Virginia: Her Name Was Lucia Bremer – 13-year-old Girl Shot Dead by ‘Juvenile’ Congoid

LUCIA Whalen Bremer, a 13-year-old girl described by those who knew her as “brave, hardworking, and kind to everyone,” was shot dead while walking in a Virginia suburb on Friday by a Black suspect — who may get off easy and have his identity hidden forever, because he’s a “juvenile” — and also for an additional and more relevant reason (see below).

From The Daily Mail, “Teenage boy is charged with murder of eighth-grade girl who was shot multiple times in Virginia”:

A boy has been arrested in connection with a shooting that killed an eighth grade girl in Virginia after a day-long manhunt.

Loved ones identified the victim as Lucia Whalen Bremer, a student at the Quioccasin Middle School in Richmond.

She was shot multiple times on Friday afternoon at the Gayton Forest West subdivision and died at an area hospital soon after.

Police said the suspected shooter fled the scene immediately after opening fire and was arrested on Saturday afternoon about a half mile away.

His name has not been released due to his age but he is said to be facing charges including second-degree homicide, possession of a firearm by juvenile, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, according to the Henrico Citizen.

Bremer’s family, who run a local produce business called Liberty Tree Farm, announced her death in a Facebook statement on Saturday. (Notice that the Jewish media programming affects them even in their time of grief: They call it “gun violence” instead of “Black violence.”)

Quioccasin Middle School Principal Melanie Phipps released a heartfelt statement remembering Bremer.

‘Lucia was funny. She loved to tell jokes and made people laugh. She was an amazing public speaker, and you would just listen in awe as she spoke. Lucia was wise beyond her years. Talking to her didn’t feel like talking to a middle schooler,’ Phipps wrote.

‘Lucia was exceptional; truly one-of-a-kind. She was brave, hardworking, and kind to everyone. Her smile would light up the entire room.

‘In fact, her mother told me that Lucia’s name means “light”, which is just the perfect way to describe her. She radiated happiness, and she loved our school.’

“Witnesses reported seeing two girls walking along a path, followed by the suspect, then hearing at least five shots,” The Henrico Citizen reported. “The suspect ran from the scene, while one of the girls fell after being struck. She later died at a local hospital.”

The overwhelming majority of media reports on the shooting neglected to give a description of the suspect but the Henrico Citizen reported that “police described the suspect as a young Black male with bushy hair shaved on the sides, about 5 foot 8 in height with a slight build (about 125 pounds).”

“His identity is being withheld because of his age,” Henrico Police said.

And the Jew-run national media — typified by CNN in the screenshot just taken and shown below — are, as usual, giving this Black-on-White murder the complete silent treatment; another in a long list of millions of such Hush Crimes over the last several decades.

There’s a great chance we will never know the Black shooter’s identity and he will be released in a few years (if even incarcerated at all) due to his being a “juvenile” — and, of course, due to the real reason: He is a White-hating Black and is doing the Establishment’s bidding by killing Lucia.

In neighboring Maryland, two Congoids viciously beat 59-year-old John Marvin Weed to death at a county fair and spit on his body because he declined to give them $1. One killer was placed in a “behavior modification program” and the other got off with probation after a judge ruled they must be tried as juveniles.

Local television coverage showed residents of the heavily White and upscale Richmond suburb planting flowers and arranging a candlelight memorial for Lucia. They should be joining the National Alliance and fighting for their people in memory of Lucia and the millions like her we have lost on the unholy altar of “diversity.”

* * *

Source: Information Liberation and National Vanguard correspondents via White Biocentrism

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Anthony Kimball
Anthony Kimball
30 March, 2021 6:59 pm

The fact that congoids in this country can and do get away with perpetrating outrages like this on what now seems like virtually a daily basis (I might be exaggerating slightly, but then again I might not) shows how pathetic and feminized the vast majority of our people have become. There certainly was once a time in this formerly-great nation when whoever was responsible for ending this child would have been swiftly found out and dealt with. That time, needless to say, is no more. However, if my previously outlined idea should ever be acted upon, that time COULD come again, and the process of righting all the manifest wrongs which have been visited on our people for now over a century could finally commence. The dream of our people… Read more »

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
30 March, 2021 7:12 pm

I know, I know. It is like Islam—-whenever one of them does something bad, he is called, “mentally unbalanced.”

It is the same with blacks—whenever one of them does something criminal, he is called,
“mentally unbalanced.”

And this is true, absolutely. We Whites have our own despicable people, who are undoubtedly “mentally unbalanced.”

The problem is that these two groups, Islamites and blacks, have too many despicable people, way too many people, who fit the category of “mentally unbalanced.” With Whites, at present, it may be a tenth; with Islamites and blacks it seems to be about 40 per cent, at minimum.

I hope this savage goes to prison and is sodomized every week of every year of his miserable life, until he begs for the death penalty.

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
12 April, 2021 9:07 pm

Prison is too good for the creature. He needs to be slowly executed.

30 March, 2021 11:35 pm

Apparently, this poorly evolved hominid is old enough to fire a pistol but not old enough to be tried for first degree murder. In addition, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam recently approved legislation to abolish the death penalty. He actually stated that “capital punishment is fundamentally flawed” while noting that “it was disproportionately levied against Black people.” I hate to be the one to bring forth bad news, but I honestly think that the America of 1776 is finished. Within the next 25 years or so,the final nail will be hammered in the coffin as it is estimated that the population of Ethnic Europeans in the United States will be overrun by alien peoples. At this point, we must ask ourselves one fundamental question. Is this country still worth fighting for?… Read more »

7 April, 2021 6:29 am

The harm done to ACTUAL Americans – White people – by black africans is incalculable. Though it was greatly suppressed in times past (because this could have been recognized as a country) IN COMPARISON to what has been with us for nearly 60 years now, it should have never been altogether. And now we are at a brink our forbears could never have imagined. If only they had been completely removed from us, though they should never have seen the shores of this land in the first place.

Victor Arminius
Victor Arminius
11 April, 2021 11:55 pm

In many cases, probably not in this one, don’t assume the White female is always the victim. There is a case in the news in which a White female travels alone to Florida, meets two black males in a bar, and takes them to her hotel room whereby they drug and rape her. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Art Thief
Art Thief
Reply to  Victor Arminius
12 April, 2021 10:30 am

You are wrong.
Did she put herself in that position? Sure.
You ignore two things:

  1. In your own words, they drug and rape her, meaning render her chemically incapable of withdrawing consent and forcing her
  2. Your analysis ignores the effect of social pressure on female psychology and that said social pressures are prevalent and maliciously seeded on our womenfolk – a brainwashed victim is still a victim!
Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Victor Arminius
12 April, 2021 7:38 pm

Well, she IS still the victim.
The victim of many decades of Jewish brainpoisoning and the victim of her female urge to follow the loudest propaganda.

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
12 April, 2021 9:06 pm

WE have to return to the Leo Frank protocol for these congoids and other sub human filth responsible for mayhem and murder.

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
12 April, 2021 9:11 pm

We have negro problems thanks to the jews. Not just a few jews but all of them. They are all in on the mass murder of the White Race. The fact something calls itself a jew means it subscribes to the most pornographic racist claptrap on the planet titled, The Talmud in which learned rabbis even discuss sex with girls under two years old. I mean, who even broaches such a topic let alone engage in long winded philosophical discussion about such a preposterous idea? The learned rabbis say it is alright because, just as her tears will dry her hyman will repair itself and she will forget all about the rape; both vaginal and anal, btw. You can read the Talmud at:

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
12 April, 2021 9:23 pm

Why do all those Americans have all those guns? Why do they not start using them to solve our problems? What is everyone so afraid of? The congoids are not humans they are chimeras; simian/human hybrids and jews are simply a hive minded chameleonic soulless alien infestation trying to take over total control of our planet. I take great exception to their machinations and am completely convinced that we are at war with principalities not of this world just as Jesus of Nazareth revealed in Chapter 23 of the Book of Matthew. If you don’t know where that is since so many of you have been dumbed down in the jew run public fool system it is in the New Testament of the Bible; The Book which Christians pretend to… Read more »

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
18 August, 2021 12:52 pm

“One killer was placed in a “behavior modification program” and the other got off with probation after a judge ruled they must be tried as juveniles.”

Sounds like a cut from the movie script, “A Clockwork Black.” Another nightmare production brought to you by the (((J))) men.