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Black Slavery and Questions With Embedded False Assumptions

Like the majority of the Black slaves shipped to the Americas, this African was first captured and enslaved by his fellow Blacks, and only later sold to Jewish, Arab, or European slave traders.

by David Sims

HERE ARE SOME RELATED questions from Quora:

“How can individuals and communities support the movement toward reparations and holistic healing for Black Americans?”

“How can black people help educate white people about reparations?”

“If reparations are paid and the situation for Black Americans doesn’t improve, what will be the next steps?”

“How would reparations for black Americans work?”

“What policies and actions can support the reparations movement for Black Americans?”

“What are the best suggestions for how reparations to black Americans should be implemented?”

“What would be the best way for the US to provide reparations to the black community?”

(The following answer was used for each of the above questions.)

This is a propaganda question. Its purpose isn’t to solicit answers or insights; rather, it is intended to move opinion in the direction that the asker wants it to go. It won’t be an isolated question, either, but likely a part of a saturation propaganda campaign consisting of a great many similar questions, written by writers with similar dishonest motivations.

Blacks aren’t owed any reparations because none of them were slaves and because the sins of one generation cannot be justly blamed on another. Why not? Because the one generation and the other generation are two entirely different groups of people.

Even if we imagined, for the sake of argument, that blameworthiness can be inherited, it would still be the case that only 2% of White people in antebellum America owned slaves. That’s one White person out of each fifty White people, on average. Most Whites did not keep slaves. Therefore, most Whites still wouldn’t owe any “reparations” for slavery, even if we were to accept the proposition that guilt can be inherited — which it can’t.

[In addition, historically, many Whites have been enslaved — something that occured again and again over many thousands of years. And, in some cases, these Whites were enslaved by non-Whites. — Ed.]

Furthermore, free Blacks cost society much more than they contribute to society. The average impact of a Black person on the economy of the United States, over his lifetime, is a deficit of about $750,000. That’s three quarters of a million dollars that the average Black costs, above and beyond anything he contributes to offset those costs. All by itself, that nullifies any claim of reparations that a Black person could have made, even if all Whites were guilty of enslaving Blacks.

And then there’s Black crime.

Nobody should seriously entertain the notion that Blacks are due reparations. They are not.

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Former Liberal
Former Liberal
8 March, 2024 6:35 am

If I’m not mistaken, the first slaves in this country were white. Also, repugnant as it is, slavery has existed all through out history. Saudi Arabia, I believe, did not abolish slavery until 1965. Thanks to the brainwashing that probably started with LBJ’S Great Society programs, American blacks have been conditioned to believe that everyone owes them a living because of their ” suffering”. Reminds me of another ethnic group that always yells about what happened to them in Europe during the Second War…Blacks are also unfortunately a backward, primitive people who don’t want to take any responsibility for their problems and stupid, largely self- created situations. I don’t owe these people anything! As far as I’m concerned, they should owe US for destroying our cities.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  Former Liberal
1 April, 2024 11:01 am

Former Liberal: American blacks have been conditioned to believe that everyone owes them a living because of their ” suffering”. Reminds me of another ethnic group that always yells about what happened to them in Europe during the Second War..

As that latter group whines about what allegedly happened to them in Europe, it should be known that slavery is still legal in Israel as long as those who are enslaved are not Jews. See this by Dr. Pierce from more than two decades ago:

I have pointed out that the White-slave business flourishes in Israel because in that country slavery is not illegal, as long as the slaves aren’t Jews. White slavery is, in fact, sanctioned by the Jewish religion.

Ryan Arthur
Ryan Arthur

Dr. Pierce’s “The Evil Among Us” broadcast also covers the same subject. That was the first broadcast of his that I listened to, and even 25 years after its release, it still has the ability to enrage you. Dr. Pierce’s love for his people really shines in that particular ADV episode.

Art Moenck
Art Moenck
8 March, 2024 4:17 pm

It is likely that the Jew-dominated media will continue to flood the lines of their vast propaganda enterprises with their Whites-evil/Blacks-victim narrative until their objective of White suicide through collective guilt is attained.

The program of the National Alliance does answer this proactively though not directly. We Whites who take responsibility for our future are building new communications, educational, and other intergenerational institutions to give Whites information that doesn’t brainwash us destructively as is happening. Separate institutions, separate White society can and should lead us to total separation from all others. Whites ONLY in everything!

27 March, 2024 12:51 pm

The first person in America to legally be a slave was John Casor.

Casor was the indentured servant of Antony Johnson.
But Casor ran away from his master. Johnson sued the Commonwealth of Virginia, for “return of property, and redress of grievance”. And Casor was recaptured.

And then Casor was declared to be indentured for life, becoming Johnson’s slave. And the first ever slave in America.

This all occurred in the 1650s.
Both Johnson and Casor were black.

Ryan Arthur
Ryan Arthur
29 March, 2024 10:20 am

Hello Mr. Sims, I’ve got a quick question for you.

I was reading a few of your past articles, and I came across a few that contained excerpts of a novel that you’d written, seemingly called “The Solar System Empire”. I looked around and I couldn’t find anything else about it, outside of your NV articles. Did you complete this novel, and if so, did you release it anywhere? I’d love to read it.