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A Spiritual Jew Defends His Masters

Pope Francis meets with Yahweh

by Douglas Mercer

THE CENTRAL FIGURE of the New Testament is a Jew; nearly every character in the book is a Jew; with maybe one exception every writer of the stories is a Jew — if you needed any tip-off that Christianity is a Jewish religion, well, there you are, right? What else would it be, so filled as it is with Jews?

But really even that is not quite right. It’s not that, technically speaking, Christianity is a Jewish religion — it’s that Christianity is the Jewish religion. It is Judaism; just under a nom de guerre. This is really only puzzling to those who have not thought about it — not long and hard, for it requires neither time nor effort — but thought about it at all.

Christian doctrine teaches them that they took over for the Jews and became the new “Chosen,” for all practical purposes, the new Jews; for the Jews, the Jews remained the Jews — but either way it’s not even hand in glove or two sides of the same coin, but the same hand, the same glove, and the same coin. That’s why the Jew Paul was so tortuous in his language — Jew, not Jew, Jew, not Jew; but it’s not “now you see it, now you don’t”; it’s not Schrödinger’s Jew. It’s just Jew. And the sooner people wake up to this simple fact, the better.

Pope Francis has condemned antisemitism as a sin against God and expressed heartbreak after noticing a terrible rise in Jew hatred around the world. In a letter addressed to “my Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel,” dated February 2 2024 and made public on Saturday, the pontiff wrote: “The path that the Church has walked with you, the ancient people of the covenant, rejects every form of anti-Judaism and antisemitism, unequivocally condemning manifestations of hatred towards Jews and Judaism as a sin against God.”

The Pope is a Jew — not outright by descent, not possessing that strange mental dominance of course, but certainly a spiritual Jew or mental Jew: that is, a Jew in almost everything but name; a second-class, non-biological Jew, whose existence is justified by serving the biological Jews.

And here he comes out swinging, all guns blazing; here he wheels about the big cannon for “his” people. It’s not, apparently, that “anti-Semitism” is a mistake, or a misapprehension, or even that it’s ugly or monstrous, or just downright immoral or wrong — no, all of that is much too tepid. What it is, according to him, is nothing less than a sin against God. That is, it goes against the very nature of things. If it is not wrong then, well, nothing is wrong.

You would not know it at first blush, but according to this pod person, his version of God is a big fan of the bloodsucking kikes, so much so it seems that if you hate on them you are violating his first and foremost precept.

That this is untruel is obvious to anyone with two decent eyes and one good brain. Because if the power that drives the Universe really loved the Jews, then it beggars belief that He would have created them so ugly and so obnoxious and have created in them such an animus to Life itself. Thus, even a cursory examination of Nature leads one to the opposite conclusion: that not only does the real Creator not love the Jews, but He likely considers them a botched experiment. And he considers any attempt to thwart them or to stop them in their predation to be something after His own heart. That is, it is the “anti-Semite” who, far from sinning against God, is doing His very own work.

“Together with you, we, Catholics, are very concerned about the terrible increase in attacks against Jews around the world. We had hoped that Never Again would be a refrain heard by the new generations.” He also noted that “for people who have great difficulty seeing a future horizon where light replaces darkness, in which friendship replaces hatred, in which cooperation replaces war, the current relationship between Catholics and Jews after centuries of mistrust and hostility shows it is possible.”

Here comes the drivel. It’s just the same old same old, repackaged in the same way. The Jews are the victims above all victims, they nearly got swept from the face of the Earth (they say), and it is thus the world’s foremost duty, bar none, to ensure that nothing like that ever happens again. Of course, this is an upside-down reading of history and reality. And it is the one that the Jews and their fellow-traveling sycophants are banking on being accepted without a thought. Which is why the Pope, as the head Jew-golem of a Jewish-to-the-core institution, is out front and center defending his real masters and de facto co-religionists. He wants worldwide Christianity to see the Jews as kith and kin and kind — this is what that bit about the “ancient people of the covenant” is all about; it’s just one long covenant of which the Christians, by their own self-stylings, are the last inheritor. The Jews are the “elder brothers of the faith,” and the lovers of Christ the junior partners; thus saith the Pope. In this he is correct; it’s just one long and uninterrupted line of error, and the theology of who has the better of it is so irrelevant as to be beside the point.

In the world of reality, biological Jews totally dominate their spiritually Jewish servants. It is the Christians’ “duty of Christian love” to love the Jews and to excoriate “anti-Semitism,” in order not to sin against their God. And the Jews have no such reciprocal duty, and no one, especially not the Pope, demands it of them. Which is more than reason enough to overthrow the whole rotten lot of this singular religion, because, in whatever form it presents itself, it’s a menace — a menace to the world and a menace to the White race; and the sooner it is seen as such, and dealt with accordingly, the sooner the real future can commence.

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Peter Pain
Peter Pain
8 March, 2024 2:46 pm

You know these things Mr. Mercer. The problem is to transmit it to the consumptive and materialistic White Man who doesn’t give a damn either way . Not all. But many millions.
That the Jew is this earth’s misfortune should be obvious to the rational, but for some reason it is not.

Tommy Bradberry
Tommy Bradberry
Reply to  Peter Pain
21 March, 2024 2:20 pm

That the Jew is this earth’s misfortune should be obvious to the rational


Revilo P. Oliver (“A Persistent Hoax”;

“The famous geographer, Strabo, writing c. 35 B.C., … stated that the oecumene, i.e., the world inhabited by civilized or semi-civilized peoples, was ‘full of Jews,’ who had ‘penetrated every city’ and become so ubiquitous that, he said, ‘it is not easy to find any place in the oecumene into which their race has not made its way or in which it has not gained mastery [over the natives].'”

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Tommy Bradberry
21 March, 2024 3:11 pm

Do we, as Whites responsible for shaping a Jew-free future for our kind, band together and work towards a society that reflects this value? We in the National Alliance have a program for doing that, have you read this yet Mr. Bradberry?

Augur Mayson
Augur Mayson
27 March, 2024 1:04 pm

This is a well written article from a seasoned, wise perspective on Christianity as it relates to race realism and Jew Awareness. For far too long, more than a thousand years on average, most of the nations of White people around the world have labored under the yoke of a foreign religion that effectively killed our own gods and replaced our pantheons with a fictitious, benevolent, all-knowing magical Sky Jew. Whether to take a pro-Christian or anti-Christian stance is possibly the most divisive issue in White Nationalism and that’s a consequence of the lay of the land, the world we were born into which for the White world means 90% of our people worldwide are Christians. Likewise, and necessarily, the overwhelming majority of us who have our heads screwed on… Read more »

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  Augur Mayson
27 March, 2024 11:57 pm

[W]e rightly fear we may never reach the critical mass of followers needed to move if we alienate 90% of prospective White Nationalists from the get-go by bashing their religion... — Very well said, Mr. Mayson. Mr. Mercer sees no need to pull punches in naming the Jew and the Jew’s Christian collaborators. What’s to fear by telling the truth? It took you a decade, but you managed to eventually jettison your phony spiritual baggage. It should not take that long in these times. Your 90% figure is off. It’s more like 75% and falling, and most of those Whites are just nominally Christian, so many are ready for us now. The needed critical mass for White revolution is much smaller than you may imagine. We see no need to… Read more »

Augur Mayson
Augur Mayson

Mr Williams, the baggage I took a decade to jettison wasn’t my own spiritual baggage; it was my tolerance for interacting with a ceaseless flow of online posters in various comments threads on social media who claimed to be pro-White, were ostensibly Naming The Jew as well as I was, yet who swore that I was headed down a dead-end road by pursuing a goal of White Nationalism that was – in their words – spiritually empty, or devoid of a needed religious component. Their verbal chicanery was strong. There are bad actors out there who, like I said were probably Tribe just wearing a pro-White mask, and they push some appealing fictions, like their fictions that Jesus was White (they love to point to a single biblical claim of… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Augur Mayson
28 March, 2024 9:16 pm

A worldview, set of ethics, values and standards is needed to guide present and future generations of Whites in a clear and consistent manner over time, Mr. Mayson. And if one wants to call all of these things together a religion, then we need a religion. One might choose instead, however, to call them a philosophy of life. Whatever we call it, it must come from our own race soul: it must be an expression of the innate Aryan nature. And it must be conducive to our mission of racial progress. We in the National Alliance do have a life-philosophy to guide us known as Cosmotheism and the real world expression of that is in the program of the National Alliance. I invite you to invest a portion of your… Read more »