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The Bitter Draft of Slavery by Ernest Normand (1885, Cartwright Hall Gallery) shows a White woman sold into slavery to Semites by a Black slave dealer. by David Sims WE KEEP TRYING to tell everybody that people from all races have been slaves, and people from all races have owned slaves. There’s…
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STEFAN MOLYNEAUX, the popular YouTube personality, sometimes publicizes truths that are helpful to the White cause these days. But he is still mired in questionable ideas from his libertarian past. One such confused idea is that “violence never solved anything”; that “violence…
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One actual, serious suggestion: honor Michael Jackson instead of Andrew Jackson. Black pastor inadvertently argues for racial separation, stating that members of one race feel alienated by memorials to those of another race, as this controlled media piece makes evident. A PASTOR IN CHICAGO has…
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by Andrew Hamilton A GOOD PICTURE of the legal mechanics of American Territorial expansion in the period from the founding of the Republic to the Civil War emerges in the historic Supreme Court slavery decision Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393-633 (1857) (“Dred Scott”). By a vote of 7-2 the Court ruled…
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