Predictions of the Coming Year


by Julian Langness

This article is a sound overview of ‘the Current Year’ so far. Based on the analysis of a tremendous year thus far for the nationalist struggle, the article continues with speculation on what 2017 may portend.

This article by Julian Langness was first published on 22nd October 2016. Julian has previously spoken to Red Ice Radio on the issues outlined in the article and is the editor of a website that is “Tracking the burgeoning civil war in Europe, and the culture, heritage and traditions we are fighting for.” — Ed.

2016 HAS BEEN a pretty momentous year already.

We saw Donald Trump win the Republican Party nomination in America, catapulting Identitarian politics and rational European-American self-interest into the mainstream.

We saw the ‘Alt-Right’ become the most talked about phenomenon in politics, with Hillary Clinton giving one of the year’s most famous speeches about it.

We saw the rise of Preservationist Resistance groups in Europe, such as the Soldiers of Odin and Generation Identitaire.

We saw the Brexit Vote inspire millions in the UK, in what was at the least a hugely symbolic victory.

Yet while our side has seen these successes and causes for hope this year, I think that events are suggesting a good 2017 as well.

Just today I would say there are three such stories:

1) Trump’s debate comments.

At the third and final Presidential Debate the other night, Fox News moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump whether — if he loses the election — he would accept the results. Trump — in true Trump fashion — said he would take a look at it when it happens, and refused to commit to accepting the results.

trump-1While this statement probably did not surprise many, it still resulted in the mainstream Lugenspresse going into convulsions over Trump’s ‘attack on the sanctity of American democracy’. Such a response is classic, given that it comes on the same day videos were released showing high level Clinton Democrats openly acknowledging widespread voter fraud. Such is the media veneer that casts a Potemkin shadow over modern day America though.

Mike Cernovich over at Danger and Play has a good post today explaining the strategy in Trump’s comment (it will get people talking about Democrat/Media corruption, which will in turn spread awareness of that issue, which will in turn cause people not to vote for Hillary), but beyond just that, it interests me as a harbinger of what is hopefully to come.

For really, could one imagine any past presidential candidate saying such a thing? It would be unheard of. Yet less than speaking to the particulars of Trump as a candidate (his bombasticity, etc), I think it speaks to just how out of hand our corrupt media has gotten, and just how due for comeuppance they are.

That leads us into the next relevant story:

2) In Germany, where their own corrupt Lugenspresse has (badly) covered up the murder of a teenage German boy by an Arab migrant.

As bad as the American media are, the European media are worse. Just today there is an article by Fria Tider highlighting yet another example of this fact, explaining German state television’s coverup of the murder of a German teenager by an Arab migrant, which apparently has angered native Germans across the country.

While we have read countless such stories before, it does seem as though anger in Germany at the media has reached a fever pitch, and if additional catalysts are brought to bear it could finally reach the boiling point.

Which brings us to the third story:

sweden-credit-cards-43) Analysts Predict Coming Recession In Europe And The U.S.

We have talked about the prospect of this a little, especially in Sweden considering their insane housing bubble and suicide by migration social policies. Yet now there are actual well-known analysts predicting the same thing, and not just in places like Sweden and Italy but in the United States.

One example is in the Telegraph. Titled “Fed risks repeating Lehman blunder as US recession storm gathers”, it states:

The risk of a US recession next year is rising fast. The Federal Reserve has no margin for error.

Liquidity is suddenly drying up. Early warning indicators from US ‘flow of funds’ data point to an incipient squeeze, the long-feared capitulation after five successive quarters of declining corporate profits.

“We are seeing a serious deterioration on a monthly basis,” said Michael Howell from CrossBorder Capital, specialists in global liquidity. The signals lead the economic cycle by six to nine months.

“We think the US is heading for recession by the Spring of 2017. It is absolutely bonkers for the Fed to even think about raising rates right now,” he said.

I have seen similar predictions from a number of market watchers and economists in the United States, some predicting a recession to start within the next three months.

This potential recession, and the increasingly vicious relationship between our people and the establishment/banking/media elite suggests that even more interesting times are on their way.

While it is only October, it feels like one period of time is coming to a close and another is beginning. This could be a result of the election coming up, or on a personal level it might be because my son is about to turn 4 and that has created a natural ‘page break’ in my mind. Nevertheless, I wanted to take the opportunity to offer some humble predictions for the next 12 months/2017. I would welcome any readers to do the same in the comments.

2017 Predictions

1. There will be a recession in America and Western Europe.

Obviously not a super gutsy prediction at this point since I just referenced the fact that many analysts are predicting it themselves, but nevertheless, it is something I have thought would be coming for a while (mostly from reading Robert Kiyosaki). I actually think it will be worse in Europe though. If I understand correctly, it seems that in the 8 years since the ‘Great Recession’ and EU crisis, the Europeans have basically used massive amounts of debt to ward off the EU’s eventual, inevitable downfall. On top of this — as we well know — they have spent vast sums on importing millions of violent Muslim immigrants. They also have a massively-aged society full of demographic ‘liabilities’ (as I wrote in my book). Therefore with signs that the global economy will soon be cycling back down, it seems that fate will be knocking on the door sooner rather than later. This in turn will lead to some of the predictions below.

2. We will see violence against the media in Western Countries.

President Gauck was surrounded, booed, and spit at.
President Gauck was surrounded, booed, and spit at.

This could be any number of things but I think we are bound to see it. Already in 2015 we saw Germans riot around and spit at members of the traitorous political establishment. The media deserve such enmity just as much as the political class, and I think that whether in the US or Western Europe or both, we will see violence directed against members of their ranks.

3. The four upcoming elections in Europe (Austrian Presidential, German, French, and Dutch) will have disappointing results.

I wish this were not the case, but as we all know, democracy and mass-immigration are mutually exclusive. Certainly we saw surprises in 2016 with the Brexit Vote and the first round of the Austrian Presidential Election (the one the establishment tried unsuccessfully to steal). However, I think I speak for most of the people who read this website when I say that our people should no longer put real hope in elections. As Nick Griffin very accurately summed up the situation on Red Ice Radio, ‘“Britain is now past the voting stage.”

I do think its very possible however that at least one of these elections goes our way. Certainly I think even many of our enemies are taking for granted a Hofer win in Austria. In France it seems as though Sarkozy may successfully pivot right enough to once again become President over a Le Pen though (yuck). In the Netherlands Geert Wilders will finally get his chance to take power, but the Netherlands has so many immigrants it may not matter how well he does with actual (real) Dutch voters. And in Germany, well, what can you say.

However, on the whole I am quite positive, and I predict that…

4. Identitarianism will only grow in scope.

In the US I believe we will be able to see this very directly tied to the results of the election (whether Hillary or Trump wins). If Trump wins the question of Identitarianism will quite naturally flow forth from his administration. Not because it would be explicitly Identitarian, but because the media will relentlessly attack Trump — and all White people — as ‘racist’ even more than they do now. Questions such as the border wall and Muslim immigration will be front and center of the discourse. Defending Trump on these policies will only serve to make his voters and supporters that much more consciously Identitarian.

Conversely, if Hillary wins, then Identitarianism will become even more firmly positioned as the counter-culture. Hillary will continue to sell out the country to multinational corporations, global elites, and anti-White progressives. Left-wing comedians and icons such as John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Michael Moore will lose the little relevance they have left and become even more un-cool. Our own people will continue to search for answers, and will turn to folks like us who have already figured things out, becoming awakened and awakening others in turn.

The flipside of such a phenomenon would be what occurs if Trump wins, as we all know that would unfortunately cause the European left to double down on virtue signalling and act even more suicidal. At the same time a Trump presidency would have other, very positive effects on Europe however, as I have written about previously.

This brings us back to Europe, the question of its future, and prediction five.

5. ISIS and Islamic Radicalism will turn their attention on Europe.

isis-balkansWith Iraq’s Shia government finally getting their act together and looking to take back Mosul, ISIS will revert back into being a mostly Syrian entity. I am not sure if I agree with those that think ISIS will slink back into nothingness and disappear, yet it seems obvious that they have lost the amazing momentum they had just one or two years ago. Their recruiting base seems to be waning, and no matter how many people they dump into vats of acid they still can’t compete with Donald Trump for media airtime. Revolutionary groups live off of energy and excitement, and as a result I think ISIS will pivot their attention and their infrastructure into Europe. Indeed, if I was an Islamic radical, I think the next most exciting thing to creating a new Caliphate would be retaking the lands of the ‘Crusaders’, and that buzz of energy will fuel their push into the European theater (and meta-theater on a media/cultural level).

When I say ‘ISIS’ I mean Islamic jihadis and jihadism in general, and it is easy to see why a European focus is so attractive for them. They have millions upon millions of young, angry, dissaffected Muslims who are fed, clothed, housed, and given large amounts of money through European welfare programs. Such individuals are much easier to motivate into radicalism than some starving goat farmer in the Syrian desert. Furthermore Europe is a logistical goldmine. Indeed — as the whole world saw with horror this week — the Swedish government is now giving returning ISIS fighters free housing, tax breaks, and debt forgiveness. At the other end of the continent, Islamic radicals and their monied backers are increasingly buying up large holdings in Albania and Bosnia.

With all this being the case, I will make my last prediction:

6. 4th Generation Warfare in Europe will get closer, but will still not break out.

Obviously I wish this weren’t the case. While certain writers have accused our community of wishing for violence, that is not an accurate charge. We merely understand that massive violence and 4th Generation Warfare in Western Europe is now inevitable. With that being the case, it is better for it to happen now than later, when the male 18-30 year old demographic is 40% Muslim instead of 80%. This seems pretty logical to me.

I do not think it will begin in 2017 though. As awful as things are, they are still ‘normal’ enough that people’s primary focuses are on their jobs and careers and investments and romantic prospects. Most of the Europeans who I converse with over this site say that (regular) people are scared, and they know things are getting worse, but that only perhaps 10-15% have squared their minds to accept the inevitability of violence.

Yet while this is the case, I do think we will increasingly see manifestations of this impulse, which will one day be considered precursors to the ethnic violence that is to come. These include:

visegrad-2— A greater and greater exodus to the Visegrad Nations. Especially as the economic recession begins, wealthy middle-class Brits and Swedes and Germans will relocate to Hungary and the Czech Republic. The cost of living will be lower, and most importantly they will not have to fear for being murdered or raped every time they have to go to school, catch a train, walk several blocks, or otherwise encounter ‘diversity’. Hopefully the Visegrad Nations will be smart enough not to allow lots of Progressive-leftists in, and this flow of ‘refugees’ will only strengthen the Identitarian character of their nations. I use the term ‘refugees’ half-jokingly, but it really isn’t a joke, I truly think they will one day be considered that, as this flow will only hasten over the next twenty years.

— We will see more ‘Breiviks’. Already in 2016 we saw a ‘French Breivik’ get arrested. Just yesterday, a native German man and member of the ‘Reich Citizens Movement’ opened fire on four German policeman when they raided his apartment. (Thanks to VivatEuropa for that link!)

With the Western European governments doubling down, criminalizing dissent, and enabling immigrant violence, I think we will only see more such occurrences.

— Europe will see continued growth of gun clubs, vigilante groups, and other such ‘pre-conflict’ behavior. As I have written about before, when we analyze other 4GW conflicts over the last 50 years, they were usually preceded by the multi-ethnic population separating into distinct and homogeneous groups and organizations, often with implicitly or explicitly paramilitary nature. We are seeing that today in Europe with the rapid rise in gun club membership, as well as the creation of groups such as the Soldiers of Odin, the Nordic Resistance Movement, and Generation Identitaire. In those other 4GW theaters there also started to be ‘massacres’ by either side, and I think one specific prediction I would make is that both native European vigilantes and Islamists will commit large scale killings in 2017, similar to what we normally hear called ‘terrorism’. This won’t lead to ‘war’ (at least in the short term), but, mixed with the moderate to severe economic downturn, should lead to a noticeably more ‘fluid’ situation 12 months from now.


Obviously it is hard to know what the next year will bring. I would highly welcome the thoughts of any of our esteemed readers on the subject. I do think there are good things happening. There are countless people in Europe making sacrifices for the future of the continent. As an American I look up to them and pray that I can someday have such an impact, and I hope that Europe (and the broader Occident) sees the rise of many more such patriots over the next 12 months. Just the little bit of exposure I get through this website to people focused on our people’s future is humbling and inspiring beyond measure, and as dark as things look, our people have historically been capable of triumphs so vast that only the foolish would give up hope. Indeed, 2017 could exceed all our expectations just as fully as 2016 has.

Hail Victory!

* * *

Source: Julian Langness © 2016

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