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One of the Vermin Speaks Out

The comedic genius.

by Douglas Mercer

THEY LIKE TO CALL Jerry Seinfeld a “funnyman” but what he is most of all is one of the vermin, one of those Jews who metaphorically crawl on their slimy bellies out the sewers and onto the street, there to infect the population with the Jewish plague. They said that Seinfeld was a “show about nothing,” but that was never true; it was the latest in the long line of Jewish entertainment and “art” which hijacked the American sensibility, which put irony in place of sincerity, which put frivolity in place of seriousness — not that we had not been stuck in that mire for a while, but the show was the final nail in the coffin. It put the theory of Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions (A Mad Magazine knock-off; another kike production) into high voltage mode — that is, it saturated the country with filthy Hebrew mores and thought. The fact that, to most, it was just “a clever comedy” shows us how brain-dead most are: It was a weapon in the form of a television series, and those who wielded it had designs on us. It brought the world to it knees by dint of its hyper-Jewishness.

Now that the Jews are sailing some rough seas, Mr. Seinfeld is wiping that stupid grin off his face and saying that he can no longer be about nothing. No, he has to be about something and that something is, of course, he has to be about being a Jew. What else would he be about, being a Jew? For if anything is time-tested and time-honored it’s that, whatever else he is, a Jew is always a Jew. And whatever career or incarnation he has, the important thing is that he’s a Jew. And when the Jews are in their time of need (which will be more and more often), Jews the world over run to the defense of themselves, and let the world know they are Jews. Ad nauseam, as always, and reductio ad absurdum as well.

Apparently after some filthy kikes got killed on October 7, the Jews realized that now was the time for all good Jews to come to the aid of Jews. Seinfeld, who has been living in a senescent retirement, was no exception. He traveled to Israel to much ballyhoo. Had he ridden into Jerusalem on a donkey like Jesus allegedly did, it would not have been more obnoxious.

Of course, after the whirlwind tour of the Hebe Homeland he had to give the big interview to sum up and encapsulate the trip, which was a travesty; so the smirking Comedy Jew trotted out all the tired bromides about the Jews; that is, he lied through his Jewish teeth in the only cause that matters to the Jews: the Jews.

He started off by saying “we’re Jewish,” which is patently obvious to anyone who sees his ugly mug with its rancid physiognomy. Facial features do not lie and he has the map of evil written all over his. He says that, as a Jew, he feels very close to the “struggle of being Jewish in the world.” A struggle? That’s funny indeed; he is a funnyman! Hitler had his struggle (against Jews), but the Jews have never struggled or, if they did, the necessity was brought on by their own deeds — which is not struggle, but nemesis. And in today’s world the Jews don’t struggle at all, they sail though the world celebrated and worshipped; they are sitting pretty on their perch. That is changing a bit, but, once again, that is their own fault. And if they get knocked off their own self-created pedestal, few of us will mourn. It’s not a struggle if your difficulties are richly deserved. It’s sweet justice a long time coming.

Mr. Jewish Comedic Genius No. 8,942 then swerves into some soft-pedaling rhetoric wherein he practices the “safe fall” theory of verbal deception; where you seem reasonable by conceding a portion of the truth, only to mitigate it and soften the blow — that is, you camouflage the truth by that seeming show of taking on the negative quality, only to ultimately deflect it. That is, it is Jew language to the core — lies.

He says that “people sometimes” think of the Jews as being “very on top of things” and as “being successful for the most part,” and “that’s somewhat true.” How many qualifications can a Jew come up with? — three in this instance, three in the short span of a short sentence: “sometimes,” “for the most part,” “somewhat.” Weasel words, they are.

To simply blurt out the truth would be “too shocking”; the truth being that the Jews en masse are greedy bastards, that they sit atop the world of finance and government and education and entertainment and media, that they lord it over their hosts, that they control the money supply, that they solidify their position by a constant flow of lying propaganda, that they miseducate our youth, that they consume all possible attention with their “troubles,” and that they misrule and abuse us without let or reserve.

Now those are two descriptions of the same facts, but one is slippery like a Jew, and the other is the radical truth as said by a White man. Base Jews like Jerry Seinfeld recoil from radical truth like a Negroid recoils from hard labor or a vampire from the rising Sun. Jews scurry from the truth like insects do from the light of day when you lift up the rock they were hiding under.

And then the Revered Cultural Icon segues once more into what the Jews consider the kill shot of kill shots, their not-so-secret weapon not really held in reserve; that is, he transitions into lachrymose mode, where the old Jews take a break from playing shuffleboard at the Jewish retirement home (gefilte fish dinner, bagels round the clock), pull up their pants to near their chests, and say in unison (in the voice of their favorite son Jerry Seinfeld) that the “struggle of being Jewish” is also ancient and has been going on for “thousands of years.” His voice rises an octave or two on the word thousands.

Their struggle (such as it is not), he tells us, is one from time immemorial, from time out of mind, from even before the amoebas crawled out from the primordial ooze. Hoo boy, it’s been thousands of years of suffering, they damn near got wiped out any number of times, they survived pitchforks, and arrows, maddened raging mobs, bullets, pogroms, persecutions, shattered glass, and finally gas. But they made it, which is (as they will be the first to tell you) a “testament to their spirit”; that is, they are not just a people like any other, and certainly not like us (and they won’t even allow saying that now on pain of punishment), no; not just an off-the-rack or standard-issue people; they are “the eternal people.”

But even if they were (they are not, as the future without them will attest), so are cockroaches. But then cockroaches, though a great nuisance and only slightly better-looking than Jews, never really hurt a soul: Unlike with Jews, no one ever died from allowing cockroaches to dwell among them.

Then, near the end of his verbal show, comes the dire denouement: He says that “anti-Semitism has been rekindled.”

I object to this, as this noble belief system has always been with us; and always will be with us, until its object is gone and it is no longer needed; that is, when — metaphorically, of course — the fires arise from the kindling lit by the awakened among our Folk; when the sordid likes of Jerry Seinfeld have worn out their welcome, and the Jewish game of dominate and deceive is seen clearly for what it is: a war.

And when that war is joined, the Jews will no longer be the mouse — or the mouths — that roared; but will be what they have always been incognito: history’s pipsqueaks, who will be lucky if, in their winding sheets, we allow them to gibber and squeak through the streets on their destined return to the sewers from whence they came.

* * *

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Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
24 May, 2024 8:16 am
Monique DuQuesne Grander-Flanders
Monique DuQuesne Grander-Flanders
24 May, 2024 8:54 am

The motivation-people say they you become what you think about. The Jews have always thought about “evil Hitler.” Now they have become their vision of Hitler, even surpassing their murderous fantasies about him. Israel has just shot itself in the foot. We are all anti-semites, now. Israel is a sociopath nation.

24 May, 2024 5:24 pm

It’s funny though, when you describe the areas that they are at the top of, the conservacraps (I’ve seen it more and more on conservative websites ever since 10/7) will say “You’re just jealous of their success.” But the areas they control are the nervous system and brain of their host. Eventually they infect the blood and it’s all kaput from there. They truly are parasites, but they look like us — what is called aggressive mimicry. To anyone who ever comes across those “you’re just jealous types” bring up parasitism and the horsehair worm, that eventually takes control of the praying mantis and forces it to drown itself so that the worm can continue on ITS species life cycle. Other parasites do it as well and when you remember… Read more »

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  torch
28 May, 2024 10:47 pm

I never really watched Friends much but from what I saw it was another show dedicated to undermining sound morals and promoting Jewish values in the form of the characters sleeping around and living a corrupt urban lifestyle. Ironically a few years ago the Jewish creator of this show Marta Kaufman apologized for the show being “too White.” Which of course tells you everything you need to know.

Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas
Reply to  Douglas Mercer
15 June, 2024 10:44 pm

The 1990s was loaded with Jewish based comedies and TV shows. I remember they all had the same New York Jewish based theme. Mad About You (1992-1999) Will & Grace (1998-2006) Friends (1994-2004) The Nanny (1993-1999) Seinfeld (1989-1998) Then there was the destroyer of all traditional women, Sex and the City where they normalized women sleeping with everyone and anything as well as women having monthly abortions, only to go back out and have more sex with anything and everyone and have another abortion. Between this and the girls gone wild videos, the 90s introduced a plan by the liberals to make abortion, interracial marriage and a host of other evils normal, Now, look at where we are at as a nation, and it is clear to see that this… Read more »

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  Jon Thomas
16 June, 2024 12:05 am

Well said and excellent point about those television shows. Too many think that such shows are “harmless diversions” but they are nothing of the sort. They are intentional mind viruses unleashed upon our people in order to destroy us.

Paul Kurt
Paul Kurt
17 June, 2024 11:31 pm

Have not had a TV since 1994 > But i remember this “Seinfeld” character , when i visited my sister and they were seduced by the intoxicating quality of this psych weapon.. They were amused at my” antisemitism” , since i could not restrain from making comments about the lack of quality in these jew “sit coms”. But it is a property of this evil , which always projects itself as just a nice fellow , who harms no one. The American Psychiatric Association and Supreme COurt have issued the same conclusion about pornography . All are jews –just coincidentally. It appears everyone has a vested interest in thier ephemeral time and place . The effect of TV has always been used as a weapon. The only exception was Walt… Read more »