Frederick the Great on Christianity

by Jan Lamprecht

FREDERICK THE GREAT is probably the most amazing White king of modern times. He ruled Prussia. What he did laid the path for the beginnings of modern Germany. This man’s achievements, led, eventually to the creation of Germany as we know it.

I found this amazing quote from him. It shows that this man was way ahead of his time. Look at his assessment of Christianity. This man knew a lot for someone who lived even before Napoleon. Both Napoleon and Hitler were in awe of this man. He was one of the greatest White Kings who ever lived!

Christianity is an old metaphysical fiction, stuffed with fables, contradictions and absurdities: it was spawned in the fevered imagination of the Orientals, and then spread to our Europe, where some fanatics espoused it, where some intriguers pretended to be convinced by it and where some imbeciles actually believed it.

* * *

Source: History Reviewed

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Axis Sally
Axis Sally
21 March, 2019 12:07 am

That about sums it up!

22 March, 2019 4:44 pm

Nonetheless, ‘der alte Fritz’ was a Lutheran who invited Lutherans expelled from Roman Catholic Salzburg to occupy his lands in East Prussia that were unpopulated by the plague fifty years earlier. These immigrants made the land productive in six months.

Other ‘Salzburgers’ arrived in America and established towns in Georgia.

17 April, 2019 7:52 am

The tossing of a major tenet in its own value system on procreation reveals the phoniness that is Christianity, cheerfully confirmed in this op piece by an Episcopal priest, on a gay presidential candidate called butty-gig, whose supposed popularity “..signals the budding of a queerer soul of this society”: