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by Revilo P. Oliver

AMONG THE innumerable rackets and swindles that flourish in the rotting country that once was ours, one, of which I have just heard, invites comment. As described to me, it appears in a specialized business, but the same technique is doubtless used in many others.

Some local member or agent of the gang procures a list of the customers of a highly reputed seller of equipment and supplies for offices, and ascertains what each purchases in quantity and the number of his telephone. A customer then receives a call, usually made from either California or Chicago, but ostensibly a local call. The caller, pretending to be the owner of the local business or his representative or to be calling at his suggestion, offers the “preferred customer” a marvelous opportunity to obtain some of the supplies he uses, paper or pulverized carbon for a copying machine or something like that, at a special bargain price as a result of some mistake made by a manufacturer or wholesaler, such as misshipment. Payment must be made in advance by cheque sent to an address in Chicago or California. The victim, trusting the reputation of the dealer with whom he has long done business, sends the money, and receives the goods, but in a quantity less than he expected and of inferior quality, and has paid three times as much as he would have had to pay for merchandise of good quality from the dealer. He has, of course, no proof that he has been swindled — only his unsupported recollection of what he was told over the telephone.

Now such things, you will say, are merely commonplace in a great ochlocracy, and so they are. This particular racket is interesting only because the dealer who told me about it reports that some manufacturers whom he represents have identified and exposed some of the swindlers, and “many of the people exposed are suspected of being associated with the ‘Reverend’ Moon and his group.”

It is true that the moon-faced Messiah from Korea, whether a Korean or a yellow Kike, seems to have some ophidian talent for fascinating bird-brained Americans; he is certainly one of the most successful operators in the evangelical racket. But that is not the interesting point here. In America’s Decline, p. 94 (footnote), I mentioned a Christian sect whose members committed forgery and perjury to prevent property from being inherited by a son who was “ungodly.” They doubtless told themselves they were doing the Lord’s Work, and they had every right to do so. If Moon-struck Americans are carrying out the swindle I have described, they must feel they are helping God (who seems chronically unable to help himself) and bask in the imagined favor of that imaginary being.

We should never overlook or underestimate the highly immoral influence of the Jew-Book, commonly called Holy Writ, on persons who read it and take its tales as factual. The “Old Testament” is filled with laudatory descriptions of crimes committed by clever Sheenies (e.g., their great progenitor, Jacob, swindled his father and cheated his brother) or by the predatory tribe en masse (they ‘borrowed’ all sorts of valuables from the credulous Egyptians and ran away with the stolen goods), all with the beaming approval, active cooperation, and supernatural protection of their partner in crime, their tribal god, the big Jew up in the clouds. The lesson, of course, is that any theft or swindle is pious work when done with old Yahweh as a confederate.

The “New Testament” was used by the Fathers of the Church to convince suckers that if they had themselves laundered in the Blood of the Lamb and sipped Jesus-juice regularly at communion services, they were the inheritors of the Jews’ privileges and could count on Yahweh & Son, Inc., now promoted to the status of Supreme God, to help them despoil the wicked “pagans.” Any Christian who reads his Holy Book while his mind is operating must come to the conclusion that it is righteous to despoil the “ungodly,” i.e., persons of whose theology he disapproves, and that the Jews’ vicious god will be his accomplice, according to a new b’rith with his new pets.

In the “Old Testament,” Yahweh, with rare exceptions, blesses and abets only crimes committed by his Jews against other races. That morality is at least realistic and biologically sound. The terrible thing about the Christian use of that story-book is that it incites crimes by Aryans against Aryans, and justifies them by appeal to a “correct” understanding of delusive myths. That is biologically suicidal, and is criminal immorality raised to the second power.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, September 1986

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3 June, 2021 3:33 pm

So this morning someone who belives in Christain identity send me an email with a picture of a man in shining armor kneeling in prayer. It say “June is Christianity Month” with the line from Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”
I then go to my office to open my company email to find a picture celebrating “June is LGBTQ pride month” with a cartoon of little black white and asian people waving rainbow flags The connection seems apropriate when one considers the mysterious creation from Galilee is from a sexless family, is never married with no children, hangs out with smelly fishermen and the only kiss he receives from a woman is when she is washing his feet

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
4 June, 2021 8:12 am

As far as I know, both Talmud and Koran actually COMMAND their disciples to lie, especially to those not of that faith. The Arabic word is taqiyah, not sure what the Hebrew equivalent(s) would be.
In muhBahble, the wording may be a little more…sophisticated…because White people – for whom that particular Book of Lies was designed – have a natural aversion to deception.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
29 September, 2021 11:45 am

what a writer .

eloquent racial realism….you just can’t beat it.