agree with your point.

Reply to  pj dooner
21 December, 2019 12:49 pm

I mostly agree. The majority of these people are Sco-tards and patriotards. These people will fire back that Ralph Northam isn’t Jewish but if they did some cursory research they’d see that Jew gun grabber Bloomberg and other Jew billionaires pumped huge sums of money into Virginia Democrat coffers with the understanding that the Dems would go big on gun control if they took majorities in both chambers.

Like always if you follow the money trail it will lead to blinking and scowling Jews shrieking “anti-semite!” as you shine the light on them.

Reply to  Jim
23 December, 2019 3:03 am

If the west is to survive it must come to its senses and do something about Israeli terrorism, but unfortunately because of the Bible spell, the insane west is in love with its abuser. Thus Bibi is not the real problem, it is the Bible and how that book holds millions of minds in a black magic spell. You can not tell the seventy million Evangelical Christians in police state Amerika that Israel did 911. They will not hear it, the will not accept it, they are the backbone of the world wide suicidal death cult called Zionist Christianity. No believing Evangelical programmed Christian can go against Jewry or Israel because of their mad belief in a Jewish savior. Make no doubt about this problem the Jewish written Holy Bible… Read more »

Reply to  zard
20 January, 2020 1:41 am

I FULLY concur, This “Holy Bible” of the near and middle east and its Judeo centric form, has been infecting The Europid peoples over 1 and a half millennium. Before this ‘bible’ was fully formed its earliest writings were borrowed or influenced from the Ugaritic/Cannanite practices, which itself was influenced by the Sumerian religious practices. {the story of Noah in the book of Genesis is without question derived from the Sumerian ‘Epic Of Gilamesh’ poetic text}. We Have at first ‘Elohim’ (translated: ‘God’ upper case G) a plural form of El or Eloah (translated: ‘god’ lower case g) The “im” is Hebraic plurality, so that phrase literally means multiple gods as opposed to what modern Jews and Christians believe is one god. And probably no matter how much one interprets,… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  MFH
20 January, 2020 9:23 am

Don’t forget the Scofield Bible which is where the jew-worshipping, zio-Christian imbeciles came from starting about a hundred years ago:

19 December, 2019 12:25 pm

Quiet gun owners who care nothing of the plastic world of politics in portions of the country like West Virginia, East Texas and South Louisiana will dismiss the 2d amendment as a permission slip from government. These are the people who will fight to the last extremity when the Federals kick the door in to steal their arms. By doing so, they will uncover those who surrender at first sight of a Federal Gun-Grab.

Reply to  fodwell
19 December, 2019 1:08 pm

No one in West Virginia or western Pennsylvania will hand over their firearms.

Reply to  Karen
19 January, 2020 7:30 am

Whenever this happens, gun sales soar.

pj dooner
pj dooner
20 December, 2019 10:26 am

Gun confiscation roadblocks are coming to Virginia in January says leading Sco-tard Mike Adams. Notice that he blames “Globalists”, “Democrats”, “the media”, “the UN” and “police state goons”. He thinks Trump is going to try to save America and our “fundamental civil rights” but he doesn’t care at all that Trump just issued an Executive Order last week attacking the First Amendment.

“You have NO IDEA what’s coming: Virginia Dems to unleash martial law attack on 2A counties using roadblocks to confiscate firearms and spark a shooting war”

Trump’s anti- First Amendment Executive Order:

Reply to  pj dooner
19 January, 2020 7:43 am

Why can’t Trump just replace “Globalists”, “Democrats”, “the media” with “Jews?”. He must know that gun-owners are redpilled on this issue automatically by Bloomberg’s heavy-handedness, that they know who the big democrat donors and mass media managers are, and which states have the most oppressive gun control and who sponsors and supports it in them. We know that Jews despise Trump, so if he says “most not all jews” or “most powerful jews” (a similar qualifier as not all Mexican illegals being drug dealers or rapists), jews screaming anti-semite will fall on deaf ears. Even Stephen Miller in Trump’s cabinet has to be whispering this under his breath.

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Sethmoto101
19 January, 2020 3:38 pm

Trump is 100% with the jews, he just gives lip service to the whites to get elected. Didn’t he back “red flag “laws? Did’t he ban criticism of israel in colleges? Isn’t he doing israel’s dirty work in the Middle East?

Trump is a puppet to jews.
Trump is a puppet to jews.
Reply to  pj dooner
26 January, 2020 12:59 am

Yes… Trump is a puppet who said all the things we wanted to hear and then followed through on none of it. He banned bump-stocks, wants to ban suppressors, and is all for red flag gun laws. He has done more against the 2nd amendment in one term than obongo did in two. With Trump, whatever the jews want the jews get.

20 December, 2019 11:23 am

Magic Virginia did all it could to repulse Federal tyranny in the 19th century. Each day the Federals prove them right.

21 December, 2019 1:23 pm

One of the main sponsors of the gun grabbing legislation is a black woman. So we give blacks equality and they use their political power to disarm whites.

The proposed anti-2A legislation in Virginia amounts to a repeal of the 2A. This is what white demographic decline and loss of political power looks like and it will only get worse. Record numbers of third world immigrants now live in the Old Dominion state. As recent elections have shown they are NOT becoming dittoheads.

Hitler Was Right
Hitler Was Right
Reply to  Bridger
26 January, 2020 1:20 am

The main sponsors of gun grabbing legislation is the jewish lobby and their dual israeli citizens who sit in the Senate and the House. They are also the ones behind the open borders push and sending endless mud people hordes into White nations.

pj dooner
pj dooner
21 December, 2019 1:36 pm

Here is a link concerning the gun confiscation situation in Virginia to a leading Sco-tard website which populsr Sco-tard website Steve Quayle regularly links to. What is notable is that they didn’t include Hitler in their graphic as they, and all other Sco-tard “patriots”, usually do-maybe they are coming around a bit even though they don’t identify any of the eight gun-grabbers in the graphic as jews or jew-tools but even so leaving Hitler out of it is a big step in the right direction for these imbeciles. They do cite the threats from the jew supremacist Eric Tirschwell and that might be another good sign because Sco-tards usually find a jew-tool frontman that they can use to deflect away from the actual jews leading their anti-white schemes. However, they… Read more »

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
21 December, 2019 6:24 pm

Just like in the Turner Diaries, the people that cry the loudest ” From my cold dead hands!” Will be the first ones at the local police station turning their guns in. Join us, join the National Alliance. Get active! Save your guns, and save your RACE!!!

pj dooner
pj dooner
21 December, 2019 7:15 pm

The buyback program just ended in New Zealand and 51,000 guns were turned in after the “assault weapons” ban enacted in response to the fake mosque shootings.

22 December, 2019 1:31 pm

pj dooner is TOTALLY correct in his analysis and Angelicus is just partially right, but is on track with the analysis that was done. This is for all the others out there in the comment section and anybody else who will join in reading the article presented above. Having rallies to support the Second Amendment is completely fine but it is insufficient to achieve what you wish to achieve. The people of West Virginia are coal miners, auto mechanics, restaurant owners, oftentimes predominantly blue-collar workers who worked hard all their lives – but they are missing some of the most crucial things that must be done to defeat this creeping cancer in your political system. You’re going to HAVE TO go beyond your day-to-day lives and have some of your… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
1 January, 2020 8:32 pm

Leading Sco-tard Dave Hodges calls Virginia governor “Reichmarschall” Northam even though Northam is just a frontman and it is the jew Michael Bloomberg who is financing the jews who are behind the gun confiscation in Virginia:

“BILLBOARDS ARE NOW UP addressing the contest between ‘Bloomberg-Bought’ Virginia Legislators and Gun-Rights warriors.
While the newly-elected Democrat State legislators were financed by Michael Bloomberg, two other ignominious Jewish gun-grabbers especially stand out:
Dick Saslaw, Virginia State Senator and author of pending gun confiscation legislation.
Eileen Filler-Corn, Virginia State Speaker and notorious gun-control extremist”


Reply to  pj dooner
1 January, 2020 10:12 pm

Omg I read that all about Germany and it was a pile of lies. People speak in public should be held accountable for claiming something as truth when it’s a lie.

Reply to  Ddruet
2 January, 2020 1:26 am

Greetings Ddruet. We all believed the same untruths and were eventually awakened. Switch off your television and begin researching stuff here that will be an antidote for you and give you a positive future.

Reply to  pj dooner
1 January, 2020 10:14 pm

I’m more sickened that our own men are selling out their own future.

pj dooner
pj dooner
6 January, 2020 10:52 am

The Oath Keepers are organizing a protest in support of gun rights in Virginia. WNs should not participate or support the Oath Keepers in any way. Although I can’t find anything that directly indicates that are are Sco-tards it is apparent enough by their words and actions that they are. They rail against the federal government and marxists and Muslims but never a word about jews or israel and their destructive influence on America.Their leader Stewart Rhodes refers to Hillary Clinton as Herr Hitlery as any true moronic Sco-tard would. They trip all over themselves ranting that they are not “white nationalists”. Stewart Rhodes was a guest on Zionist shill Alex Jones’ radio show many times. And as you can see in the video below they physically attacked a young… Read more »

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  pj dooner
20 January, 2020 11:35 am

pj dooner: The Oath Keepers are organizing a protest in support of gun rights in Virginia. WNs should not participate or support the Oath Keepers in any way. Although I can’t find anything that directly indicates that are are Sco-tards it is apparent enough by their words and actions that they are. I have no idea what a Sco-tard is, but you are right that a serious White separatist should stay as far away from Oath-Keepers as possible. These yahoos are no friends. I see they promote Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), among other anti-White groups: This quote you found by OK’s “tough guy” founder, if accurate, says it all and is worth repeating: — “We’re not white nationalists. We’re not racists of any kind. And… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
17 January, 2020 9:35 pm

The January 20th gun rights rally in Richmond has leading Sco-tard Mike Adams making hysterical predictions along with Zionist shill Alex Jones who is promoting him on Infowars!!! As I opined before: WNs should stay out of this as long as possible and let the jew-worshipping Sco-tards go at it with the jew-trained LEOs:

“Get prepared, America. The deep state is about to unleash total war against us all. They plan to kill the President, criminalize the Second Amendment, destroy the First Amendment, crash the economy, start race riots and basically plunge the country into nationwide chaos.”

Reply to  pj dooner
20 January, 2020 11:21 pm

Just a question. Could you explain to me the meaning of “Sco-tard”? I don’t have a clue. Thank you.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
18 January, 2020 11:51 am

The time is right. Virginians appear ready to fight for their Second Amendment rights. Our people should be showing up at these rallies to hand our our National Alliance flier, “Why They Want to Disarm Us.”: image

19 January, 2020 7:27 am

Few blacks at the rallies because they’ve decided long ago that they will have their guns regardless of what white liberals and jews order.

pj dooner
pj dooner
19 January, 2020 3:39 pm

This is what Republican leader in Virginia’s House of Delegates Todd Gilbert said about the gun rights rally in Richmond:

‘Any group that comes to Richmond to spread white supremacist garbage…isn’t welcome here’

Gilbert is obviously a major league Sco-tard who is a member of the First Baptist [Sco-tard] Church of Woodstock and he sponsored a bill titled Commending the State of Israel. He also has an A+ rating from the Sco-tard dominated NRA.

20 January, 2020 10:35 am

Because we Whites are the only ones that give a damn about the Legacy handed down to us that we must ( at all costs ) pass on to Americas future – if you’re happy with the way things have been self destructing, because of bad electoral choices in the past, then Molon Labe baby !

25 November, 2020 12:06 am

Get organized and be ready to defend yourself! This is an advice easier to follow in America than in Europe! Note the firepower that the magazine gives the weapon!