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Their Masks Are Falling

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 4 November, 2023

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THERE IS ONE good outcome of the Jews’ current murder campaign against anything that moves in Gaza: It has exposed the Jewish power structure for what it is, and millions of people, even Americans, are re-evaluating their view of Jewish power and the Jewish state.

A young American entrepreneur, Charles Johnson, co-creator of the ClearView social media facial recognition spying tool he sold to both governments and private interests, recently found out that having a Jewish financial partner and an Asian tech partner couldn’t protect him from Jewish/Israeli legal and extra-legal retaliation when he questioned the wisdom of Israel’s current killing campaign. Not even supporting Jewish causes for years, publicly lionizing his beloved Jewish teachers and professors, telling the world how he’d even been part of helping Israeli and Israeli-allied and US intelligence and law enforcement operations wasn’t enough to protect him. Having immediate family members — and even himself — romantically entangled with Jews wasn’t enough. Once, when he was nurturing his business early on, struggling financially and barely had enough money to keep his apartment, he had a Jewish “donor” suddenly put $280,000 in his bank account overnight as payment for conducting his business in such a way as to benefit the Jewish power elite. After saying “yes” for years, when he finally said “no” to the Jewish power structure when they asked him to endorse the latest war, they have been relentless in their attacks, causing him to respond by spilling much of what he knows about their hidden operations.

Also this week, Josh Paul, a high-level State Department official, has resigned, citing the department’s recent actions to fast-track billions of dollars in weapons sales (really, gifts) to Israel, in direct violation of American laws requiring Congressional oversight. Mr. Paul says that orders to bypass normal procedures and basically give the Jews whatever they want right now came from the highest levels of the Biden administration. According to Mr. Paul, the word came down from on high that future arms transfers to Israel must be done in complete secrecy, without either Congressional or public knowledge, much less oversight or scrutiny — also completely illegal; but who cares? — the Jews’ slightest wish is the highest law now, don’t you know? And who knows what tragedies would ensue if the Jewish state was only able to burn 5,000 Palestinians to death instead of 50,000 this week, or the even greater tragedy of their pain if they had to pay for the phosphorous bombs themselves.

While the Biden administration slavishly obeys the Israel lobby (while lecturing us on how “anti-Semitism must be stamped out”), the Republicans claim that, if they were in office, they’d be doing even more for Jews — and perhaps they would. Trump seldom if ever keeps the promises he makes to his base. And neither does DeSantis, or any of the other worms. But promises to Jews — they are truly sacred to Trump and DeSantis and must be fulfilled 1,000 per cent. and instantly if not sooner. Their 90%-Jewish donors and supervisors decide what is to be done. Their 90%-White base has no say in anything.

On a lower but still very important level, social media influencers are being bought by the bundle with Jewish dollars, so they will use their fame and their channels to steer their followers and viewers toward the “correct” view on Israel and its latest war. Most interestingly, though, this time some of the mostly-young influencers are refusing the offers and becoming whistleblowers about what’s going on. Listen to this young man, who goes by the online name of “Your Favorite Guy” — I’ll call him YFG for short:

Here’s a young and relatively unknown video “influencer” who was offered $5,000 to repeat Jewish propaganda; many of his colleagues in the same field received similar offers.

As you heard, it’s not just YFG who got the offer — he’s heard from several more who were approached. And these are fairly obscure people. Imagine the Israeli and Jewish millions now flowing into bigger influencer accounts — surely it’s in the multiple millions and literally everywhere — to say nothing of the media the Jews already own.

A non-White comedian, Bobby Lee, just recently spoke out about how, for years, he and other celebrities were given free trips to Israel with lots of free benefits, along with an “understanding” that he would make public social media statements that were favorable to the Jewish state. And anyone who’s been reading National Vanguard for any length of time knows how the ADL and other Jewish groups give “training” to police officers and other law enforcement officials, including sessions in Israel, so that those officers and officials will “know who the bad guys are” — including critics of Israel left and right, and of course any racially conscious Whites.
These are just examples I found without really trying. One can only wonder at the scale of these Jewish payoffs to social media celebrities, many of whom, especially the conservative ones, have totally fallen in lockstep in supporting Israeli incineration of infinity Palestinians coupled with infinite American “aid” money flowing to the already super-rich Jewish state. This is the price we pay for allowing Jews to control our media and our financial system.

One such conservative “star” is Vietnamese-boat-people-descended homosexual and darling of the right wing, Andy Ngo (spelled N-G-O, amusingly), whose main act is ridiculing the more extreme forms of leftist insanity and talking about leftist intimidation tactics against (always kosher) right-wingers. He’s developed a huge following among conservatives, who not only like his coverage but also doubtlessly just love proving how “non-racist” they are by supporting a non-White. Within five milliseconds of Israel’s first missile launch into helpless Gaza, Ngo almost completely shifted his focus from antifa and campus transgenders and furries to anyone on campus or elsewhere who dared to question the Jewish state’s right to slaughter anyone they like anytime they like on the American taxpayers’ dime. I responded to him on X, saying: “It does seem odd to me, Andy, that your shilling for the wealthiest and most powerful ethnic group on planet Earth went up 10,000% as soon as that ethnic group started slaughtering its fellow Semites.” He made no response, except continuing to express his outrage that anyone could ever question Israel’s right to slaughter anyone they want to slaughter.

Is Ngo getting paid for his shilling? I’d be very, very surprised if he wasn’t.

Back in the early 1980s, I met Cliff Kincaid who was one of the leaders of the kosher-neutered Establishment-conservative media watchdog group Accuracy in Media. He used to sometimes come in and record his radio program live at WEAM instead of just sending in a tape as he usually did. Kincaid is now more or less sidelined at his own group, and a new leader, a weasel-like little Jew named Adam Guillette has been installed as their president. Guillette used to be an executive at Project Veritas. He has in recent days made almost the entire focus of Accuracy in Media the doxxing of students who have spoken out against Israel’s war. He has made a big splash in the media by having huge posters made of the faces of these students, with their names and school affiliations prominently displayed, and then plastering large trucks called “doxxing trucks” with the posters and driving around Harvard and environs, “letting the community know” who “is supporting terrorists” in their neighborhoods — and making these students quite rightly fear violent reprisals.

The posters feature huge lettering over each student’s photo, saying “Harvard’s Leading Anti-Semites.” He’s also sent his doxxing trucks to do the same thing at Columbia University, where the student’s pictures are headlined “Columbia’s Leading Anti-Semites.” Apparently, the only real reason Accuracy in Media exists now is to protect Jews from criticism.

Guillette has even enlisted the support of high-dollar law firms in his campaign, getting 60 of the largest law firms to sign a letter suggesting that law graduates from schools that don’t sufficiently fight against “anti-Semitism” will have a hard time getting a job at their firms. Jewish school superintendent Joel Petlin posted the letter and crowed:

The more they act like themselves, the better it is for everyone else. Their masks are falling.

With the rising criticism of the Jewish power structure that misrules us now coming from right, left, and center, hopes are rising that we just might be able to get our country and our civilization back.

Even if one cares not a whit what Semites do to each other, it is beneficial to have your main enemy and his weaponized invader of your lands at each other’s throats. And, as I said last week, having the enemy forced to fight a multiple-front war is a good thing for us. And other races who are under the Jewish thumb realizing that we racially-conscious White people are not their enemies and would, if we led our governments once again, completely end our support of the Jewish state, is also a good thing.

To all my friends and fellow National Alliance members and supporters, and Cosmotheists around the world: Take heart. Our enemies are exposing their true malevolent and evil nature more and more every day. They always go too far; they cannot help themselves. Their mask is falling. They are far from invincible. Their masquerade as “innocent victims” is believed by fewer and fewer people all the time. The seeds we have planted in the minds of our kinsmen for decades are taking root. The enemy’s great skill of pretending to be “one of us” is failing them, as more and more Europeans and Americans see them for what they are, a particularly dangerous kind of alien. Keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s working. If you haven’t done enough, make up for it by quadrupling your efforts and support right now.

* * *

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White ma
White ma
4 November, 2023 2:53 pm

To sum it up, The Jews always reached to Far and kept pushing their selfish greedy genetically inherited natural instinct. It never stops, and it has been exhibited for centuries and centuries.. Now with the modern mass, media and Internet, it is being shown for all to see! There is no hiding it now! GOOD!!! Let the Semitic enemies of the. WHITE. Race fight it out for all it’s worth.! Let Isaac and Ishmael continue their never ending interfamily grudge match nonstop. WHITE. People, Those who are for.White white survival, and preservation and advancement of our WHITE Race. Work for our own future not only the immediate one, but for future generations.. The world’s political and social landscape is changing rapidly , NOW is time to support the, ( National.… Read more »

Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
4 November, 2023 5:45 pm

I’m encouraged that people like YFG aren’t willing to sell out to destructive enemy forces. Hopefully, the doxxed college students will be able to get together a class-action lawsuit for slander against the doxxing trucks and win. When people talk about “the good old days “ of the 1950s and’60s, it was better in a way, as being before the Hart-Cellar Act and the welfare state of LBJ’s “Great Society “, but it was only superficially good, like one might find in the t.v. shows and movies of that era. But older people have told me simply, that it was “a more innocent time “, and now I think I see what they might’ve been hinting at. The Jews were in charge even then, but very behind the scenes and… Read more »

Reply to  Nom De Guerre
27 November, 2023 9:29 am

That was very likely due to the presence of HUAC and the Hollywood Production Code of 1930 still being a force who’s purpose was to monitor and crack down on jewish efforts to subvert and undermine the traditional morals and values of a majority White nation. I strongly disagree with any claim that the jews of that era were any less subversive and destructive to White America than the jews of the post 1960 era. They just had to be a little more careful with their efforts to subvert and undermine our nation’s morals and attack our traditional values because they had not yet completely infiltrated & corrupted most of the major Christian and Catholic churches, who in those years still possessed enormous political influence and power. So, as Nom… Read more »

Tonatiuh Haruki
Tonatiuh Haruki
31 December, 2023 3:20 pm